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Wannabe W1 DOW-er faked car crash to track down reg plate's owner


Parking charge companies

The good folks over at MSE claim to have a 99% success rate in court against private parking charges. As these charges are almost always thrown out will the DVLA begin handing over all of those requests to the ICO so these cowboy ex-clampers start getting hit by real fines (unlike their fake invoices)?

Long Island Iced Tea Corp renamed itself to Long Blockchain – and its shares went bananas


Use lime instead of lemon. Tastes much better!

Quentin Tarantino in talks to make Star Trek movie


Re: Well Discovery has the occasional swearing

They hate it because it's terrible, not for the occasional swearing. As above poster suggested; it may have been better had it not tried to fit into the Startrek universe but as it is it's just a terrible mismatch with poor acting and plot.

UK.gov 'could easily' flog 6m driver records to private firms this year


Re: Private car parks versus councils and police, etc

It's a good thing this isnt legal advice! The parking companies here are far more court happy.

As an example; ParkingEye have been to court over 1000 times so far this year: http://www.bmpa.eu/companydata/ParkingEye.html


Is it not a legal requirement to have your true address registered with the DVLA?

Mythbuster seeks cash for roller skates to wear in virtual reality


Re: They way I'd do it

Current demonstration of hololens shows people about to identify where others (both locally and remotely) and located within the virtual area. Either have it augmented reality which would obviously show physical people or utilise that camera I mentioned earlier ;)


They way I'd do it

Not comparable to playing on a console at home but a whole new untapped potential.

Use an empty hall, court, field.. basically anything which is a rough uniform size/shape and empty inside. Stand in the middle, activate a camera on your headset and do a 360. The camera detects the walls/fences around the perimeter and adjusts the game map to have hard barriers along those edges. Play the game without fear of bumping into anything, just stop when you reach the 20ft high wall at the edge of the map.

Could also be used for education, imagine taking a history class to the school field and having it generate into a complete roman town which they can walk around and interact with.

Ah. one day..

ATM fees shake-up may push Britain towards cashless society


Re: Also, in an increasing surveilance society

'Legal tender' is only relevant to paying court debts. It has nothing to do with what a private company can/will accept as payment. The bus company ought to have refused payment of a 10p fare with a £20 note.

UK.gov: Use police body cams to grill suspects at scene of crime


Re: Friendly reminder

I've always wondered this; What if you just refused to enter the interview room? Surely if you're going to go full 'no comment' or silent it's better to just never enter the room and avoid the police running a 30 minute speculative narrative?

Forget One Windows, Microsoft says it's time to modernize your apps


This is exactly why

we haven't made any real effort to repackage all of our applications and change distribution methods. How could any large organisation be expected to put in the time/effort to do so when Microsoft continually change their 'best practice' approach.

First it was App-V, with a dedicated streaming server and terminal services

Then it was back to desktops but with App-v packages deployed through sccm and roaming profiles

Then Appx and the horribly unreliable UEV

Now they want us to 'store' all of our applications or deploy via Intune to desktops as if they were mobile phones.

No thanks.

Kebab and pizza shop owner jailed for hiding £179k from the taxman


My understanding was that they do not look into your person account without evidence pointing towards its misuse. Ie: They cant go looking into personal accounts to gather the initial evidence of wrongdoing.

Silicon brains ready to plug into London


£1080 for a 2 day ticket?!

Windows 10 Creators Update will add app-level privacy controls


Re: %appdata%

Use Applocker. I've just set it up in our environment.

It helps if you set up event log forwarding first and run the applocker policy in Audit mode for a couple of weeks so you can monitor what would be blocked and then add them to the whitelist. I did it this way and received only a couple of calls for false positives once the policy was switched over to enforce.

Apple bag-search class action sueball moves to Cali supreme court


Re: @jonnycando

My company put in it's "social media policy" that all employees must hand over upon request their usernames and passwords to all social media accounts. I'm told 99.8% of the company signed upon the dotted line except for 2 who refused. Those 2 would have been my brother and I. A quick chat with legal and pointing out the relevant data protection aspects and we had personalised policy documents which excluded this specific clause. Legal even agreed the terms should have never been included in the first place and would be removing it for all future starts.

Just because some drone in HR copies and pastes something into a contract does not make it legal or enforceable.

Alphabay shutdown: Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do? Not use your Hotmail...



My understanding is that the punishment for refusing to hand over encryption keys when demanded is just as bad as the punishments for what they think they will find. Thus; what benefit is there to encryption other than hiding crimes they weren't already after you for?

Met Police laggards still have 18,000 Windows XP machines in use


Re: Why?

They have internal storage to record when and where the taser was fired for compliance and potential later use in court.


Re: Why?

Source: I was the desktop tech lead consultant during another police force's Windows XP migration

Multiple reasons for the long delay:

Internally the police use alot of bespoke software, either written specifically for them by a 3rd party or their own in-house devs who have long since retired, left or been made redundant. Try finding a download link to Windows 8/10 drivers for a taser. for instance.

All of their builds need to be signed off at the highest security level, ditto for any changes then made. It's a process of producing a build, getting it signed off, getting it tested, having a change requested, making the change, getting the whole build signed off again etc etc.

I don't know about MET however in my force they were also trying to implement hot desking at the same time, so we also had to engineer and deploy full data/environment/application roaming at the same time as the operating system upgrade.

And finally; why not go straight to Windows 10? Because the contracts for the XP migration were all signed years ago before 10 was avaliable. It's taking this long just to get on to 8.1.

Bankrupt school ITT pleads 'don't let Microsoft wipe our cloud data!'


Re: Once you send your data to the cloud

Until you get a court approved eviction order, and even then you are responsible for storing the property and then billing the former tenant for costs.

Not paying rent does not stop a tenancy in the UK.

User rats out IT team for playing games at work, gets them all fired


My first day working in IT..

My new manager said "I have one rule; dont play games, you may as well get out a board of monopoly and sit there playing it at your desk".

A good rule imo. I shall admit to browsing El Reg during office hours but it came in handy yesterday when everyone was scratching their heads why a load of our 3rd party sites had gone down only for Reg to report on GoDaddy DNS dying.

Uber hires Obama's attorney-general to review its workplaces


Re: Re:Why? and then we ask ourselves why women in are few and far between

Not discriminating during the CV evaluation but absolutely discriminating during the CV acceptance.

Disgusting really.

Who's behind the Kodi TV streaming stick crackdown?


No, he doesn't mean like a live television service. He means access to a live television service AND the entire back catalog repayable at any time. Stop trying to compare the two difference services


Re: Said it before, will say it again

And yet you'd need ALL of those to then still only be able to access 10% of what you can get through Kodi streams.

Why Theresa May’s hard Brexit might be softer than you think


Re: "You're out"

"By UK you mean England and Wales, right? It may indeed be what's left of UK in a few years."

By UK they mean UK, as indeed that's how the votes were tallied. There was nothing incorrect in stating that a majority of the UK voted to leave.


Re: 2 years?

- But perhaps it's the reference to 52m "idiots"?

It was.

Flash crash trader takes plea bargain, cops to 'spoofing' and wire fraud


Though there is no English crime of "spoofing"

The BBC article claims: there is no English crime of "spoofing"

So did he commit a crime under UK law?

Blighty's Coastguard goes into battle against waterborne Pokemon


Re: Don't mess with evolution!

Lures can only be placed on pre-designated 'places of interest'. These tend to be statues, important buildings or a large variety of pubs. The game's designers have already stated that natural features are not marked in this way

Elite:Dangerous goes TITSUP


What a childish response from a business representative on their own website. I suspect that had FD posted similar replies of "Dont like it, dont play our game" on their website.. El Reg would have been all over it.

Drunkards warned: If you can't walk in a straight line, don't shop online, you fool!


Got drunk on my last dat of uni

And bought a one-way ticket to Australia. Best drunken mistake I ever made.

Give hackers your data, says former RSA man


Old tactic applied in a new way

I work for a large online search provider and we have several sections of fake data on our listings so that we can track and prove where out data has been scraped. It's been going on for years, similar to how an un-released movie script will have slight variations so if one copy does get leaked they can know exactly whos copy it was.

Nominet seeks royal approval for pisspoor .uk domain name push


Re: What's wrong with 'unelected.uk'

What's wrong with being in unelected in a position of power? Nevermind.

UK.gov to warn tweeting twits, celebs 'n' pals on court case comments


Re: People shouldnt be above the law

Or the grammar Nazis :)


Why should foreign companies operating in foreign countries be bound by our laws? We're not America.


People shouldnt be above the law

Especially these vigilante keyboard warriors.

CIOs, IT chiefs: ARRGH! What do you MEAN, HR just bought 400 iPads and didn't tell us



I work desktop admin for a very large firm and its amazing the amount of crap which just seems to magically appear on our sales peoples laptops. This isnt games or cat videos, its various macro-stuffed excel documents or plug-in loaded intranet sites which have been pushed out via email and are now mission critical and requiring urgent IT support despite the first we know about it being when a helpdesk guy wanders over and asks wtf this new 'app' is.

Be prepared... to give heathens a badge: UK Scouts open doors to unbelievers



As an atheist and anti-royalist, I always felt very uncomfortable during various services and sayings whilst in Cubs/Scouts.

Oracle sued over $33,000 bill for SaaS: STRIPPERS as a SERVICE


Re: Take a look at a rip-off bar menu

"In the UK, such places are required to display a menu with prices outside"

Do you have a source for that? Not disagreeing with you, just interested if it is actually a law or council policy anywhere.

Bradley Manning* sentenced to 35 years in prison


Re: Poor guy

I was thinking more the type of person he's likely to encounter in the inevitable super max prison would drive any normal person to the edge


Poor guy

Parole in 11 years? He'll be found hung in his cell within 11 weeks

Superstar cluster-Zuck as Facebook tries out celeb-only edition


Re: I know I am old now...

IF being the key word.


Re: I know I am old now...

26 here and never heard of him either..

Surface Pro for enterprise: We name the dates and the lucky partners


Re: Pain in the rear to build

No good when corporate polices require bitlocker ;)


Pain in the rear to build

Currently sat beside a Surface Pro having spent almost 2 days now trying to get some form of corporate image on it with MDT. Absolute pain in the ass as it has no ethernet port and only 1 usb. Forget trying to build it from a standalone USB, requires FAT32 so no >4gb WIMs. Having to boot from a boot wim loaded with usb ethernet converter drivers going through a USB hub. The hidden partitions add further complications.

Apparently the latest fireware supports PXE boot.. but of course you'll need the official ethernet adaptor for that.

'The Apprentice' is a load of old codswallop, says biz prof


The maths never adds up. The 'winning' team on these tasks usually make a few hundred quid for 2 days work (researching/making then selling). Split this between the 6 on the team and they are earning below minimum wage each.

Honestly, they'd be better off if they all went and worked at Mcdonalds for those 2 days and then pooled their earnings.

Also agree with the earlier poster about Sugar's split personality. One week its all about listen to the focus groups, the next it should be totally disregarded etc etc.

LinkedIn DNS hijacked, site offline


Worked for me..

My last job offer was from a recruiter finding me through Linkedin. In the end they offered me the job but I declined as my current company offered to beat it if I stayed.

BBC-featured call centre slapped with hefty fine for unwanted calls


Re: BBC3

I wasnt sure if it was real or not at first, but it is, along the style of 'coppers' on channel 4 i think a few months ago.

And on an interesting note.. just glanced over and my phone which has just this second lit up with a text message about the compensation im owed from my accident i didnt have. what a coincidence :)

IT bloke publishes comprehensive maps of CALL CENTRE menu HELL



Typical of so many companys: Free sales line number but then premium rate for any customer/technical support.

I've taken to just calling the 0800 new customer sales line and blagging my way through an internal transfer to the support teams.

Apple asked me for my BANK statements, says outraged reader


Blizzard done the same

Blizzard once asked me to send them a scanned image of my passport for 'security confirmation'

Has any employer ever delivered the training it promised?


Must be a rare case,,

Started my current (and first) job in IT without any qualifications or real experience. Hiring manager said they would put me on training courses and pay for the exams etc.

2 years later and I had 2x MCITP and an MCTS with training towards other areas as well. My employer has just signed an enterprise agreement with CBT Nuggets giving all It staff access to their entire library as well.

Now if only they'd give me the pay grade rise to go with the new qualification levels :)

Facebook: 'No merit' to claim we broke German privacy law


Re: How would they know?

Just because use of something online is 'voluntary' does not mean it can break the law.

Use of various child abuse websites are voluntary and yet I doubt many would argue it should be a case of "If you dont like it dont use it"...

Microsoft shoots Windows Live Messenger, brings in Skype IM


Stopped using the messenger when it tried to be too many things to too many people.

I want to log on and easily chat to those online. I didnt want to be spammed with photos, news, shopping offers and facebook-style status updates from contacts.