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World of Warcraft then and now: From Orcs and Humans to Warlords of Draenor


Re: What you talkin bout Lewis?


I know a whole host of people who skipped the last expansion entirely but have come back to the game for WoD. Sure, none of us are going to be in a hardcore raid team like the last time we played (due to real jobs/partners/children now) but we're all having a blast.

The lack of new class/race has really allowed Blizzard to focus on making the 90-100 quests amazing and I for one applaud it. WoW doesn't need any more classes (hardly anyone plays Monks) and I don't really see what another race would bring to the table at this point.

Sony promises PC-based PlayStation 4 for Christmas


I'll be waiting too, but in my case I'll be waiting to see what my friends buy. They all went Xbox last time out whereas I bought a PS3. Sad times.

China plans astro-farms on Mars

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Awesome news

I only hope that this brings the US population out of it's apathy for all things space related.

Although thinking about it, perhaps China, with it's blatant disregard for health and safety and human rights, is actually what we need to push space exploration right now. No mission will be too dangerous.

'iPhone 5 is so easily scratched we just can't get them out the door'


Were you actually expecting something resembling journalism rather than just yet more Apple related clickbait from El Reg?

New iPad's innards: Good news for recent fondleslab buyers


Remind me again which new and exciting features the Nexus tablets bring to the market?

Virgin Media's 'bye-bye to buffering' ad nuked by watchdog - AGAIN



Buffering is actually pretty much non-existant on VM until their traffic shaping policy kicks in at whatever time it is. After that time you can kiss goodbye to watching anything on Youtube at 720p or above until midnight even if you haven't gone over the stupidly low "fair usage" cap.

Google impervious to world's cash drain, Moto's lameness



How much of that was profit then?

Smart telly trends make Apple 'iTV' a certainty


I still can't see Apple getting into the TV market. Even with the "Apple Tax" or whatever you want to call it and Apple's immense buying power, there still isn't much profit to be made in the TV market.

I think it's far more likely to see a revamped AppleTV box, perhaps one that will aim to replace a cable/SKY service entirely.

This whole "Apple are going to make a TV" hysteria is getting out of hand. All based on one quote in Jobs' biography.

Royal astro-boffin to MPs: Stop thinking about headlines

Big Brother

Ruled by science

I don't know about everyone else but I'd quite like to be governed by scientists using evidence based peer-reviewed decisions!

Apple loses ground to Android in tablet biz


Analyst Fail - Shipped != Sold

I'd be interested to see how many Android tablets are actually in punters hands as opposed to sitting in a stock room at PC World...

Dell flees netbook market, dumps Minis


I'm getting...

...nostalgic over all those analyst comments from 2009 saying that Apple need to make a netbook or be crushed!

Apple preps TV enabled iMac ahead of own-brand telly

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When was the last time a baseless piece of analyst speculation was correct? I really can't see this happening.

Punters even more dissatisfied by Virgin Media's package


100mb is buggar all use when they *still* treat gaming traffic as P2P and prioritise it accordingly.

Apple iPhone owners are the most loyal smartphone buyers

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iPhone owners like their phones and will probably buy another iPhone? I'm pretty sure this is only a surprise to Android users.

Adobe axes 750 jobs to focus on HTML5, cloud



Without Flash on my phone how will I get the full internet experience??

Apple 'prepping smaller iPad'


I can't see it happening, this is just "iPhone Nano" all over again.

Also since when has Apple ever been arsed about what their competitors are doing when it comes to price?

The life and times of Steven Paul Jobs, Part One


You can hate Apple and there business practices all you want, but remember this, without the drive of Steve Jobs in the last 10 years we wouldn't have things as good as we do now. Apple products have forced other companies to up their game and that's a good thing for everyone.

RIP Steve :(

Virgin Media kills 20Mb broadband service


No thanks

The network can't handle current speeds nevermind upgraded ones. I'm not paying to upgrade until they sort out the ridiculous packet loss from 5pm onwards in my area.