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Asus NX90Jq 18.4in Core i7 laptop

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I'd have one.

This is certainly a niche product. I consider myself middle aged but I still game a lot. My circle of friends has been having LAN Parties for over 15 years. This suits me down to the ground, Like most modern homes, space it at premium. This will look good in any room, can seriously double as a hi-fi without extra speakers etc. Play FPS, MMORPG or anything else I can throw at it on a reasonable size monitor and when I pick it up for LAN events I don't have all the clutter and setup time I have never really gotten used to. Price? Well you get what you pay for, even after 10 years when it won't play any hyper-emersive 3D life sim games we'll be used to, it will still play music for dinner parties. With looks and sound this good it will always have a use.

Google Nexus S Android smartphone


Proxy Settings

No mention if Gingerbread allows you to enter proxt settings (Not available on froyo or any other version). There are many organisations that require you to use their proxy when using their wireless offering (Schools and college for a start). This could be the thing that pushes me to an iPhone.


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