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Google dumps all 11+ million .co.cc sites from its results


People power

1. I have many more domains in my Yahoo spam blocker list they might want to add.

2. Why don't we all register a FREE domain on co.cc and fill it with quotes from religious texts? Choose your own religion.

Cyberwar hype is obscuring real security threats


Who pays for this?

I used to be paid to read and interpret this kind of gobbledegook. Now, I wonder why.

If these people cannot communicate their findings in simple english that the common person can understand then we should not be wasting hard earned funds on their research.

Frankly I struggled with what was more like an entry into a contest to see how many irrelevant words can be used in a sentence with a side prize for the longest/most syllables in one word.

Please don't pander to the ego of these people by publishing their unintelligible communiques.