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DRM-free music dream haunts Apple's app-store lock-in

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App-Store Lock in is nothing new

the same type of 'lock in' exists in the computer and video game console market. Playstation 2 games don't play on Playstation 3.

There is nothing stopping App owners to keep their old phones for the 'backward compatibility'.

Another example: I moved from a PC to a Mac and had to repurchase MS Office for Mac, it was also part of a tech refresh so was ok. One could also argue that App-Store purchases are dwarfed in price compared with traditional software and video game prices.

HP offers enterprise cloud service

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Best of Breed solution?

HP with the previous EDS acquisition, I would positively assume this would be a best of breed solution and not having all infrastructure farmed out of HP themselves. For more information read 'Tornados Often Look Like Clouds': http://bit.ly/eZB5H8

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EMC wages psych war against NetApp

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EMC Nervous on the Sidelines

Interesting and quite accurate article, here are two more Articles/Blog posts on the same topic:

'Nervous on the Sidelines' http://bit.ly/h3T2eP and 'EMC Taunts NetApp' http://j.mp/ifklaD




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