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Red Hat strikes a crushing blow against RHEL downstreams


RHEL is history who cares?

I don't know anyone who uses RHEL anymore; everyone else now uses Debian, Ubuntu, Alpine, Arch, etc. Only aws uses a spin off called Amazon Linux 2 and that is based on Centos.

Ubuntu's Oneiric Ocelot: Nice, but necessary?


Change desktop

Can't you just do 'apt-get install kubuntu-desktop' ? On change to lubuntu, xubuntu, etc?

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Ubuntu 11.10 will leave you with a big mess...

I upgraded over the weekend and I ended up with horrible Unity, then installed gnome 3 fallback and then had to put so many tweaks in for gnome. After all of that I concluded that I didn't have the same functionality as before with gnome 2 ubuntu classic. Now I have a mess. I don't like gnome3 after really trying with it; its not that I don't want to change; I don't want a dumbed down desktop! Tonight will be restore of 11.04. Then I will be looking for a new distro.

What I can't really understand is why Canonical have forced people down this route. The Linux world is all about openess and giving people choice. I feel I have been given no choice, so its good bye to Ubuntu. I totally agree with Linus.

HP UK sales hit by PC biz uncertainty

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When your on the top of your game...

why throw in the towel. HP has a reputation for quality and good prices and is the market leading brand. Personally I alternate between HP and Acer PC/laptops, depending on which one appeals to me. Infact out of 11 laptops I have had over the years, they were either HP or Acer, and more of them being HP than Acer. Generally, HP/Compaq have a better build quality than Acer.

We have seen HP make some serious errors of management over the years, and this one is a disaster. Why do these management have such a poor vision of their companies and why are they paid so much?

Windows 8 secure boot would 'exclude' Linux


Users are getting tired of Microsoft 'controls'

I have heard umteen people say to me they are fed up with all the controls in MS Windows and prefer Linux now. Even unexperienced users who know little about computers prefer Linux. Why? Simple: no constant nags and prompts.

Do I dare say now, its easier to use Linux than Windows?

Ubuntu's high-risk Linux Narwhal beta floats

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Bad move for Ubuntu...

Yup, I agree, Just upgrade 10.10 to 11.4. Mind you it can take quite a while, but at least you arn't reconfiguring everything to your liking (plus installing everything you installed manually).

Another poster mentioned you can select Ubuntu Classic when you login? Sounds like a non issue.

I think Ubuntu are being mad making Unity the default; just when they were making an impact. I looked at Unity for a Netbook; and glad I went for the standard Gnome desktop. It depends on your perspective: are you a power user wanting everything as it is or do you want a dumbed down desktop? Unity looks great as an Andriod replacement, but hey you can have that with a phone or small tablet which doesn't have much processing power/graphics performance?

Will Windows on ARM sink Windows Phone 7?


Does anyone care about Microsoft anymore?

I will keep it simple. My girlfriend, who uses the Internet but does not know anything about computers now prefers Linux to Windows 7. Why? Because windows always has problems and its always a pain in the ass to fix. However, Linux rarely has problems, and when it does, its pretty easy to fix. Conclusion: the OS is irrelevant; all that matters is having access to the Internet.

I can also reaffirm this in other ways. I can pretty much do anything I want with an Andriod phone. I don't need a laptop or computer (although its useful to have a bigger screen, but then I could buy an Andriod tablet). I don't need Windows; in fact I don't need any OS; I just need a web browser, Java, and IP based services.

Thus operating systems are trivialized. All I need is a device to get to my services on the Internet.