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Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL: Clear thoughts of Continuum with a snazzy camera


There are alternatives to Continuum

ScreenBeam for one, that work on a wider range of devices...


Is the next-gen console war already One?


Apple's TV gonzo project up the spout?

Wow, an MS exec is saying Microsoft hopes to sell 400 million to a billion of these things (http://www.cmswire.com/cms/customer-experience/apples-road-to-wwdc-2013-ios-7-iphone-5s-and-icloud-021049.php) , that could put a crimp in Apple's hopes for iTV (dongle, HDTV, whatever) project...

Japan promised Ultra HD TV broadcasts two years early


Presented in RooneyVision

Wayne Rooney will be retired or out of the England squad by then won't he? Can't have Japanese babies and children traumatised by that face in that much detail.

Ofcom tarts up telco report with pretty coverage maps


Yay for Virgin Media on that chart! What was the govt's position on monopolies?

Nokia's Brave New World is (almost) Finn-free


Despite all the nay-saying, I may well give one a go, just to be different. And who would have thought you could be saying that about Microsoft and Nokia four or five years ago.

[Looks for magnetic field shift icon, settles for smiley face]


Neil Armstrong: US space program 'embarrassing'


Mars awaits careful landers

Don't worry about the Russians, China is next up to bat - even India - and there will be little stopping them getting to Mars when they choose to and doing all the road signs in funny languages.

'Apple is not going to change,' new boss says


Next up TVs and games?

And if they conquer those I think the Apple robot army beckons... http://www.cmswire.com/cms/mobile/steve-jobs-steps-down-welcome-to-the-new-apple-future-012499.php

Smartphones rain on Sony PS Vita parade


kids and smartphones

Umm, how many parents will spend £800+ on a smartphone contract for a child exactly? A £230 one-shot deal, while still pricey, seems a better deal.


Should point out

Nintendo sold 215,000 3DSs in the week after its price cut, and gamers just have to buy three Nintendo titles to cover the loss, then buy another one or two for the Nintendo cash machine to start churning again.

Not much over the four-five year lifespan of the device, and the Vita has a potential 6-8 year lifespan, so a little perspective is warranted...

PS Vita due in 2012 says Sony


Dagnabbit and curses

Was looking forward to one for Christmas, the move doesn't make masses of sense either. PSP is still going strong in Japan with a big list of games still to come, but the PSP won't make a dent in most westerner's shopping lists and there are next to no games coming.

Release in the west to counter the 3DS and then in Japan when the PSP tails off would be more logical, but hey home turf and all!

PSP/PSV news - http://psp2roundup.blogspot.com/

Sony Vita to control PlayStation 3


A new level of Jesus non-phone?

Users can play against PS3 and Xbox gamers, copy save games from PS3 to PSV and much more, http://psp2roundup.blogspot.com/

Beeb rolls out global paid iPlayer app in €urope


Not in America, yet!

The Americans would have it too if it wasn't for their daft licensing/contract arrangements - http://t.co/hjdYwew - they'll just have to wait until later ha-ha

Anonymous, LulzSec go legit with PayPal boycott


Phase Two

Hope there's no money in my account (which I can't delete as its the only method some of my bosses use) when they gear up for the main attack

UK data watchdog 'looking into' Google+ mission creep


Just launch the brand-name version of Google+ already

Once that hits, then all of this becomes kind of moot, unless a Mr. Coca Cola, Nigel Metallica or Senior Adi Das is really out there?


Fair enough, its still early days but Google should have expected a mild amount of interest in its service from brands and bands...

Sony lets slip NGP name change

Thumb Up

Latest in a long list of silly-named, but successful products!

Having seen the screenshots (http://psp2roundup.blogspot.com/2011/06/wipeout-2048-ngp-in-screenshots.html), don't count the Vita out, especially as the Gameboy, Wii and others seemed to do okay.

Google accused of stealing PayPal's mobile payment secrets


Easily solved

Google payout, case goes away, Note the Reg needs a Filthy Lucre icon, I guess tha handbag will do for now.

UPDATED - PayPal suing Google over alleged executive shenanigans on Google Wallet http://t.co/1ZoKiER via @cmswire

Is there anything to find on bin Laden's hard drive?


PGP crack

You're assuming the Langley/NIA spods don't already have backdoor access to PGP or other systems... even if they don't, a quick BinLadenAtHome project will soon see us through - I'd dedicate some cycles to that.

Sony unwraps Android 3.0 tablet pair

Dead Vulture

Where's the market?

I know the likes of Gartner are saying over 100 million of tablets will be sold, but at this rate its likely to be 99 million iPads, 1 million+ Galaxy tabs, 25,000 Xooms, 100,000 PlayBooks and perhaps 25,000 Sonys - no matter what Sony does - no one seems to care.



S2 good for games?

There's a pic from the event, here - http://psp2roundup.blogspot.com/2011/04/sony-unveils-new-playstation-certified.html - that shows off the S2 in game mode with virtual controls on the lower screen - doesn't look bad - if you ignor the small game screen (which presumably can be altered) , but not a touch on the Xperia Play.

Nintendo confirms Wii 'successor'


Proper games coming to Wii2

And all kinds of fun news - http://wii2roundup.blogspot.com/

Apple seals $66bn in Jobsian wallet



Given MS gave its cash to Nokia, http://www.cmswire.com/cms/enterprise-20/applenokia-report-earnings-a-game-of-two-halves-010961.php, how about Apple gives its cash to Motorola... keep the old guys ticking over, and Apple has done bizness with M once or twice (cringes at memory)

Amazon outage spans clouds 'insulated' from each other

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Services going back up

The likes of Foursquare and Quora are back up, reddit in emergency mode, but if you read the feeds due to wide repeats of old news, it could be perceived not to have improved... Amazon EC2 / AWS outage and Sony PSN downtime UPDATE http://t.co/C0X2rXu

So, what's the best sci-fi film never made?

Gates Horns

Atrocity Archives!

I'll go with Charles Stross's The Atrocity Archives, its even got a bit of BofHery in it, and some Nazis and demons... what's not to like?


Sony denies PSP 2 setback

Thumb Up

Lots going on

This story changes by the minute with various bits of Sony saying one thing and other, looks like its back on now, with a big official unveiling of the name and price at e3.


Microsoft wraps Windows 8 in Ribbon UI?


How many metaphors?

So, they want a desktop interface , a tablet touch interface, some ribbony thing and to add all the stuff that got left of Windows 7 - big ask...


Vodafone takes orders for PlayStation phone



NGP and this are playing two very different ballparks!


But the new adverts... won't anyone think of the poor advertisers?

Love the new US ads for it, in a creepy kind of way:


Hmm, no icon for mad power-dressing women - Reg is lacking!

Nintendo 3DS bothers Brits about blinkers



Waiting for the NGP, a proper machine with proper games - none of this seaside arcade novelty gubbins!

Eurofighter Typhoon: It's EVEN WORSE than we thought


What Raptors were on sale exactly?

I believe the conversation went something like this:

Us: "Hello, America. Please can be buy some of those spiffing Raptors?"

The US: "Screw you!"

Us: "But, they're so shiny"

The US: "And screw your mom!"

So that bit of the argument is rather irrelevant.

Coming soon: Die Hard 5 - The Zimmer Frame


at least

no one has mentioned the term "reboot" yet... but it'd be good if it got stripped down to basics; men, guns, tunnels, human suffering, robbery... no jet fighters or vehicle chases

PlayStation phone to come with Crash Bandicoot


Fun, fun, phone

Love the idea (have you ever tried playing Sonic or Resident Evil on an iPhone) - just hope it gets priced decently and not as a premium phone, since its more of a mass market job.

The only player left to do something decent games-wise is Microsoft... Windows Phone 8 anyone?

More musings - http://bit.ly/fYR4jy

Virgin Media kills 20Mb broadband service



I had never noticed throttling before ( we generally just have general Internet use over a couple of laptops/phones) but I had a demo download session a few weekends ago, and saw the DL rate tumble after about 4Gb.

I thought metering was only at peak times - must check the fine print.

Otherwise I've been delighted with my NTL/Virgin cable over about 10 years now.