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Apple warns of slow iPhone 14 Pro shipments as COVID hurts production in China


Warning signs?

How long have people been giving warnings to diversify your supply chain and especially to seek production outside of PRC???

It's been years, no-body has bothered to listen.

iPhone factory workers bussed home to avoid COVID, Foxconn urges them to stay


Workshop of the World

Sounds like it's time the world found a new workshop, this one broke.

Russia says Starlink satellites could become military targets


Duality of Russian command

So Russia has the ability to take down StarLink (have you seen how many satellites are up there?) but also cannot field properly trained, armed or supplied soldiers.

US throws millions at AI to diagnose diseases by the sound of your voice


Up next on things that won't work

Sure the science is good and you can make something work in a lab.

Zero chance of it operating well outside of those conditions tho, not with background noise, dodgy connections, people that hold their devices out in front of their face to talk.

You'd just end up with tons of false positives, or you'd have to tune the threshold so low you'd miss out genuine cases.

$2.8m gene therapy treatment is America's most expensive drug ever


Re: Non-affordable for the non-rich

With such a small number of patients who exactly is going to buy it if the insurance company won't? Maybe a handful of rich folk, probably not even 10.

Cost of bringing a drug to market can be easily $1bn, making a paltry $20m in sales is a pathetic return on that investment.

Beijing residents blast COVID surveillance device


Just China doing China things..............

Woman accused of killing boyfriend after tracking him down with Apple AirTag


There's alot of alternative products out there doing exactly the same job, many had been on the market for a long time before Apple got in the game.

Toyota battles Tesla, Ford with own residential energy storage battery


Hate to be a pedant, but the main issue with Lithium battery fires is putting them out.

Yes petrol/diesel etc catches fire well, but fire crews can put it out and keep it out. Lithium is a pig to put out, and there's every chance it can re-light itself hours later.

I remember a Tesla catching fire after a wreck in LA not too long ago, after being extinguished it re-lit several more times in the junk yard.

Ransomware encrypts files, demands three good deeds to restore data


Re: re: Again, did we mention how creepy this is?

Task 2 will straight up get you arrested

Task 3 is effectively impossible unless you can find someone who can't afford the small fee for their prescription. I guess you could hang around a dentist and offer to pay those bills? but again, you'd probably end up talking with the police.

Semiconductor firms: China lockdowns play havoc with supply and demand


Shock the world needed?

Maybe we shouldn't put all our eggs into that Chinese basket?

Arm wrests back control of its rogue China limb


Perfect Example

As to why you do business in China extremely carefully.

Timetable for industrial action ballot against BT imminent


I think that option has been obvious from the day they announced they were buying the football rights.

No great wonder BT has struggled for growth in recent years with that millstone around it's neck

Volkswagen: Expect chip supply problems until 2024


Re: and just what were they supposed to do?

Probably anything other than what they did, because it's been an utter shambles for several years now.

Certain brands have faired significantly better, Toyota has a much more diverse supply chain and Tesla seem to have weathered the storm pretty well.

There definitely needs to be questions asked of some CEO's and the performance of their company over the pandemic period. Clearly some were not up to the task.

Brit watchdog fines financial services biz £80k for text spam


Re: Personal liability

but will that power ever be utilised?

China tells big tech to reveal some customers' income


I'm gunna say it

Alot of what they're proposing is not a bad idea.

Windows 11 growth at a standstill amid stringent hardware requirements


High requirements

My windows 10 machine loves to tell me it doesn't meet the hardware requirements for Windows 11.

Would love to know what kind of powerhouse it thinks it needs, as it seems a 5800X CPU and 6600XT GPU don't cut the mustard.

HP finance manager went on $5m personal spending spree with company card


Re: there's something seriously wrong with that person

Yea, she's a complete idiot as well.

Adobe warns of second critical security hole in Adobe Commerce, Magento


Re: From the article: 'arising from improper input validation'

Adobe software with gaping security holes. Who would have guessed?

North Korea says it's launched a third hypersonic missile, this time reaching Mach 10


Re: Sure...

Questions (with obvious answers) where they've managed to acquire hypersonic technology from though.

Miscreants make off with $150m of digital assets in BitMart security breach


Re: Another one bites the dust

You would think, but have they lost $150m of their own money or $150m of other peoples money?

Microsoft adds Buy Now, Pay Later financing option to Edge – and everyone hates it


Re: What next?

I'm sure all three Edge users were outraged.

Theranos' Holmes admits she slapped Big Pharma logos on lab reports to boost her biz


Re: Somehow I don't think the court will be convinced

on trial for fraud. Freely admits fraud.

Interesting move.

MediaTek's flagship 5G chip for top-of-the-line Android smartphones is coming right up


Get the price right

If you are going to war with Qualcomm it needs to be done on price and not just performance.

Equal or better performance, 10-20% cheaper and it's stealing market share in a big way.

If that means cutting your own throat in the process, well thats just the price to play when you muscle in on someone elses lunch.

Apple's anti-ad-tracking iPhone feature took a '$10bn' chunk out of social network revenues


"Help keep Facebook free of charge."

If they introduced a charge they might suddenly realise the vast number of fake profiles active on their system.

and they wouldn't want that now would they?

Ex-camera biz Olympus investigating 'suspicious' network activity again a month after ransomware hit



If you get owned twice in a short space of time it's all on you, thats not a good look at all.

OK, so you stole $600m-plus from us, how about you be our Chief Security Advisor, Poly Network asks thief


Re: 268 Mil to Spend or an IT Job With Possible Jail Time?

I smell.....................desperation in the air at Poly

Thief hands back at least a third of $600m in crypto-coins stolen from Poly Network


Bottled it

Felt the heat and returned the loot, hoping for no harm, no foul outcome.

Probably means the company got owned by a single kid messing around, makes them look pretty useless.

EA Games looted by intruders: Publisher says 'no player data accessed' after reported theft of FIFA 21, Frostbite source


Good luck with that

Maybe they can sort it all out and hand it back to EA, so they can finally put a game out that's not half-baked at launch.

Photographer seeks $12m in copyright damages over claims Capcom ripped off her snaps in Resident Evil 4 art


Re: Copyright on photos of physical objects

Two problems there tho:

I doubt anyone else went and got a picture of that broken window, and you can see when overlaid it's a match.

Also they copied the files without even bothering to change the names, so files on the original CD ROM appear in the game data with the same names.

Amazon says it destroyed two million knockoffs in 2020, a fraction of the amount it ships


Re: Still a lot of knockoffs

Still miles better than eBay.

They happily allow large scale scams to operate, forget knockoff goods these criminals are out to empty your bank account and eBay does absolutely nothing to prevent it.

Scam victims find same fraudulent ads lurking on Facebook and Google even after flagging them up


eBay is just as bad

Thousands of fake listings every day, they do nothing to prevent them.

Does the boss want those 2 hours of your free time back? A study says fighting through crowds to office each day hurts productivity


Up next

another study from the institute for the bleeding obvious

Customs raid rumbles black market for primary school e-learning materials in fiercely competitive Hong Kong


Don't miss

The main news article here is that someone has been busted for copyright infringement in China.

They were probably as shocked as you are.

Chairman, CEO of Nominet ousted as member rebellion drives .uk registry back to non-commercial roots


Stupid, greedy and completely incompetant

They got what they deserved.

Seagate UK customer stung by VAT on replacement drive shipped via the Netherlands


Re: Apparently the British fish are much happier now

They certainly are considering no-one is trying to catch them anymore.


Russia-backed crew's latest malware has discerning taste – when screening visitors to poisoned watering holes


Re: "the C&C [command-and-control] server replies with a piece of JavaScript code"

Probably just switch to pictures/videos of scantily clad women.

They're hacking Armenia, not the Pentagon.

US prez Donald Trump declares America closed to those flying in from Schengen zone over coronavirus woes


and in fairness at least they're trying something, even if it does appear flawed.

One-time Brexit Secretary David Davis demands Mike Lynch's extradition to US be halted


His extradition should be stopped till they send us that stupid woman who killed Harry Dunn.

'Buyer's remorse' drove HP's legal crusade to go after Lynch, High Court told


Sold as seen

Deloitte signed off the books and HP didn't bother to do their homework. A big tech company whinging because the accounts are complex is pretty special.

Five years in the clink for super-crook who scammed Google, Facebook out of $120m with fake tech invoices


Re: He should of just hit normal people

$120m taken in the scam.

£26m in restitution

Is the remaining money accounted for or is this guy heading to jail laughing his head off?

Oi, Queenslander who downloaded 26.8TB in June alone – we see you


Someone's running a data centre on a residential line

Icahn smell money! Corporate raider grabs $1.2bn of HP stock to push for Xerox merger


Dinosaurs of a digital age

Neither occupy a growth market and it won't be too long before the bottom really drops out and they go into freefall.

Weird flex but OK... Motorola's comeback is a $1,500 Razr flip-phone with folding 6.2" screen


Re: Want one

Looks cool, but it ends there.

Unfolded the screen isn't massive, plenty of non-folding phones are just as big.

If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is: Nobody can decrypt the Dharma ransomware


Re: "Negotiating with the ransomware author"

An interesting business mode.

Infect lots of people with ransomware

Setup a company offering decryption of (your own) ransomware

Earn money as direct bank transfers from companies instead of Bitcoin

OneCoin lawyer trial kicks off in NY as cryptocurrency founder remains on the lam


Re: Worthless tokens

Not real money so not a real crime.

Wait, what???

Xiaomi the way to go phone: That would be with a 108MP camera by the looks of things


Re: Android ?

So far Xiaomi have avoided the glare of the big orange man and don't seem to be threatened with any Huawei like restrictions.

The phones run Android fine and don't come saddled with tons of bloatware.

'Earworn Wearables' will save the day (wireless earbuds, but cool name for your D&D halfling)


Re: Mordor Intelligence?

More like an attempt to justify an already flagging market by simply re-labelling everything as a wearable.

Lenovo unfolds time frame for bendy ThinkPad: Pricey Windows PC out in summer '20


Re: WTF!?

Well apparently they're willing to trade sales figures for style so I guess we'll see how that pans out.

No great surprise if they manage to sell scant few and end up scrapping the line within 18 months.

HP polishes the redundancy cannon, prepares to fire 16% of workforce


Stock Price

When the CEO is only interested in the stock price you know it's a good indication to short in the long term.

Initial gains will be followed by substantial losses as they've clearly lost focus on their core business.

Suspected crypto-coin crook collared after emailing apology note to the cops rather than victim – shock claim


HOW the thief got into the phone!

and how did he get into Coinbase?

Surely it has additional security on the app?