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Who are the biggest electric car liars - the BBC, or Tesla Motors?


Renault Quick Drop

Auto-changing will be with us very soon...


This is being developed in conjunction with Better Place, mentioned in another comment.


Quick Drop

Nope, you're wrong, it is already a reality. Look-up Better Place and Renault Quick Drop. Battery degradation is not an issue as you'll only use it for one 'charge' before replacing it with another.

It will be the battery suppliers responsibility to ensure all batteries are at a reasonable level.

Whilst energy density doesn't compare with petrol, you do get the advantages of a much better traction motor than i.c, as well as greater efficiency. The car construction also doesn't have to take into account the greater weight and vibration inherent in reciprocating engines.


Auto Battery Exchange

This is already under development by Better Place and the Renault-Nissan alliance and is due to be rolled out in Denmark and Israel for initial testing. Battery changing takes 1-2 minutes, is fully automatic and you don't need to get out of your car.

Batteries will be leased from Renault.


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