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Tesco beefs up under 20 quid software offering


Says he'll have Harry Potter and The Order Of the Phoenix on DVD this weekend too?

What ? that was sooooooooooo last week :P


I think Tesco would have been in a better position to come to a deal with O.O and sell the product at a distribution fee (such as .. £4.99?)

O.O would get amazing product placement and free advertising

Tesco would make a good profit selling hundreds of thousands of cheap copies

and the customer would get access to software they probably never thought of using before or had access to.

yes yes its free on the web, but if you've never seen it before or not heard of any office other than Microsofts, you only gained.

Celebrating the iPhone's Newtonian past


WTF ???? anyone comment on this?

Just wondering... has AT&T got something else up their sleeves or is this just more steve jobs hype?

The reality distortion field is distorting my reality !!


(disclaimer... I've changed from a mac hater at school to a mac lover after buying a G4 cube on ebay and modifying it and buying mac book pro at Christmas)



Just saw this:

" - GPS (with the new firmware versions only)"


I'd been watching HTC for a while but seriously couldn't find anything that was a real 'upgrade' in tech.. surprised I missed this one :)

Do you know if your getting a mobile 6 upgrade? certainly can't complain about the spec

I'm sure I looked at the p3600 before.... I guess it must have been before they announced the GPS firmware versions.

ty for the tip!



I think the market has recovered from the newton. Yes the newton was flawed but it was the vision that possibly started the PDA's we see today.

Apple have already announced that cocoa third party applications will be possible... just not yet.

The people that bought the ipod are now used to having a reasonably 'large' device hanging about their necks.. I don't think they'll think twice about replacing it with their iphone. The newton never had that luxury.

I was one of the first people with a phone/pda. I bought the original XDA/MDA then later bought an XDA II. I've been looking for a replacement for what I've become accustom to. I cannot find a good device that does Wifi, HSDPA and GPS ... I can get one, or both but not all three. If I want both I have to put up with a lesser powerful cpu. I dont believe in going backwards to go forwards.

So obviously the iphone is not for me... but then I never saw the need for an ipod either.. my xda was fine with a bigger memory card.

Why wont I buy an Iphone?



No removable battery

No expansion slot.

Otherwise I'd be one of the apple fan bois out there foaming at the mouth to grab steve jobs latest gear. For me ? I'll wait for revision 2. Same with the appleTV, I want a box that can also record.

I so badly need a new phone :( I've bounced mine off more surfaces than you can imagine.... the OS that the iphone uses will become the utopia of mobile systems. I wont be buying one because the hardware lacks value worth the price tag.

OTOH... I hear that some phones can be upgraded via firmware from EDGE to 3G/HSDPA so maybe those without worries of expanded memory and lack of a removable battery will be able to sleep easy at night.

just 2cents from someone that finds pda/phones have value in their lifes.

Body that spawned the internet wants to rebuild it



I'd be all for a more up to date efficient interweb... faster speeds? you mean like the ones the Japanese and Swedish have?

I'm just more concerned with what little secret snooping protocols the current administration would also like to sneak into the standards, and that's me taking off the tinfoil hat!

Ghostly plastic bathtoy flotilla nears Cornish coast


Enola Gay

oh come on O.M.D were not that bad? hehe

Apple to use Sun's ZFS in Leopard


ZFS has been rumoured for sometime now.

This has been a rumour for a while now :)


link points to a graphic showing ZFS as an option.



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