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Almost everyone read the Verizon v FCC net neutrality verdict WRONG


Staring blankly at the screen.

Should the Register be blocked, I doubt that every person in the known world with an internet connection would immediately twig that it had happened. The supposition that users would be unaware of services being removed quite rightly takes into account people who do not currently use their service.

I think that this ruling suggests that not everyone is acutely aware of every service that is being throttled or to what extent given that the majority of people don't access the majority of the content available.

If the iTunes store went offline tomorrow then I'd never know.

Greenpeace, unions attack 'secret UN plans to seize the INTERNETS'


So greenpeace has (once again) got the wrong end of the stick

So what ARE these current plans, and their potential impact? (if the scaremongers are not to be believed)

Reg hack attempts gutsiest expenses claim EVER

Thumb Up

Godfather of all bills

Antonio Corlioni = Anthony Corleone aka the Godfather

Google drive cloud to rain on Apple, Dropbox parade


New take, Old service

Google docs + picasa + music(US) = document, music and photo storage with included pricing structure (the same pricing structure that has existed with gmail since day dot)

The expansion from "any document, music or photo format" to "anything at all" is a small step really.

US cyberwar firing range to demo by July


Live Fire

I wonder if they've thought of opening up live fire exercises to the public.

That way all the wannabe hackers could flex their muscles in military controlled cyberspace and proper black hat hackers could see if they could outfox the government forces.

It'd be like a national game of hack the flag!

Tablets to eclipse e-book readers


Better ebooks please

I'd predict that ebook readers will do what the ipod did, they'll start with no additional functionality and slowly gain pictures, video, little apps until finally the front runners are indistinguishable from the back end of the tablet market.

I hope this does come true so that I can read my picture laden PDFs, CDisplay comics in a nice, colour, high res format without having to pay a phenomenal premium in both cash and battery life for an ipad-esque slab.

In short, as long as ebook readers continue to improve without making massive battery life sacrifices, they'll continue to sell - but in their own place in the market - with the ipod.

And really - just because they're a similar size and shape, why compare ebooks with fondle slabs? It's like comparing an MP3 player to a PC - yes they both play music but PCs will probably always outsell MP3 players

Synology USB Station 2


Hard drive stack

I've got a pile of about 7 1tb hard drives, anyone know if this will actually support more than 2 hard drives?