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IBM committed 'ethical transgressions' to win botched project


Re: Surely not?

I seriously believe no big government project should ever be awarded to vendors of this size, and certainly not to one where the hardware and software is combined. It's a license to print money.

Guinness: Have a quick bonk over the bar and receive FREE BEER


None in London. Unbelievable!!

Microsoft issues manual on Brits to Cambridge exports


Re: Pub Guide

Who is she kidding? Not where I live!!

OCZ omnishambles leaves flash chippery biz on knife-edge


Pretty sad really

I've got two of the OCZ drives and they are the best hardware upgrades I've ever made to any PC. Good price. Solid performance.

Virgin Media STILL working on fix for SuperHub corrupt downloads glitch


Pile of old ****

I've just filled in the VM survey. I can't fault their cable braodband until it hits the SuperCrap. My previous cable modem before this was rock solid. This is just toilet solids. The wifi is a joke so I've switched it off and put back my own wireless router. I couldn't even get WIFI in the hall outside the room the hub was in. I tried everything.

I can't believe they try to fob off knowing, technical customers like this. Shame really. I know I'm not the only one who has complained about this.

North Tyneside: Mega-outsourcing deal will SAVE jobs


Re: Hahahaha

If I lived in that area of the country, this is one thing that would finally get me to go out and protest. This is insanity on a massive scale. Not to mention pure b*llsh1t. We've seen this in every area of life in this country where this has happened. The big oursourcing companies will be raking it in and in a couple of years, the council will have terrible services costing them a fortune and tons of people will have lost their jobs.

What chance somebody got wined and dined to make this happen?

Why British TV drama is crap – and why this matters to tech firms


Re: British TV drama is NOT crap

I couldn't agree more. What a rubbish article. British TV drama is, on the whole, excellent. The stuff they dish out in the states is pure drivel in comparison bar a couple of exceptions.

Linus Torvalds drops F-bomb on NVIDIA


Re: Great now we have a child

You must be a cave man because the market has been shifting away from desktops for quite some time now. The mobile and tablet market is where the game is and NVidia needs to get with it. I used to be a bit of an NVidia fan, but even the quality of their closed source drivers these days leaves a lot to be desired.

Ten... eight-bit classic games


Ah, the memories ...

Thrust and Daley Thompson's Decathlon!! I know so many people (including me) who got a completely new replacement speccy from Boots because their keyboards fell apart. Still can't believe they didn't twig it was because of DT Decathlon :)

I still give all of the credit for getting me into this industry to the venerable ZX81 though. You had to know what you were doing with memory back then. Disgusting what goes on now.

Vote now for the WORST movie EVER



Amazing how many people can think something is a terrible movie when millions think it is one of the best of all time.

London fire brigade outsources 999 control centre to Capita


Totally ridiculous

Somebody, somewhere is making a lot of money from this and will not be around in a couple of years to be held accountable when the whole thing is a disaster. I totally dispair at the people who allow these sort of things to happen.

Ex-Google man laments Larry Page's 'single corporate-mandated focus'


Re: You just have to wonder, sometimes.

He's wearing a Scotland top. Strange American?

Dixons cuts Ice Cream Sarnie ready Xoom to £225


Still available

But no 10% discount :( I want it all!

Thai flood ripples set to impact entire world PC market


Tell me about it ...

Bought a 500Gb drive yesterday which was 25% dearer than a 1Tb drive I bought a year ago!!

C and Unix pioneer Dennis Ritchie reported dead


True genius

Just did some more function pointers yesterday. Wonderful language. Wonderful OS. I owe you so much Dennis.

Spotify adds 'temporary' private listening mode after Facebook backlash



Cancelled. Absolutely ridiculous. It's my music and I don't want people seeing me listen to "Devil Woman" at 1 in the morning (oh, and I know I can block all this but it's the principle). I pay for it. Anybody else know a music service that went to the wall when they got too big for their boots?

Sinclair ZX81: 30 years old


Me too!

And it still works! I lent it to my cousin many moons ago and I got it back as a wedding present at my wedding. It had the wanted effect of turning me red with embarrassment. The only thing missing was the wobbly ram pack. 30 years on from getting it and I am still making a good living out of learning how to PEEK and POKE :)

Virgin Media kills 20Mb broadband service


Taking the p***

For the first time ever, I didn't upgrade from 20 to 50Mb because they charged for something I didn't see as worth it, then they call me repeatedly and offer it to me for an installation fee and an additional monthly charge. What sort of idiot do they take me for? Now, they want me to can a perfectly good 20Mb connection AT MY EXPENSE to go to 30Mb? No chance. If you want me off it, just do it.

Now, 100Mb. That's a whole new ball game :)


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