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China fires up homegrown petaflops super

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Cartoon fodder?

"The Chinese government has booted up the first of three homegrown, petaflops-class massively parallel supercomputers based on indigenous technology..." has to be fodder for a cartoon involving China's famously huge population armed to the teeth with abaci.

Stieg Larsson: Oxfam's number one best seller

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Not surpising...

that people quickly tire of a book with an average chapter length of 2.2 pages.

Microsoft disputes Apple's 'App Store' trademark

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Really a store?

I may be harping on a bit but it bugs me that they can call anything that sells you a clone of something they ultimately get to keep a store. A traditional store has overheads to deal with - stock control, managing supply and demand, dealing with staff. You buy something and they have to do something about the resulting empty shelf space. Somehow the metaphor seems to break down in this context.