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Sony PC owners to get Windows 10 upgrade as early Christmas present


Ignored the warning.

Now get a blue screen on boot / hibernate resume if a USB mouse isn't plugged in!

Microsoft reissues Windows 8.1 Update for enterprise customers


Re: how does one know if they have updated to the Update?

In the Windows menu do you have a power button on the top right? If so that's 8.1 Update... It must be in the system properties too!?

Microsoft's summer update will be called Windows 8.1


Is anyone actually running Windows 8 that has commented here? It's loads faster (on my relatively old laptop) - long time issues have been fixed for copying files etc and it's stable. The menu is quick - you just hit the Windows key, starting typing and hit return to load programs. This method is rapid, reliable and beats the heck outtta Windows 7 - for visual users the tiles are going to work well.

There are a couple of UI annoyances (wish I could lock the metro screen to one of the desktops) but you'd expect that with a radical overhaul of the UI (Ubuntu Unity anyone?) and some system issues (the sound gremlins aren't quite gone).

Oracle blocks security hole with quick, hot 'n' premature Java update


Re: Anyone else get a 'invalid certificate' fail on trying to install this update?

My install failed with the message it's already up to date (it's not).

Google Chrome update plugs score of security bugs


Re: Updating

Yes it does do it automagically but you can also nudge it along. Go to Settings (Spanner), "About Google Chrome". You'll see a "checking for updates" -this must be a pretty heavy update as it's killing my machine as I type this.

Wags unroll Twitter toilet paper


Some Features of Twitter Should be Disabled

Retweet for one.

Roundabouts and swings at Everything Everywhere


After 11 Years I will be...

... taking my contract elsewhere. Not sure if it's the merger with T-Mobile but the Orange network can't cope in Manchester. Signal frequently drops, calls lost when the phone is switching between cells, many calls go straight to answer phone when the phone shows full bars.

It's not just me - everyone I know on Orange is complaining. The future's elsewhere everytime.

Channel Five reborn as Channel Five

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five - no wait...

Just flicked onto "Channel Five", no sorry, "five" - oopps no, I do mean "Channel Five" and they started the Justin Lee Colins thing with the old 'five' dog - it was quickly removed and there was no dog until after the break. Well if they can't get it right then how am I supposed to?

MPs' IT support costs £1.122m


Does this include their website development

They all have their own websites... most have two (one for campaigning one for constituency business). If so that would be pretty good!

Amazon: e-books outsell dead-tree copies


Confusingly worded article?!

Wait... are you saying that total of all e-book sales beats the corresponding sales of the paperbacks for titles where an e-version exists?!?.

Worth remembering that publishers are probably targeting the correct types of books on the e-book platform... e.g. younger readers - I doubt they put many Mills and Boon titles out as e-books.

Still quite astounding though!

Facebook offers 500 million users SSL crypto

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Photo Validation

I was travelling for four months across India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Every time I logged in from a new region in India or a new country this photo validation fired up.

It's surprisingly well written and designed actually - they realise that not all photos are perfectly tagged so it's not one strike and you're out. It randomly pics a few photos (so unlikely to expose anything) PLUS you need to have got your password right first to see the pics!!!!

Credit where credits due - I thought this was a very novel approach to ensuring account security and having had a few other accounts hacked from internet cafe key logging I'm all for it! HTTPS won't do anything for the key logging!

HTC Desire Z Android Qwerty smartphone


HTC need to learn... Battery life is king!

I have a Hero - everyone I know with a Desire says the same thing - we need a battery that lasts 2 days. There is no point in owning a smart phone that needs to be plugged in every 8 hours - I need to be able to leave the house and know I'll still have a working phone at 1AM to ring a cab!