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Designer breaks up trad PC design

Steve Nordquist

30x the packaging, TPC-bane, and sitting on it's even more disastrous than before!

Now, if the modules were labeled 'Breadth,' 'Inexhaustability,' 'Restfuless,' 'Character,' 'Affirmation,' 'Transformance,' 'Sensibility' and 'Fullness' rather than fake chintz terms for 'HD' 'Video' 'Drive I use only for the Adobe BluRay application media' etc. then it would be more worthwhile having a system which lends itself to prank rearrangements, inflatable fakes and self-virtualizing (hello inexpensive Flash and MRAM! Copyright aye.) components.

Also, it would hedge against the full brutal rage people would feel at the system operation using up the local free 2.5 and 5.1 GHz spectrum...badly. Certainly the term 'far-field communications' has been abused badly here. Perhaps his next solution will be to use 23-solar-mass nova events behind shaped baffles of dark matter to time tea; the merit is, the tea leaves are removed from the steeper's universe, which helps prevent bitterness. If your guest entertains bitter tea, unfortunately the host is imbued with 11 solar masses in her person for some period of time. Like most newfangled brewing systems, refills are oddly pricey.

Motorbike crash man fails to notice loss of leg

Steve Nordquist

Ganbare Osada-san!

That stuff about not noticing; think about Anakin whatsisname going through an obstacle (what -is- that traffic feature? He did survive the collision...traffic moving amain I imagine...) on a land speeder or whatever those things are; If you do not forsee things, forget 'em!

Our budding physician will be pleased to know that thanks to sinuses and other soft tissue features in the knee, as well as arterial oculi and the effect of a headwind on clotting, a biker can do that a bunch of times. The shin having been raptured by traffic is of course a grave failing among hosiers to bikers.

You have been watching the cinema releases of _The Girl Who Leapt Through Time_, right? This man is 56; of course he leaps forwards as accords his age. Moreover since he is a mature biker he stands a good chance of getting a right prototype pattern rather than the novice practice of just stubbing it in.

Those biker transhumanists are tough guys.

Hang in there Kazuo!

Citrix to reveal XenSource buy tomorrow

Steve Nordquist

Microsoft funded much of the initial research with grants! But now....

It is kind of difficult for me to imagine in which space this is sexy.

Professional products which spoof TPC?

Windows programs which use the new CPU VM instructions?

Companies which have computing with two ends, hence end-end computing solutions.

Wireless gaming mice with truly Global Reach.

Cellphones which transform into grid networks when they consume a sports drink.

Does drinking alcohol really keep you warm?

Steve Nordquist

Service animal contents; Disinfectant, less brandy, GPS.

The Service Animal wise woman of the woods here has said that rather than using the brandy (and vasodilation effects) to extract big sticks and frozen stuff from one's wounds before carriage, you can now use the more ambergris-like disinfectant towels. The wet towels have to be back with the dog on a 2-hour schedule or they (and possibly the exhausted dog) freeze also.

Leave the GPS beacon where the dog drops it, says; activate it if you have to.

You were really going to read the manual on the thermos, weren't you?

Oh thank Xxalumny! It's EC-813/114.2421.92 on hugging of service animals trained to lie next to rope-jumpers!


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