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Roku adds HomeKit, AirPlay2 support as Apple loosens control-freak tendencies in the smart-home world

J. R. Hartley

Rupert Murdoch

The above scumbag owns many shares in Roku. I, for one, believe that is why we never saw the Roku 4 in the UK. Just in case it stood on Sky's toes. Doubt this will work on my plethora of Roku 2s, but I don't have any Apple guff in my house anyway at the minute.

You can now pepper your Windows 10 desktop with Android apps... if you have a Samsung phone, that is

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I miss AmigaOS so fucking much.

Windows 10 October 2020 Update has arrived... and so have the fixes. Plus: Fancy a discount on a Surface Duo?

J. R. Hartley


Perfectly named.

If you can read this, your Windows 10 2004 PC really is connected to the internet no matter what the OS claims

J. R. Hartley

Re: Teething problems

"Microsoft In Buggy Update Shocker"

SoftBank: Oi, we paid $32bn for you, when are you going to strong-Arm some more money out of your customers?

J. R. Hartley

Re: Meh

Why would I be ashamed? Everyone knows Tories are nonces.

J. R. Hartley

Re: Meh

Who mentioned Labour you nonce?

J. R. Hartley

Re: SoftBank bought a goose that lays golden eggs...

I just still can't believe the Tory scum allowed the sale in the first place. It should have been blocked. It was one of the very few British success stories. I know the original Acorn crew were very upset about the sale.

Shopped recently in a small online store? Check this list to see if it was one of 570 websites infected with card-skimming Magecart

J. R. Hartley

The title is no longer required.

What a pisser. That thing about hiding it in the logos though, impressive.

Chrome extensions are 'the new rootkit' say researchers linking surveillance campaign to Israeli registrar Galcomm

J. R. Hartley

Scum of the earth a chara

Wow, Microsoft's Windows 10 always runs Edge on startup? What could cause that? So strange, tut-tuts Microsoft

J. R. Hartley

It hasn't gone away you know

While Huawei burns, Ericsson lands plush new O2 contract to help push 5G in Britain

J. R. Hartley


Back in the UK at last.

Huawei launches UK charm offensive: We've provided 2G, 3G and 4G for 20 years, and you're worried about 5G?

J. R. Hartley

Backdoors are a real problem for Huawei kit.

They just won't let the NSA implement them.

Moore's Law is deader than corduroy bell bottoms. But with a bit of smart coding it's not the end of the road

J. R. Hartley


Where does quantum computing fit into all of this?

Not just its VCS console that's MIA, Atari is a no-show in court, too: Reborn biz ignores hardware architect's lawsuit over unpaid wages

J. R. Hartley

Re: That recording

Fucking lolled, it really does sound like a pub. Remember them? :'(

J. R. Hartley

Re: Atari?

He's wrong. Jack Tramiel didn't even buy Atari until he'd left Commodore after CES 84. He's talking about the other part of Atari.

J. R. Hartley

Re: Atari?

Mid 80s? That's funny. The Jaguar really was ahead of it's time then.

J. R. Hartley

Re: Anyway ...

It's not looking good, is it.

No more installing Microsoft's Chromium-centered Edge by hand: Windows 10 will do it for you automatically

J. R. Hartley

Re: Déja Vu

Have they learned nothing?

No. Apparently not.

Software bug in Bombardier airliner made planes turn the wrong way

J. R. Hartley

What's our vector, Victor.

J. R. Hartley

Re: At least..

A spokesman said, "This is the one thing we didn't want to happen".

Not going Huawei just yet: UK ministers reportedly rethinking pledge to kick Chinese firm out of telco networks by 2023

J. R. Hartley

Re: shambles.gov.uk/2020-05-27#huawei

I worked for Plessey/GEC/Marconi for 30 years. Wind your fucking neck in with that shit attitude.

J. R. Hartley

Re: shambles.gov.uk/2020-05-27#huawei

Remember Marconi?

We had the best comms tech in the world. BT didn't want it cos Huawei was cheaper. It's capitalism 101.

RIP Marconi, we hardly knew ye :'(

What do you call megabucks Microsoft? No really, it's not a joke. El Reg needs you

J. R. Hartley

Re: I'll give it a go...


Zoom's end-to-end encryption isn't actually end-to-end at all. Good thing the PM isn't using it for Cabinet calls. Oh, for f...

J. R. Hartley

The title is no longer required

Tories In SNAFU Shocker. Should Corbyn Resign Over This?

Microsoft's Bill Gates defrag is finally virtually complete: Billionaire quits board to double down on philanthropy

J. R. Hartley

Re: Would you like to be fried with that?

Shit the bed!!

You've put up with us banging on about IT for years. Now it's your turn. Grab a mic and join us on The Register's podcast

J. R. Hartley

Re: I know...

Speaking In Tech was utter shite by the time it got the boot.

Shame really as it used to be good craic but that was many years ago.

They should've put it out of its misery years ago.

Broadband providers can now flog Openreach's new IP voice network in bid to ditch UK's copper phone lines by 2025

J. R. Hartley


This is a game changer.

Dual screens, fast updates, no registry cruft and security in mind: Microsoft gives devs the lowdown on Windows 10X

J. R. Hartley

Windows Mobile

We're going back to the early 2000s

J. R. Hartley

Re: Er, who?

Any relation to Deedee Megadoodoo?

Forgotten motherboard driver turns out to be perfect for slipping Windows ransomware past antivirus checks

J. R. Hartley

The title is no longer required.

Not even gonna lie.

That's impressive.

As internet pioneers fight to preserve .org’s non-profit status, those in charge are hiding behind dollar signs

J. R. Hartley

ICAANt believe they're getting away with it.

Let's storm ICAAN. They can't stop us all.

Beware the Y2K task done too well, it might leave you lost in Milan

J. R. Hartley

I'm Pete. And so's my wife.

The IoT wars are over, maybe? Amazon, Apple, Google give up on smart-home domination dreams, agree to develop common standards

J. R. Hartley

Re: they kinda missed a trick here?

You're looking for X10

J. R. Hartley

Re: If I were to guess....

I really liked my LightwaveRF lights. Glad I didn't go for their heating controls now, as they'll likely go bust soon.

Shame Inalready invested in Nest Protects, Somfy electric blinds, and a Ring doorbell too. I doubt they'll retrofit these new standards to old products.

The problem with bleeding edge is that nothing works properly, and you end up getting fucked.

Remember the Dutch kid who stuck his finger in a dam to save the village? Here's the IT equivalent

J. R. Hartley

Re: Once upon a time in Brighton...

You sound pretty cool.

J. R. Hartley

Re: Wrong Buttons...

When I was a manager I had to do a 150 mile round trip to re-enable a NIC that had been disabled remotely by one of my tech support drones. He told me it was a power glitch, but I knew he was full of shit. I was banging his missus at the time so I said fuck all.

They terrrk err jerrrbs! Vodafone replaces 2,600 roles with '600 bots' in bid to shrink €48bn debt

J. R. Hartley

Vodafone is fucked

I won't miss them. Been with them since I was a kid in the late 90s. But the customer service is now so unbelievably poor that I will be moving all our mobile phones and broadband lines to another provider.

Sad that it's come to this, but they did it to themselves.

Just Docker room talk: Container upstart's enterprise wing sold to Mirantis, CEO out, Swarm support faces ax

J. R. Hartley

The title is no longer required.

Kubernetes was always going to win.

Engineer grumbles and user gripes do little to slow down Nadella's trillion-dollar Microsoft

J. R. Hartley


Why the fuck couldn't they just leave the Control Panel as it was.

Meddling bastards.

Well, well, well. Fancy that. UK.gov shelves planned pr0n block

J. R. Hartley

Re: Yay!

The UK is full of wankers.

Linky revisited: How the evil French smart meter escaped Hell to taunt me

J. R. Hartley

"...it would also disable your fibre connected phone..."

No. Those have a battery backup. By law.

Microsoft has made an Android phone. Repeat, Microsoft has made an Android phone. A dual-screen foldable mobe not due until late 2020

J. R. Hartley

Re: If you can't beat 'em

The bridge is on fire!!

Behold the perils of trying to turn the family and friends support line into a sideline

J. R. Hartley

Re: F&F discount

Virus removal: Reinstall the OS. Full stop.

Switch about to get real: Openreach bod on the challenge of shuttering UK's copper phone lines

J. R. Hartley

Re: Bye Bye Fax


Fax machines are the future. Some day there will be one in every home.

Electronically yours,

J. R. Hartley

Apple tells European Commission it's nutty for slapping €13bn tax bill on Irish subsidiary

J. R. Hartley

An an Irishman

Can I just take this opportunity to tell Apple to go fuck themselves.

They are benefiting from our publically funded infrastructure, they can fucking well pay their taxes.

The government can get fucked too for refusing to bill Apple.

It's 2019, and Windows PCs can be pwned via a shortcut file, a webpage, an evil RDP server...

J. R. Hartley

Re: Grim

Nah. All my files are on my server anyway. This computer is just for doing stuff on. Unfortunately some flavour of Windows is unavoidable.

In reality 97% of my work is done through my phone these days.

J. R. Hartley


My main rig running Windows 7 properly shat the bed last week. I am probably going to take this opportunity to downgrade to Windows 10 now.

What a shite state of affairs :(

There's no getting Huawei from 5G – Chinese giant joins Qualcomm, Samsung in bunging high-speed comms in mobe brains

J. R. Hartley

Trade war

All that data, and no Google slurp.

Well played, Trump.


The time a Commodore CDTV disc proved its worth as something other than a coaster

J. R. Hartley

Re: One wonders

Dear sir.

This internet will never catch on.


J. R. Hartley

Full of beans? Sadly not as fellow cracks open tin at dinner to find just one

J. R. Hartley


The comment is required



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