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Donald Trumped: Comey says Prez is a liar – and admits he's a leaker

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Re: Lies, damned lies and Trumpy's declarations

And you end in a situation where some people are more equals than others. What is the justification to the fact that if you live somewhere your vote does not have the same weight as if you live somewhere else? Why would geography have an impact on your vote? "On Man/One Woman, One vote" is democratic, "On Man/One Woman, 0.6 to 1.4 votes according where you vote" isn't.

For the Senate it's something different, because there is the Congress to represent the People (theoretically) when the Senate represents the States; and a counterbalance can be understood for the legislative branch. But we are talking about the President, who has no other executive equivalent.

The US system was specifically designed not to allow pure majorities to elect the President.

I agree, it was designed so the most conservative part of the country is overrepresented: it's stability by conservatism

The US Constitutional system has lasted for a long time, compared to almost any other country's political system

Absolute Monarchy lasted millenniums in Egypt, does that make it a better system?

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Lies, damned lies and Trumpy's declarations

I pity the majority of US people who are decent people and did not vote for the clown now in charge of their country. In a few months Trumpy succeeded to make the US small and isolated, we can only fear what will happen next.

This should be a wake-up call to update the US voting system, to ensure the President be elected by the majority of voters, something that should be the basics in a democracy.

Teen texted boyfriend to kill himself. It worked. Will the law change to deal with digital reality?

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Re: What about Free Will?

Do you know of anyone that killed themselves or tried to kill themselves that couldn't be described as "having a mental illness" ?

Socrates, Cleopatra, Dido, Japanese samurais, Gilles Deleuze, Pierre Brossolette...

There are many reasons to commit suicide: the end of physical suffering, a conception of honor, religious beliefs...

people with depression / anxiety / low self-esteem can be manipulated into pretty much any state of mind.

Yep, you're right, there is an awful lot of bollocks being written in this forum.

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What about Free Will?

I don't think involuntary manslaughter fits. She may be an evil bitch, she didn't coerce that guy to kill himself AFAIK. So unless this guy had some proved weaknesses as mental illness, he was responsible of his own actions. However, she was clearly harassing him, and if there are laws against harassment where she is, that would fit better IMHO.

My unpopular career in writing computer reviews? It's a gift

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What is the price of your conscience?

It seems Mr. Dabbs' one is more expensive that the ones of much of his colleagues...

Material things are overstated anyway.

Human-free robo-cars on Washington streets after governor said the software is 'foolproof'

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Foolproof is not enough

It should be at least idiotproof.

Gordon Ramsay's father-in-law gets six months for hacking sweary super-chef's computer

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Black Helicopters

Who needs enemies when you have in-laws?

Nothing personal here - duck and cover

Ex-MI5 boss: People ask, why didn't you follow all these people ... on your radar?

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Breaking the thermometer doesn't stop the heat wave

2017 with control of digital media (as presumably in China) that can be prevented.

Control of digital media does not stop terrorists attacks, even in China

A feeling of injustice (true or not), of being put aside often fuels extremism. Controlling information sources won't stop that, on the contrary, it will exacerbate these feelings.

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A suggestion

Instead of trying to spy everybody everywhere anytime, what about putting the resources on people already identified as dangerous because they were identified as wannabe terrorists by TV shows or because they were signaled as such by other european agencies?

As the War Nerd wrote it, "They should just drop the façade and call military intelligence the Department of “Whoops!”"

NSA leaker bust gets weirder: Senator claims hacking is wider than leak revealed

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Re: Voting machines are a bad idea

postal votes

... shouldn't be allowed either! If somebody is not present to vote but want to, then there should be Proxy voting organized.

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Voting machines are a bad idea

and had always been.

It's much harder to hack a ballot paper.

Russia is struggling to keep its cybercrime groups on a tight leash

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Legio Patria Nostra

legion etranger

Légion étrangère - these guys deserve to be named correctly

Salut à vous, Légionnaires!

Going to Mars may give you cancer, warns doc

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I've got a plan!

Always got one, if not several ones!

Let's make a big, heavy concrete shield, but make it on the Moon, where all materials are available, even water it seems. On the plus side, this shield would be easier to send in space from the Moon.

Space agencies, you're welcome ^^

The internet may well be the root cause of today's problems… but not in the way you think

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Re: This article proves its own point

rabidly left wing

Meaning being left of Trump, Farrage and al, that is whoever is not a a racist and/or a xenophobic clown.

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Shoot the messenger

It's a kind of tradition: From Sarajevo's assassination of Franz Ferdinand of Austria leading to WW1 to 9/11 used to justify Iraq's invasion, each time a terrorist attack occurs someone uses it to push his/her agenda.

Trump or May are no exception.

Your emotionally absent pic-snapping partner's going to look you in the eye again

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Re: Thanks God...

If you were in a public place at the time you have no comeback, since anyone could have watched you there & then.

No, it does not work that way where I live. Even if filmed in public, I still own my public image and the right to control how it is used.

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Thanks God...

.. there are laws here to protect us against use and abuse of one's image.

Anyone filming me and putting the video online without my consent can expect having to discuss with a Judge in court about it.

BA IT systems failure: Uninterruptible Power Supply was interrupted

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"Outsourcing is a practice used by different companies to reduce costs by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers rather than completing it internally."


"the Daily Mail fingered a contractor from CBRE Global Workplace Solutions"


"Outsourcing not to blame"



The nuclear launch button won't be pressed by a finger but by a bot

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You Sir sounds like a left leaning anarchist!

Bravo! ^^

This article reminds me of an old movie, Colossus: The Forbin Project

Tech industry thumps Trump's rump over decision to leave Paris climate agreement

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Trumpy the clown

You thought GW Bush was the worst possible president ever? Never underestimate the stupidity of right wingers, leaving in an alternative world where facts don't matter and reality is what Faux News, Breibart and al. say it is.

Trumpy marks a new low in US politics. Such a level of irresponsibility will be hard to beat.

How the Facebook money funnel is shaping British elections

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Conservatives and Face-de-bouc

Conservatives are right to target Facebook's users: those ones are more prone to emotive reactions than using reason to make their choice. The less the voters think, the better for the conservatives.

"British general elections are won and lost in small numbers of marginal constituencies, roughly equivalent to US swing states"

How democratic!

Curiosity rover's crater 'offered multiple microbe-friendly environments'

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'Aha moment'

Sounds norwegian ^^

Trident nuke subs are hackable, thunders Wikipedia-based report

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My bad.

What's the point to have nuclear deterrence when missiles and vital pieces like re-entry vehicles are provided by another country?

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What's the point to have nuclear deterrence when nuclear warheads are provided by another country?

Does Microsoft have what it takes to topple Google Docs?

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Re: if I'd start a new company

I am really disappointed with LO and its frequent freezes when doing simple things like copy and paste.

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MS culture towards users is toxic

Ergonomics of MS products stinks and gets stinkier with time. The strength of Google Apps is the ease of use, providing powerful tools easy to use in a natural way. Downside with Google Apps has been already mentioned: functionalities can radically change breaking what you have made.

Another good point for Google Apps (yeah, G Suite if you want) : support is very good, fast and efficient, and it costs much less than MS offers.

Windows XP crashed too much to spread WannaCrypt

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We told you for years

This is not a bug, this is a feature ^^

BA's 'global IT system failure' was due to 'power surge'

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In your face, dumbass

And it has nothing to do with lay off of hundreds of IT staff, of course... BA gets what it deserves.

For Mr Cruz, 'redundancy' means firing people, not doubling critical systems to avoid two major failures in a couple of months.

TRUMP SCANDAL! No, not that one. Or that one. Or that one. Or that one.

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Re: Weird.

There was another terrorist attack in the US, a white supremacist stabbed three persons, two to death.

It came a few days after a 22 year old black student was stabbed to death by another white supremacist.

Two terrorists attacks in less than a week, and not a word from Trumpy to condemn these actions or address the right wing terrorist threat in his own country. And you would made us believe he is not racist? And pigs fly too.

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Re: Looking forward to the wiki dump

Wikileaks Trump Dump!

It won't happen, unless Russia wants to send a signal to his agent the President Trumpy.

The denial of Trumpy Juniors could be an indication they got the message.

Life is... pushing all the right buttons on the wrong remote control

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For the older ones

Do you remember the time when you had actually to walk to the TV set to change the program to one of the three available channels? In those time it was much more physical to have ADD!

Republicans' net neutrality attack written by… you guessed it, the cable lobby

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It's not corruption...

... it's called 'lobbying'

Just kidding, it's corruption indeed.

'Odour' from AnalTech ramming leads to hazmat team callout

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Please someone forward that article to Mr. Dabbs

I'm sure he will be able to make a good use of it ^^

Telecoms fail in UK takes down passport scanners in Australia

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What about redundancy?

If the service is so critical, why one connection down break everything?

No nudity please, we're killing ourselves: Advice to Facebook mods leaks

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Hypocrisy at best

Seeing a child being beaten is ok, but seeing a boob is not?!?

There is a lot in common between Face-de-bouc and the Talibans.

Bye bye MP3: You sucked the life out of music. But vinyl is just as warped

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CD audio are a scam

First, they were sold as being reliable when a scratch on them make them unusable.

Second, when they replaced vinyls, they were sold 30 to 50% more expensive, when they are much less costly to make

Finally, as Mr. Dabbs mentioned, their cases are as solid as my faith in Mr Trump being an honest and decent guy.

Fuck the music industry and thank you MP3 for hitting it hard.

White House sicko sent down for 20 years after sexting underage girls

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Lock him out, lock him out!

Yes, the one everybody is thinking about

Police anti-ransomware warning is hotlinked to 'ransomware.pdf'

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The best advice...

... to avoid clicking on bad links: use this!

UK hospital meltdown after ransomware worm uses NSA vuln to raid IT

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Bloody European Union!

It's all because of the EU!

With the £350 millions the EU steals to the NHS each week, the latter could have afford to change its antiquated Windows XP! Luckily in less than 2 years NHS will buy up-to-date configurations, right? ^^

Just so we're all clear on this: Russia hacked the French elections, US Republicans and Dems

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Re: Landslide ?

An overwhelming majority of the electorate in a two horse race did not back the winner.

Nonetheless, Macron got more votes than the two previous presidents got in their time....


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Russia attacks!

An interesting article about the russian attacks against our Macron's team: Hackers Came, but the French Were Prepared

Not surprinsingly, her opponent (the fascistoid Le Pen) recognized the annexation of Crimea by Russia, received a loan of €9,000,000 from a russian bank which conveniently collapsed before the loan was refund, and was welcome with open arms by the Master of Puppets Putin in Moscow during the campaign... the most funny is that her Party claims to be Nationalist and putting France first when it is indeed a Russian fifth column.

Facebook is abusive. It's time to divorce it

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Nobody working in IT should have a Facebook account. Having such an account is a proof that one is not fit to manage information and IT security.

What augmented reality was created for: An ugly drink with a balloon

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Thank you Mr. Dabbs, I learn new words each week reading your chronicles ^^

Admit it, you’ll do anything to avoid being left alone at home.

On the contrary! I'm one of those, I would rather drink that pint of kool aid rather than going shopping! .. I guess anyone doesn't have a "cave bear" side as developed as I have.

First cardboard goggles, now this: Google's cardboard 'DIY AI' box powered by an RPi 3

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The demo I saw of the Google Search Appliance were impressive, but the price was sadly way to high for a SME

Capita's huge role in UK government should go under the spotlight

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Claiming that private companies are more efficient than public sector by design is utter BS.

Also, is there any big IT services company which does not abuse its workforce and customers? All the ones I know fit in the "bastards!' category.

FYI: World was warned FIVE years ago about flaw exploited in Google Docs phishing phrenzy

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May the one who never forget a ticket in the bug database cast the first stone

Greater Manchester cops fined after victim interview vids lost in post

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First, how is it possible that a recorded delivery being lost?

Second, when Police is fined in UK, who does pay really in the end? Wouldn't that be the taxpayer anyway?

Third, if there is no other sanction than a collective fine, how one can expect that individual responsibilities are fully assumed?

Don't panic, Florida Man, but a judge just said you have to give phone passcodes to the cops

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Ruight now it looks like they plan on holding him indefinitely.

At least he won't be let dying of thirst

Unpaid tech contractor: 'I have to support my family. I have no money for medicines'

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"I am diabetic and no money for medicines"

In a civilized country such a thing should never happen . The most basic human right is the right to live, healthcare have to be accessible for all.

Just delete the internet – pr0n-blocking legislation receives Royal Assent

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Re: Hardly surprising

Congratulations democracy!

The worst form of government except for all the others.