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Steve Jobs mural highlights plight of Syrian refugees

Howard Goodall

Re: Economic migration

I would be interested to see a link confirming that 78% figure, not that I don't believe it. I think Cameron's stance that we support refugees by supporting camps in/near Syria and taking genuine cases from there is the best thing to do. In starves criminal people smugglers of money and means that those genuinely in need get the chance or help, not just those with cash.

Our meddling in the middle east is certainly and major cause of the problems there now. I don't believe any intervention we as western powers have made, has improved any situation for the majority. However, the answer is not now an open door policy to allow anyone into our European countries. Culturally we are too different and their understandable desire not to adopt our culture and abandon theirs leads to ghettos and increasing hostility between cultures. Our beliefs and values are too different to allow traditional muslim cultures and beliefs to sit comfortably in a culture based historically on christian values. That's not what people want to hear but it's an unfortunate truth. Failure to address this will see the rise of forces like the National Front party in France gaining popularity in all European countries and the long its left the more radical and distasteful their policies will become.


Creepy as hell: Facebook developers get to know you better

Howard Goodall

But Why?

I may very well be missing something here, but why on earth would you want to share your home address and phone number with facebook? I cannot imagine an instance where I would want people to be able to freely access my details from the web without my explicit permission each time.

Not wanting to be branded a Luddite as other posters have, but I'm only 27 and I don't really 'get' face book. True most of my friends are on there but I've yet to miss out on any interactions other then 'pokes' and invites to do some sort of virtual farming. If I'm going to do farming I want to eat the produce at the end of it not earn ruddy Facebook points or what ever you get.

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