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How to destroy 60 hard drives an hour


Bah, get a shredder!

If you have loads of drives to destroy then a shredder would be loads quicker and leave the platters in teeny little bits.

Plus a shredder could be used to destroy other useless IT bits.

And, shredders are fun:


Pissed off with that cranky office copier? These people can bring you joy!

Griffin Evolve wireless iPod speakers


Decent but Average???

First off I don't see the advantage these have over having another ipod dock where you actually want to be or to just carry a portable dock to your listening location rather than the speaker pods.

Oh, it involved gadgetry. Sorry.

And another classic reg-ism in the reviewing: Decent but average sound quality.

Yes, they are a good but bad idea. Well done you.

Save the BBC - by setting it free

Thumb Down

Haven't we been here before?

How long ago was it when El Reg published the last pro-Murdoch, anti-Beeb rant by some shouty little man with a blog?

Saudi prince blows fortune on A380 'flying palace'


@ Anonymous Coward

Seconded, but there are more painful ways to die. Let's hope for one of those.

And to anybody who says "It is his money... blah, blah", yes I bet it was all legitimately obtained. Of course, no doubt.

'We can't lock them up forever' - top cops join terror debate


@ Jim Booth

Well, you're right and they have even given up with the pretending that some of this stuff is for terrorism purposes.

Questioning after charge looks like it is going to be soooo useful they can't resist applying it to all other areas.

They are getting really lax now, terrorism won't even need to be used as the boogeyman in future. Just watch.

Hardcore Dalek builders plan galactic domination


Meanwhile on the planet Maskaro

The Gay Daleks are planning gaylactic hardcore sadism & domination with their nine inch refractors.

What? Right, yes, it's the one with the half empty bottle of cheap sherry in the outer pocket. Ta.

Bin charging back on as Brown gets dizzy

Black Helicopters

Trebles all round!

I'm not particularly opposed to the bin charging as long as it is for EXCESSIVE amounts of waste. However, it won't be.

I can see the letter from Brighton & Hove Council now (for it is they that are good at this) stating that irrespective of the number of people living at an address the waste allowance is fixed. They will follow this up with some officious blubbling about how "this will NOT be reviewed and why don't you take a walk to calm down you smelly pleb".

So, er, I am opposed to it, not on principle, but on the arseholish way it will be implemented, just like everything else in this shit-streaked cuntry.

Slingbox Pro networkable TV tuner


DRM on freeview telly?

Presumably, because I am required to use their own client software, they are still using some sort of wanky encryption on the output?

Why? If I can feed it into the bloomin box in the first place I have other ways of copying it. Sheesh.

And DRM'd freeview? Oh lord!

Only Sky can save digital TV

Dead Vulture

What a torrent of crap

There is so much wrong with this article I am at a loss for where to begin, so I won't. Other comments have amply dissected this steaming pile of journalistic poo.

Rather, the question is: why is this on The Reg? And when did The Reg start publishing tripe from witless bloggers as serious articles?

If you were Private Eye, I would be canceling my subscription.

US teacher fired for non-literal bible reading


Letter writing campaign?

Looks like some religion-nut website has highlighted this story on El Reg. Seems like a reasonable explanation for the sudden bout of pro-fairytale comments.

Regardless, it seems like Richard Dawkins is right, we're all gonna be eating mud in 50 years time. Better get used to the taste now.

Let me just say: I really hate you religious numbnuts. I mean *really* hate you. You prattle on about forgiveness and allowing other people to have their own views, but the minute you get a sniff of actual power over others lives you set about stomping on people who don't believe your fairy-stories like sadistic jackbooted thugs. That goes for ALL religions, you're all the same.

...Ooh! Look, there's some lovely filth down 'ere!

NASA boffins resist intrusive security probe


All is forgiven

I have criticized Lewis elsewhere, but really, after seeing the article's tagline, I forgive everything. Fab!

LG J10HD home cinema system


@ James Bassett

I dunno what version of english you are using, but your interpretation of Lewis' "turn of phrase" is truly bizarre, especially as he specifically references the complexity of the picture in the same paragraph. It is truly obvious to anybody that he is referring to the picture. Sheesh.

And as to you comment about calming down. No. The register has been a high quality resource for years, I get upset when I see it dumbed down as it has with Reg Hardware recently. Further your final remark is just a strawman I have seen used hundreds of times to quash dissent. Put it away.


Edges of the picture?

What does:

"...and there was a good level of detail and definition right out to the edges of the picture." mean?

This isn't a photographic lens or digital camera review. How can a digital video playback system exhibit a lack of sharpness at the picture edges?

Either a lack of edge definition would be related to the camera and production processes or the display (if it was a raster scanned CRT).

Both of these are outside the scope of this article and display a lack of technical knowledge by the reviewer. It also smacks a little of audio reviewers whining on about breadth of soundstage, etc.

Meaningless, like comparing colour 'liveliness' from an HDMI source.

Euro consumers favour plasma over LCD


SKY picture quality

Sky pictures are not what to use when comparing any tellies, the symbol rate is so low the picture just looks a mess on anything larger than a 28" across the room.

I had this argument when Comet tried to sell me HD.

How much truth is there in the rumours that Sky dropped the symbol rates on their SD channels to make their mediocre HD stuff look better in comparison?

So far most (not all) freeview channels have respectable quality, I'll stick with that thanks, rather than have my pocket picked for high definition turds to be pumped straight into my living room.

Sony breaks out 'mass market' Blu-ray players


Buy a dual format player

Then, after a couple of years when one format is dominant, find that dual format quietly disappears and half of your movies are unplayable on most new machines. Better be gentle with that old dual format job and count the hours on that oh-so-reliable blue laser diode.

Nope, only go the dual format route if the hacks are there to transfer content from one format to the other. Lets hope AACS turns out to suck as much as CSS.

Daytime debut for UK Xbox 360 Elite?



What? Is this a girlfriend/boyfriend free zone?

Hope you people all enjoy your black consoles, especially those of you who bought PS3s as well, just to play a lousy range of DooRay movies. Heh, pity the losers who bought a Wii, you'll be waiting AGES for Nintendo to release the black version of that one.

Jesus H. Christ, the stupids have finally precipitated Teh End Of The World. (Has anybody read Cloud Atlas? Um, No..?)

Sorry about the childish comment, but I really do despair sometimes.

Catherine Tate to accompany Doctor Who


She'll make RTD's job easier

He'll be able to come up with a whole slew of 'hollywood movie' style plots that only work because of stupid/belligerent/stubborn characters.

Just like the Jurassic Park films wouldn't have worked without those dumb kids. Don't be surprised if you end up howling 'Jeesus, Don't do *that*!' at the telly each week...

She'll be more of an anti-assistant.

Fancy an earful? Click here for tech support


Others evidently agree that Gadspot tech support is rubbish:


"NOTE: Due to horrible technical support and a total lack of customer service from Gadspot we will no longer carry the Gadspot line of cameras. Any existing orders will be completed and these products will be eventually taken off Bluecherry.net"

Google is full of 'Gadspot never respond to tech support request' type complaints. Looks like Rufus is a bit of a dimbulb after all.

So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?


Surely the answer is simple...

Don't bother *asking* anybody what they like. Just take a wheelbarrow of cash to your nearest Strategy Boutique, pop the champagne and bray like upper class ninnies on cocaine.

Sounds like fun.


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