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iTunes gifting scam plunges Reg reader into the red


I had exactly the same happen, same day

Exactly the same happened to me, I noticed 40 x £25 "monthly gift to SNNT" on my credit card dated 24th January, though when looking at iTunes purchase information it appears they were done on the 22nd January.

As a result I have had to cancel my credit card (even though it was not compromised), and having a ridiculous email (as this appears the only way) conversation with apples fraud team (which appears to be based in asia). Who only answer in specific script format answer no matter what you tell or ask them.

They are insistant that my card was compromised, despite the transaction taking place on iTunes only? If I was the only one, and gullable, I might believe them, however when there appear to be hundreds, if not thousands of these, surely apple should come clean.

I also had a nine alphanumerical password with upper and lower case characters, so seems incredibly unlikely that someone guessed it.

If anyone is interested in seeing the itunes emails let me know, and I will happily send them on.


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