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Apple forgoes cooling systems in M2 MacBook Air

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The accelerometer is there. So when you drop it and it stops working. When you take it into the apple store to be fixed. They can tell if your lying and have damaged their hardware. There should really also be a flex sensor in the lid. For when you trap something more than an atom thick in the lid and the screen breaks

Australia on the cusp of showing the world how to break encryption

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Hey, If they want a magical black box with a flashing led on it. Then I'll get busy in the shed.

I have a feeling the magical device may cost an equally magical amount of money....$20Mill outa cover it

Watch the led, if it stops blinking then it's stopped decrypting and you need to say the incantation

NAB mainframe turns its TOESUP* after power outage, offline 7 hours

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Re: "main online transaction processing server"

Yeah, there really isn't any excuse for a Core system to have no power. There should be layers of redundant power, most data centres have DRUPS these day's, and if that fails they have Diesel generators, which you hope fire up because you test them regularly. So if all the systems have power, you would have to assume it's some other System Cockup that's been the issue.

A smartphone recession is coming and animated poo emojis can't stop it

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Re: Back to basics

Absolutely, and a phone that you can drop and it still works.

Doesn't really matter if you have a whizbang ultra pixel screen , if the bit of glass over the top is shattered into a million bits

Shhh! There's a new BlackBerry and... no, we've said too much

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but but why?

I don't understand, it looks like any other android phone

so why would you bother buying it as an enterprise? what's it's 'killer' feature?

I remember using RIM's and they were terrible. As soon as the server in Canada or whatever part of the world they routed everything through went down, then nobody could do anything. Which is not great for a business

Apple: Our stores are your 'town square' and a $1,000 iPhone is your 'future'

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Apple Town Square

Is it just me , or have Apple found a way to brand open space?

a Town square by the 1950's definition that apple seem to live and die by, would be open space

And no I don't fancy rocking up the the 'genius grove' with my android phone, I thought I was going to be dragged screaming from the Apple store the last time I took my phone out there.

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Re: The interesting bit...

Yawn, you mean if I buy the over priced video software It's not going to look rubbish when I shoot in 4k

Australians still buy 100,000 feature phones a quarter

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More Secure

Since the media gives the impression that every app store is crawling with malware and every phone is infected with malware from the NSA tracking everything we say and do. A dumb feature phone is doing to be more secure

The Big Blue Chopper video that IBM might want to keep quiet

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I suppose if IBM actually went back to making things and software that people wanted. Then they might be able to make some dosh and be able to afford more than 75 quid for travel without having to go groveling to the black nights of accounting.

in my day, IBM used to make everything from desktops, to thin clients to operating systems to silicon and hard disks.

Now they make......ur..Mainframes and super computers (huge market for that)

and um, er . oh yeah they make governments annoyed when they sell them huge mainframe systems that don't work, like the ATO

UK ministers to push anti-encryption laws after election

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you just can't have it both ways

These people in power are moronic.

You can't have it both ways. You can't have your failing health system not get compromised by ransomware because there are , flaws, bugs or back doors in code that runs that.

And by the same token have a back door or no encryption on all other data transmission

The two are mutually exclusive. The IT industry is wasting it's time securing systems, if the idiots in bower come along and demand that they be insecure

Do we need a "if your a terrorist please download this insecure version of whatsapp, but if your a white christian please download this secure version"

If you were cuffed during Trump's inauguration, cops are trying to crack your smartphone

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erase option?

If you were one of these people who were detained. And you don't want the cops snooping through your phone. Can you just use the 'remote wipe my phone' feature that apple and google have?

or am I missing something?

nbn™ is installing new hybrid-fibre coax cables

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yeah I have to say, replacing my ADSL 2 with HFC and halving my bandwidth is not what I will have waited years for.

i'll take FTTC over HFC

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Just checked the NBN site and I am to be offered NBN (tm) HFC

Not entirely sure why I have to wait till 2018 tho. Since I am assuming it's the same bit of coax that is currently carrying my foxtel to my house

Is there some paper form that needs to be shipped from telstra to the NBN and then lost?

Australian national census fails in the IBM cloud

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a Mystery DDoS attack you say

So the ABS is claiming some mystery DDOS attack, yet there seems to be no evidence of that at all

If you look www.digitalattackmap.com for last night there was no recorded DDOS attacks in this country.

Also if you are paying $10M for a cloud service

a) I would hope the SLA the ABS should have with IBM would mean they can get a fair amount of compo

b) That someone would have thought about a DDOS and designed the system to cope with is.

Update: I see in the press conference that they had, they are now blaming an overloaded switch.


so they obviously have never heard of redundancy, or distributed infrastructure

ZTE Open: This dirt-cheap smartphone is a swing and a miss

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cheap chinese phone in 'not an iphone' shocker

You serious ?

Cheap chinese phone running a barely beta version of an OS , strictly speaking only for developers. Isnt as good as an iphone or android phone costing 5 times as much and with many more many hours of development time. Is that what your telling me.?

Next your be telling my my Nokia 5100 is old and slow or my Psion 3 is crap for web browsing.

Why Java would still stink even if it weren't security swiss cheese

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Re: Thank you for this.

the problem is the language, it's grown to be huge and far to complex with far far far to many bits to it. to a non java person it's practically impossible to trouble shoot. Yes runtime versions can be an issue but it seems to be a particular problem with java. I rarely have these sorts of problems with C and to a lesser effect in python

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Re: Thank you for this.

I just feel that there should be a support group for SysAdmins forced to work with Java. .....

Javanon or something

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Re: Thank you for this.

Finally.....It's so nice to know i'm not alone.

I have been having this uphill battle with java developers for years. And it's true, they roll out the same guff arguments. It in no way is write once run anywhere, i've never had that work for me

‘Quantum Trojans’ undermine security theory

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never mind the Quantum computing

Would have been nice if they had spell checked their paper. The lesser known TOJAN makes an apperance on page 2

Oz teachers lugging obsolete lappies

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it's not like they start with the best models anyway


Hmm popular misconception, which I'll pass onto my wife as she leaves at 6.30am to be at the school for 7.30 for a round of meetings. And she is normally home after 5 after some more meetings.

No teacher is allowed to leave the school (any school) at 3.30 thats just plain wrong. If they are they are breaking the terms of their contracts.

And the 12 weeks a year, well the kids may not be at school but my wife and her colleagues are doing the prep for the next term.

And to answer your question. They complain because the pc's which they are asked to rent are just the lowest of the low spec , are barely adequate to run windows 7. Then they stick on their own departmental crap, which eats memory. They chimps that have as IT techs are idiots, Their idea of fixing a problem is just to re-image the laptop. Inevitably they don't backup any of the bookmarks of other handy things that teachers will save on them.

I had to get my wife a whole separate laptop for her to use for work because her work one was so crap. but my should we have to pay for a work pc that is basically useless and another work pc for her to do work on? The PC's at work are just as shit as the laptops because they buy cheap underpsec rubbish and get them maintained by idiots.

Vodafone to correct billing error

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I dont recall a port spec in the contract

I dont recall anything in signing my contract that says some ports will be charged and some wont? Does this mean that some ports will be charged at a higher rate than others, will it be based on the increment factor? 443 is four times as much as 80

Make it Intel: CSIRO needs new kit to replace supercomputer

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Well technically, if we are nit picking. Via also make x86 processors and so do D&MP . It doesnt say it cant be a cluster of embedded x86 processors does it? Might be a bit tricky getting the network connectivity tho

Orange blames switch for data problems

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Black Helicopters

sounds familliar

This wouldn't be the same problem that Hutchison/3 seemed to manage to introduce to the Vodaphone Australia network, rendering Vodaphone customers rather pissed of at not being able to use their handset to do fancy things like make and receive calls?

Australian companies don’t trust their backups

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and with good reason

I have seen how a lot of them do them....or just don't bother. A lot of business owners had never even thought about it and those that had see it more as a necessary evil rather than actually investing the money in safeguarding their investment.

A lot of companies will still be rotating 5 +year old DAT's and DLT's. Or I backup to an external usb drive. And where do you keep the drive? Over on that shelf there. So the disaster you are protecting against is clearly not fire flood or other natural disaster

No need for speed, says Oz communications shadow

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um, hang on

Hang on just a cotton pickin minute here.

As was discussed by the business manager of the NBN on ABC radio some weeks ago. They have noted that yes uptake has been lower in Brunswick. And they attribute this to the demographic that lives there which is predominantly renters. And they expected the process with renters to take longer because the owner of the the property would have to be contacted to approve knocking a hole in the wall. What Turnbull doesn't mention and the NBN guy does is that in most of the other rural settings they have seen well above the expected uptake something like 80%.

And yes he is an annoying little tw*rp because before the election he was claiming that why would anybody ever need more than 10Mb/s and most of this could be provided by wireless technologies such as HSDPA. And if you happen to be a Vodaphone Australia customer at the moment you will know what a nonsense that is since you cant actually make a phone call usually

And the govt has plans for several uses for the network that will require slightly more than what malcome is offering by his dodgy wireless model. There are for example several tests on the cards using HD 3D video streaming for medical diagnostic purposes in remote parts of Australia