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Yodel becomes the latest victim of a cyber 'incident'


No issues here, but oddly...

Received a delivery on time Monday from them, then a email from the supplier on Tuesday saying they were unsure when it would be delivered due to issues with Yodel, then an email this morning telling me it had been delivered.

RAF chief: Our Reaper drones (sorry, SkyGuardians) stand ready to help British councils

Big Brother

At what cost?

By that I mean how many £'s/hour to operate one of these?

Wanted: Brexit grand fromage. £120k a year. Perks? Hmmmm…


Why not Dido?

Give her this plum, instead of letting her destroy the NHS. Yeah, let her destroy Brexit....that's my cunning plan!

That Salesforce outage: Global DNS downfall started by one engineer trying a quick fix


Re: wth is it with always dns?

Indeed, we had to write a script to restart logstash when the IP of an endpoint (a LB we don't control) changes. This after quite a few - why aren't we getting data from x anymore - tickets were raised.

Bless you: Yep, it's IBM's new name for tech services spinoff and totally not a hayfever medicine


Sounds like a family...

That's a bit too close...in the producing offspring kinda way.

Talk about a Blue Monday: OVH outlines recovery plan as French data centres smoulder



Disk 18 was - shall we say sensitive/ think it took me a dozen tries to get the full installation to work. Ah, those were the days. My first Linux took a couple of weeks just to download (a diskette or two a day).

Loser Trump is no longer useful to Twitter, entire account deleted over fears he'll whip up more mayhem


Re: However you look at this

I seem to recall a recent post by a US politician who's suddenly been dropped by a big publisher, he was blathering on about censorship and 1st Amendment ov er losing this book deal, and ended with see you in court.

SNAFU: Clairvoyant train brings warning of what was coming down the line for 2020


To be fair...

That could be any station in the UK right now, we're pretty much SNAFU'd all over.

Shopped recently in a small online store? Check this list to see if it was one of 570 websites infected with card-skimming Magecart


Star Wars chronology reference?


"having administrators’ credentials compromised through sequel injections"

That's sort of like starting a movie series in the middle?

Bad news: Coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the world. Good news: Nitrogen dioxide levels are decreasing and the air on Earth is cleaner


Re: Logical conclusion

The long, complex answer with full reasoning is: No.

Microsoft frees Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 from the shackles of, er, Windows?


The time has finally come!

For Linux on the Desktop....um, well a Windows desktop, but still, it's a desktop, and it's got Linux running.

Yes, that's all tongue in cheek, but on the other hand, I find it very encouraging to know I can run all sort of cool stuff in Linux on a Windows machine should I need to.

Two missing digits? How about two missing employees in today's story of Y2K


Re: Clipper

CA bought Nantucket (Clipper folks) - are you thunking about FoxPro? Beleive it was ported to Windows. First Windows db I used was SuperBase from Precisioin software in 1989.

Brian Eno's latest composition: A giant Christmas card with Julian Assange on it


A bit unfair, IMHO...

"Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy" is one of the best albums of it's time, and his work on the 801 Live project is equally good.

Take a Big Blue cheque and go: IBM settles 281 UK age discrim cases


Re: alternatively...

A page out of the Evelyn Tremble book?

Own goal: $280,000 GDPR fine for soccer app that snooped on fans' phone mics to snare pub telly pirates


Indeed! Grassing up the pirated pitches!

Amazon’s Away Teams laid bare: How AWS's hivemind of engineers develop and maintain their internal tech


If all you have is CRUD

You treat everything as an API

But "Everything is an API" - perhaps not true, but certainly more so today than in the past. The guys at AWS I've talked to do say, it's all API's - when you click something in the Management console, its making an API call - which you can make directly via the SDK, CLI, etc...

I wonder how many redshirts they have on these away teams?

HCL picks up Notes, spanks total of $1.8bn at Honest John's IBM software sale


Re: Sales Person of the Year

Um, no it isn't - IBM bought the company and the product and re-branded it as Tivoli, then reversed the branding a few years later. It is *not* Tivoli software at all, trust me.

If you ever felt like you needed to carry 4TB of data around, Toshiba's got you covered


I have a 4 year old Seagate 2TB external drive, run VM's from it, store installers and backup my documentsto it, travels with me, never a hiccup.

Microsoft yanks the document-destroying Windows 10 October 2018 Update


Re: Why even touch user folders? Onedrive

That reminds me of a great mail transport system I used in the late 80's - it had a similar issue, where if it ran out of space it would trigger an email to the admin, but since it had no room for the message, would generate another message to the admin, and so on and so on...

Boss helped sysadmin take down horrible client with swift kick to the nether regions


A good bang never hurt anything!

We had a early HDD in a PC at the college I attended (and eventually worked for), on cold mornings, it would not start up, until the case right over the drive was given a good hard thump to loosen it up.

Sorry to see you go Simon, I do love reading this column - best to you in the future!

Trump wants to work with Russia on infosec. Security experts: lol no


Re: Tee hee. Trump is to Putin as --

Putin to Trump (stage whisper) "You were taking the piss!"

Bowel down: Laxative brownies brought to colleague's leaving bash


Re: It's called "Setting a mantrap."

There's at least one property on my walk to work with glass embedded at the top of its walls, right here in the West Midlands.

UK defines Cyber DEFCON 1, 2 and 3, though of course doesn't call it that


What of the...

All your Interwebs are belong to us level incident?

German sauna drags punters to court over naked truth


Re: Stamp it out.

Those are mightily impressive erections!

Cloudflare touts privacy-friendly public DNS service. Hmm, let's take a closer look at that



I'm no DNS expert, but shouldn't they be authoritative for their own DNS server?

 nslookup



Non-authoritative answer: name = 1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com.

Authoritative answers can be found from:

NRA gives FCC boss Ajit Pai a gun as reward for killing net neutrality. Yeah, an actual gun


Only in America...

Is loss of control called freedom, and more guns equals more safety. Is it 1984 there or what?

iPhone X 'slump' is real, whisper supply chain moles


I suppose...

I might consider a new iphone when they drop support for the 6 I have today. Until then, it serves my needs just fine thanks.

Then again, I'm curious what the iPhone 9 or even 10 will be like! :)

Mine's the one with the nearly obsolete phone in it.

ARM emulator in a VM? Yup, done. Ready to roll, no config required


So when...

Can I run an AIX VM inside my WinTel box?

Want to provision a new VM on Azure? Get in line


One would think...

a massive hosting provider would have monitoring in place to keep track of capacity, and ramp things up when usage gets to a critical level.

IBM kills Bluemix, a year after killing SoftLayer

Black Helicopters

There is at least one exception...sort of

When the bought BigFix and tried to re-brand that as Tivoli Endpoint Manager, the existing BigFix customers kicked up a huge fuss and they unbranded it back to BigFix.

First iPhone X fondlers struggle to admit that Face ID sort of sucks


I think I'll wait...

for the iPhone 10 - they should have the ironed out the wrinkles in the facial recognition by then. Pun almost intended.

Facebook posts put Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli in prison as a danger to society

Black Helicopters

Who will..

play him in the biopic? Or better still, how about a debate between him and John McAfee? That would be a hoot!

Er, Ofcom, please tell us more about Murdoch's £11.7bn Sky bid



"The Sky buyout dispute is entirely political" - no, its a bit more than that, it's about letting one person, and the interests/values he espouses dominate the airwaves as well as the web and print media. Oh, well, I guess that is rather political its like having a leader who was not elected but has purchased his power. Kinda reminds me of Robert Mercer - who may or may not have had an almost unfair amount of influence over the Brexit campaign.

Microsoft's Azure chief: What's good for cloud is good for on-premises too

Thumb Up

I've seen him speak, and it was very interesting to say the least. He took 20 questions from the audience, then wove the answers to those questions into a discussion of Azure and its current state and his vision. Very down to earth kinda guy you would easily strike up a chat with at the pub :)

Mysterious Gmail account lockouts prompt hack fears


Fine here...

One account, 4 devices, 3 operating systems, MFA enabled - no issues.

Big blues: IBM's remote-worker crackdown is company-wide, including its engineers


Old news to some...

I was a "home" worker for IBM in Canada back in the noughties, just before I left in 2010 they had a "back to the office" push - which was mandatory - show up or lose your job.

Stay out of my server room!


Had a server room (for academic computing at a small college campus in the late 80's) that was shelves behind my desk. We grew beyond that small space and had to move them to racks in the main electrical distribution room, which had open vents to the outside, no issues with cooling, there were snowdrifts in the room in the winter :)

Smart meter benefits even crappier than originally thought


British Gas installed smart meters in our home, I was not there at the time, and when I arrived home my wife showed me the new "monitor" which cannot connect to the meters. We've since changed supplier, and they keep asking me to provide meter readings, I try to get the readings of the meters themselves, and the new supplier rejects them saying they must be incorrect. WTH do I do now?

I'll give BG some credit for spotting an issue with the electric supply to the house being a bit dodgy, that evening two fellows from the electricity supplier came to the house and fixed it.

But to return to my issue, who do I contact if I have an issue with my meters?

Tesco Bank limits online transactions after fraud hits thousands


Re: Headers check

That page is certainly alive, though login may not be active. Still one would think the headers would be set normally, and they look pretty bad.

Newest Royal Navy warship weighs as much as 120 London buses


Re: 120 London buses

The new ship max speed is 0.0004 % of the maximum velocity of a sheep in a vacuum, the older ships at only 0.0003. What's that in Ssx?

Cloudy biz Vesk suffers 2-day outage – then boasts of 100% uptime


One might think their "About Us" Page requires a minor update.

Is there an Echo in here? An Echo in here? Good, says Sonos. Good

Big Brother

Indeed it is not available here, none of the Alexa-connected devices are for sale here, though some have imported them from the US and they can be used in a limited way. I can't find anything about why its not available here or when it might be.

That EVIL TEXT that will CRASH your iPhone: We pop the hood


Re: just published android app to do the hard work

With that level of psychological pathology, would you not be better suited by being in politics?

Big Blue drops a billion dollars to refresh its pig herd's lipstick


One beeelion dollars...

All to attempt to craft a silk purse?

Sorry, admins: Microsoft says NO new Windows Server until 2016

Big Brother

Docker reminds me of...


Turbocharged quad-core Raspberry Pi 2 unleashed, global geekgasm likely


I feel obliged...

to state the obvious, for those who already know, that it still will not fit into an Altoids tin.

Mine's the one that rattles, its full of empty Altoids tins.

Judge spanks SCO in ancient ownership of Unix lawsuit


Re: groklaw and grokthelaw

Who will be cast to play Darl?

MP caught playing Candy Crush at committee meeting: I'll ‘try’ not to do it again


Re: "engaging in such a brain-dead moron-fodder activity."

Yes, if one is a complete loser, but should he happened to have won any games, no lives would be lost, and friends can give lives to one another, last I checked I had a couple of hundred I could "cash" in. Likely I have so many as I never play. to busy being a Commentard.

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: The MIGHTY Scotch egg


Re: I will take a chance

No, in Canada and the USA, there is something called Hot Italian Sausage...its certainly not Chorizo. And sadly not something we have found as yet in the UK. Its basically ground pork (no fillers!) and seasoning. Here's a recipe - in which I assume the paprika is hot, not mild.


£2k burning a hole in your pocket? Let this 'advanced' DRONE relieve you


Re: Awesome Toy

I have this strange idea, that when the battery runs out, as you descend from 4500m - it will come down quite quickly.