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Nvidia revenue grows 265 percent with more to come as new GPUs and Ethernet near


Re: Perhaps...

AMD should steal a lead on this one, beat them to the punch.

NVidia released a few new cards onto the market recently, AMD pushed out a few budget options but nothing to really excite anyone.

Chop the prices down on their higher tier offerings, encourage customers back.

City council megaproject mulls ditching Oracle after budget balloons to £131M


Re: So, continuing the follow-up of the disaster

How long have the consultants been in? Are they not there to try and sort everything out?

The horrific project management and meddling by the council themselves is what's created this mess. I noticed the councillors are starting to lay blame at the door of recently employed staff leading this project, even though they are ones who cocked everything up.

Thar be safe harbor: Reddit defeats third attempt to unmask digital pirates


Re: going after people based on what they said online

What someone using that IP address wrote, of which there is zero proof it is the person paying the bill.

Neighbours, friends, friends of the neighbours, relatives, could have been anyone.

AMD bets demand for its MI300 accelerator will balance dips across other product lines


Maybe look at your pricing AMD????

Why is there such a massive gulf in price on your mid-range graphics cards?

Between a 7800Xt and 7900XT, it's nearly £250 difference. That's a huge difference between the two.

NVidia have beefed up their mid-range offerings, why is AMD's still such a mess??

Akira ransomware gang says it stole passport scans from Lush in 110 GB data heist


Hoarding personal data like a flabby dragon sat on it's treasure

Maybe someone needs to walk into HR and stick the boot in, demand to know why they thought it was a good idea to store all this stuff?

Think tank warns North Korea uses AI for battle planning, maybe using cloudy resources


Tough calculation, even for the best

How do you form a battleplan when you're using 20,000 obsolete vehicles that may or may not start and 100,000 poorly trained and disastrously equipped soldiers?

Will it make it's calculations based on the actual state of their armed forces? Or base it on what they've been telling everyone for so many years?

Nvidia gives RTX 40 series a Super refresh as AI PC hype takes off


Re: Comparisons

The difference between the current 4070 and 4070Ti is not that great (considering you're paying 50% more for the Ti card), even though on paper you'd expect the Ti card to be clearly better, it struggled to show value for money.

It's been pointed out the 4070Ti should have come with more RAM, so will be interesting if the Ti Super proves everyone correct.

Need to plug in an EV? BT Group kicks off cabinet update pilot


Re: From what I can recall ....

It'll all be slow chargers as well. Which no-one really wants.


Re: " you can run a cable to a short distance away, and bury the cables"

and who is going to go to that length and expense to install a slow charger?

The thing won't be used that often either, so a big expense for a small payout.

X-ploited: Mandiant restores hijacked Twitter account after attempted crypto heist


"It's unclear if anyone lost any coins via the attempted theft"

Would anyone put their hands up and admit it if they did lose coins?

New cars bought in the UK must be zero emission by 2035 – it's the law


Think of the Grid!

or best not, there's no way it's in any shape to deal with the entire nation switching to electric vehicles.

Bitcoin's thirst for water is just as troubling as its energy appetite


It's just making useless computations,

I don't think anyone has better explained Bitcoin before.

Congratulations to Mr De Vries.

Japan's digital minister flamed and shamed for using his smartphone in Parliament


No pleasing some

This is the same country where the chap responsible for organising the Olympic games was such a luddite they were incapable of using e-mails?

Third-party data breach affecting Canadian government could involve data from 1999


Re: Copied not stolen

I think the Mr Bean movie is probably closer to reality.

LockBit redraws negotiation tactics after affiliates fail to squeeze victims


Re: backup

Is it really a backup if it's left connected to the same network as everything else?

Europe says Adobe's $20B buy of Figma will kill competition



EU: This will harm competition and give you market monopoly

Adobe: Yes, that is why we're doing it

Datacenter would spoil beautiful view ... of former industrial waste dump


They are not wrong

A datacentre is very different to a landfill site, it does change the characteristic of the area.

Plus green belt. You just can't build on green belt, it's extremely difficult to get permission.

Cruise admits its driverless robo-taxis need a human at the remote-control wheel


"Complex Urban environments"

AKA, exactly where we intend to operate

Overheating datacenter stopped 2.5 million bank transactions



If your backup datacentre doesn't function properly, it's not a backup at all, it's nothing more than a waste of money.

Maybe test these things once in a while?

Brits make Amazon, Meta stop using third-party data to undercut rivals



Meta should turn their attention to the number of obvious scams in operation on their marketplace, and perhaps actually pull the adverts down rather than claiming they do not go against your community standards???

Now Russians accused of pwning JFK taxi system to sell top spots to cabbies


Lost Access?

If the people running the scam lost access on multiple occasions, those running the service must have known something was wrong, but clearly didn't care all that much.

Come work at HQ... or find a new job, Roblox CEO tells staff


Re: Time...enough

Another idiot employer paid over the odds for office space only to find no-one actually wants to go there.

Pity they fail to take the hint, slash their overheads by renting somewhere much smaller and appropriate.

Birmingham set to miss deadline to make Oracle disaster 'safe and compliant'


Re: What did they expect?

More to the question why does it appear they've taken this task on themselves?

Surely this is the whole point of bringing in an external company to do the task, when the sh*t hits the fan you've got someone to point the finger of blame at.

City council Oracle megaproject got a code red – and they went live anyway



oh look, another large public body that can't make it's mind up when it comes to large IT investments.

Perhaps if you had a properly researched plan in place before blindly ploughing ahead you might not find yourself in this gigantic mess.

Meta spends $181M to get out of lease at vacant London offices


Re: What kind of morons made this decision???

You're asking that of a company that just this last year has hosed over $20 billion up the walls on a failing Metaverse project?

G20 sets 2027 as the year in which it hopes members can tax crypto transactions


Regulation and taxation

The death of the crypto industry.

Singapore opens to stablecoins – once they jump through some hoops



The death knell of the Crypto industry

Zoom's new London hub – where 'remote work' meets 'we need you back in the office'


15,000 sq ft central London site??

Is this company run by complete morons?

That's a large and very expensive office in central London, for a company that's business is remote working.

Is so large and expensive, you're now forcing your employees to come and use it, after finding out that people actually don't really want to commute to central London for work.

Never mind room temperature, LK-99 slammed as 'not a superconductor at all'



It looks like every specialist on this subject in the world has chipped in to flush your career straight down the toilet.

Have fun trying to publish any further work.

Someone just blew over $190k on a 4GB first-gen iPhone


A fool and their money

You know the rest............

Startup that charged $1.20 a day for coworking space in nightclubs folds


Re: Good gawd

This terrible idea still attracted funding.

People must have money to burn.

Singapore tells crypto operators: act like grown up financial institutions


Re: Strict crypto regulations is actually essential for the industry to thrive

The Crypto industry has only grown so big because it's completely unregulated.

With regulation in place, everyone will realise what a sham so many of these coins and companies are.

No open door for India's tech workers in any UK trade deal


"Negotiating a trade deal will be easy"

Which Tory stooge said that again??

Crook who stole $23m+ in YouTube song royalties gets five years behind bars


Re: Greed is good

If they simply paid off the artists or bought the rights when people complained, they would have still been operating.

UK cyberspies warn ransomware crews targeting law firms



If you're billing out at a grand an hour, there's little excuse for not properly investing in some decent security.

Megaupload programmers cop a plea in New Zealand to avoid extradition


Re: New Zealand lost its way

Not only illegally raided is property, they copied all his data and sent it over the Americans.

I was a real police balls-up and has directly lead to him being able to fight extradition for so long.

Recipient of Europe's largest ever seed round doesn't even have a product


Re: paying high prices to get a foot in the door of the latest tech gold rush

The guy has already been fleeced, he just doesn't know it yet.

Money down the drain.

1. This crypto-coin is called Jimbo. 2. $8m was stolen from its devs in flash loan attack


Re: It's not a "hack"

All the attacker needs to do is sit on the coins and wait for these idiots to go bust, then launder the proceeds.

Unless they were silly enough to be doing this under their own name/IP address. Then the offer of $800K is extremely enticing.

Another security calamity for Capita: An unsecured AWS bucket


Re: Blah blah blah

Weirdly their incompetence also demonstrates why they are necessary.

So when something like this does go down, the council can offload all the blame on someone else and not have to worry about the aftermath.

Working from home could kill career advancement, says IBM CEO


because if you're working from home it's harder to have your nose up the backside of management, so how will you ever progress??

Tokyo has millions of surplus Wi-Fi access points that should be shared with blockchain, says NTT



The solution still searching for a problem

What does an ex-Pharma Bro do next? If it's Shkreli, it's an AI Dr bot


Who is 'we' ??

Does this mean someone is actually working with this guy??

I hope people aren't thinking of investing money with him.

Ex-CIO must pay £81k over Total Shambles Bank migration


Re: Depends on the package..

81k is 81k. Plus the reputational damage of being completely incompetent.

Mind you, incompetence didn't stop Dido Harding so I doubt it'd stop this chap.

Pentagon super-leak suspect cuffed: 21-year-old Air National Guardsman


Re: If hes

I hope he likes long showers and rough sex.

because he's going to be inside for a long time.

Smugglers busted sneaking tech into China


Re: can't think why

Evasion of several thousand in tax seems to be the incentive.

Bosses failing to offer hybrid work lose out in recruitment


Re: Remote flexiblity is not a perk of any job

You want me in an office 5 days a week? What do I get in return?

If you're not offering a decent compensation package in exchange, I'll find someone else who is.

Suspected Russian NLBrute malware boss extradited to US


Re: Brute Force

and if your passwords can be brute forced your security isn't secure.

Tech job vacancies hamper England's digital health plans


Re: Pay seems low

"Pay seems low"

Common theme for public sector jobs, but don't ask for a pay rise - you wouldn't want to drive inflation!

Craig Wright's crypto wallet claim against Bitcoin SV devs back before judges


Re: Am I reading this right?

He's identified a dormant wallet on the blockchain stuffed with coins and hopes to try and force his way in.

Most Londoners would quit before they give up working from home


how are they going to pay the bills with no job?

What people say they'll do and what they carry through with are two different things.

Some will leave though, so it's a gamble - can you cope with losing them? Can you easily employ someone new in the current market?