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Windows 10, day ZERO ... Will Nadella be the HERO?


Re: Timezones

You've missed the point. Forget the repeated meetings and bare with me for a second...

I'm travelling to a different timezone. Arrival time is irrelevant. The next morning I'm meeting someone there. In the correspondance to plan that meeting it is pointless to convert between timezones. So we just say 10am THEIR timezone directly. I put it in the calendar as 10am and FORGET to set the timezone. My calendar [very correctly] thinks it's in my local time.

So the calendar will convert that 10am to THEIR timezone upon arrival. Obviously this is how it SHOULD work. Because I might have other pending tasks back home, during the trip. Those should be converted or I'll miss them all.

Bottom line, a calendar app must make setting timezones stupidly easy and highly visible in the interface. There is no automating it. Android does that. Windows Phone I've no idea; never used the thing.

Greeks best in the world – at, er, breaking their mobile phones


So the most outgoing people in EU are breaking their phones most?

... Sounds legit!

Google Nexus 7 2013: Fondledroids, THE 7-inch slab has arrived


Re: No talk of the known issues on this device?

Got one a week ago. upon booting I was asked for wiifi and then to update before even creating the account. Intense daily allover use and I've yet to see a GPS or multitouch or any other issue. This little device is just perfect.

I miss the great ipad games though.

Samsung Galaxy S3 explodes, turns young woman into 'burnt pig'


Re: Sweater?

She wasn't painting.

Nobody knows what to call Microsoft's ex-Metro UI


Re: $20 billion a year - total bullshit figure

It might be easier if you think of IT research as the development of new building blocks. Thus porting notepad to a new although pre-developed UI is not research. Example of research would be a notepad app, where you can type without using the keyboard.

Microsoft to announce new Office version on Monday


Re: "I think this is the most transformational release I've worked on!"

What exactly is your proof that ribbon is not better other than you yourself not being able to adapt?

My proof, as I wrote in my first post also, is comparing how easy it is for young students to learn each version. Ribbon is far more intuitive unless you are trying to make it be what it is not... the menu system. That conclusion is derived from personal experience, teaching for years to people of all ages as a side-job.

Not all change is better of course, but following your car analogy try and read about the early ages. How the pedals and the steering were not standardized and so many different designs came out. You like it or not, we are still in the early ages of computing (especially when talking about UI design); electronics have a history of less than a century, while mechanics (including cars, starting from carriages) go back thousands of years.

In any way, I don't have to convince you, just find anyone who has really learned ribbon and compete.

By the way, I'm having a real hard time with it too. That's why I always keep libreoffice even on windows boxes that come with office. That doesn't mean that I wont recognize that it's my inability to adapt that is at fault and not the interface itself.

In the end don't mind me, I'd been a KDE2 and then KDE3 user that was positively amazed by KDE4; that was KDE v4.1. So according to popular opinions on these boards, something is seriously wrong with me.


Re: "I think this is the most transformational release I've worked on!"

All you people nagging about ribbon should just cool it cause in any way you look at it you are plainly wrong.

The bottom line of what you are proposing is to stop evolution. I understand that learning an old dog new tricks is hard, but does that mean we should stop coming up with new tricks even for the young dogs? This is just the price of age. Ribbon IS better but it is probably not the best fit for you. At some point in order to go forward a radical change is needed because the old method can't be evolved any more. It's reached its peak. Look at Win 3.11 as opposed to DOS, KDE 4 and KDE 3, Unity and Gnome, and the list goes on and on and on...

Just get over yourselves and realize that it is not MS that has the problem but you... New kids that never learned the menu system, work better with ribbon. Kids that learned the-not-so-old ribbon, are not too old to transit to another totally different model. That's the way it is and that's the way it should be.

You don't like it? Stick to Win XP and stop nagging or go buy a book and adapt.

PS: I am a hardcore Linux user since its veeeery early years so I have no liking to MS whatsoever and I wont be upgrading any of my non-MS boxes.

Just like a real computer: Android gets Android IDE


Re: This could be the tipping point...

Battery life for one, touch screen, less complicated maintenance, faster to boot/shutdown and the list goes on. They're gadgets that you can either use every day or not at all; very little middle ground, if any.

Ballmer can exhale: Bill Gates rules out Microsoft return


Microsoft machines sold by ms...? how old are you?

A few years back, before apple embraced intel processors, there was a clear divide between mac and everything else running one of plenty Microsoft OS. MacOS would run only on power pc processors and windows only on x86.

Since no computer is properly functional without an OS, you can split the whole ecosystem into apple and microsoft machines. Especially considering that back then Linux was still "getting there" and unix was in the major decline.

Also consider that since the late 80s and even today it has been virtually impossible to buy any [non-apple] preassembled computer without an MS OS installed.

So yes, anything being sold with an MS OS can be named a microsoft machine, and they did did outsell apple ones by a landslide.

Google will ignore your Wi-Fi router ... if you rename it


I think that's called the white pages!!! Also an optional opt-out in many EU countries.

HTC Android handsets spew private data to ANY app


so I guess you haven't heard about the apple fiasco a few months ago, about the iphone storing its location every while, for any app to see.

Microsoft plans to open 75 retail stores in US


And a third...

Have you thought about the Windows (and linux in a different way) hardware driver madness?

MAC OSX uses very specific hardware for which they have perfected the drivers. Allowing the OS to work on arbitrary combinations of hardware, would force them to go through the tedious process of driver verification (WHQL?) not to mention that as a BSD system it would require a new [custom] kernel for every hw modification.

Limited hardware is a great way to minimize OS bugs (hence increase stability) and Apple is not going to give that away any time soon.

Apple hit by new competition complaint as iCloud launches


iCloud is not streaming music

...if anything it is a replacement to Dropbox. It is just a remote storage with automatic syncing, integrated with all content-producing applications of iOS 5. Just because it also supports iTunes it should not be considered a rival to Simfy or Spotify because it is not the iCloud that does the streaming.

If you ask me, Simfy took advantage of the iCloud announcement hype for free publicity!

Think PCs will drop in price? Think again, warns Intel


ARM CPUs are not constrained to a mobile device

Apple is thinking of migrating Air to ARM and even Microsoft might port Windows to the ARM architecture... I think that says it all. Besides, Linux already supports ARM and with that comes a huge collection of software (since GCC supports the ARM architecture).

Of course these processors are not comparable to the capabilities of current Intel models, although ARM is not going to surrender the embedded and low-power sector easily.

Apple proposes even tinier SIMs for future iPhones, iPads


I dont know almost anyone whith only one sim card!!

... talking about people between the ages of 21 and 35. And when I'm talking about multiple sim cards, they're from different countries.

First of all, most people that age get a high-end phone at some point, today more than ever; but who can have many of them? Or who can really go back to symbian after Android and iOS?

When you are traveling frequently, like most young europeans do these days, the only solution is to have multiple sim cards. Not many countries have prepaid phones, in most you can only get a prepaid sim. I'm so often between two countries that I store the extra sim inside the phone behind the battery.

Facebook offers 500 million users SSL crypto


Not since a long time now

Security options have been in place since two years ago that configure many things to be visible by all, some or none; among those are photos, info, posts and of course your friends.

So the people showing their friends list to non-friends are either ignorant of the ability to hide it or simply naive enough to think it is of no consequence.


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