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Microsoft boffins devise 'secure' Gazelle browser


MS Security

In related news, Microsoft wonder how their new browsers security will fair once they actually connect it to the internet... so far however without taking such a step it has a 100% security record which is more than any other browser in the world


in other news....

Developer of sanboxie (http://www.sandboxie.com/) shuts up shop after many years due to having been bought out by an 'unknown' large corporation

Next-gen Mac mini 'photo' surfaces

Thumb Up

eventually a G4 cube replacement!

another mb of cache or so and I'd consider replacing my 10 year old poor old modified G4 Cube running 10.5 server........

Although I'm still waiting to see Vista or Win7 run AT ALL on a 450mhz cpu.

From recent reports its supposedly a fake with the USB ports not lining up *shrugs* Remove a few USB add another gigabit ethernet and tv tuner and I'd be a happy camper.

(typed on a very VERY over powered Linux box because I refuse to pay the current apple tax on mac pros)

US bandwidth gets new caps



Am I for once glad I live in the UK :D

fuck you comcast and your cap that you cant tell people what they have used..

Hello Ian. Here are your latest broadband usage figures as of midnight last night.

8mb down, 1mb up £45 p/ month. + no port throttling

Period: 20/01/2009 - 19/02/2009




Peak download: 13.11 GB

Off-peak download: 23.44 GB

Peak upload: 7.74 GB

Off-peak upload: 12.50 GB




Peak: 20.85 GB

Off-peak: 35.94 GB




Peak: 114.15 GB

Off-peak: 324.06 GB

** Note: This e-mail report is still a work in progress and may have a few bugs, so please don't rely on the accuracy. If you notice anything incorrect please let us know by e-mailing support@adsl24.co.uk.

ARM to fuel netbook, internet gadget drive with Ubuntu



Sounds good for the Pandora project...


Google ends gambling ad self-denial



The less money Google earns the more draconian and 'evil' it will become, do you really trust google with your data for eternity?

Is anyone surprised to see this start happening?

Google has suddenly become less 'wholesome'. Just like any corporation that is desperate for new revenue.

Transmeta calls it a day and looks for a buyer

Jobs Horns

hmmmm Apple?

"Should you fancy taking on a chip company that said it was going to revolutionise the CPU market turned IP licensing house, you just need to get in touch with Piper Jaffray & Co. "

I wonder if His jobsness is still seeking private R&D?

I figure Steve has decided that since he probably cant win head to head on x86 that he'd just reinvent his own semi-propietory platform that would make it much more difficult to make clones from. (that PPC company he purchased recently)

It would sure throw stones on the track for the hackintoshes/iphone clones and make them try to emulate altvec again.. IF it was still based on X86 to a degree, it would still run games, windows... and the few apps that mac users actually wish to use -- the best of both worlds? (and would give apple the excuse they need again to be 'a bit expensive')

Or maybe I have just been blinded by my 2nd hand PPC cube, 1mb of cache goodness in 2000 would have been like heaven.

I feel Apple had to run windows apps in some form to be taken seriously in the present market, but I did let out a cry inside when they announced switching to intel.

Carphone Warehouse now taking iPhone 3G orders

Jobs Halo

O2 did have upgrades

For those that are complaining about upgraders on O2 site... I upgraded from my xda II account yesterday and never got a sausage of an e-mail to verify (it did go as far as saying they would check my bank details) and then by chance I was browsing my orders in 'myo2' and found this... which has as of today changed from pending to complete....

soooo it was quite early when I ordered mine but but it certainly looks like O2 had some available ... bastards could have sent me an e-mail though!

Order status: Complete

Order date: 9th July 2008


Apple iPhone 16GB Black Postpay SKU,Q108 GBP45 18M


Next Day Delivery

Consignment number: JJD00XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Courier name: DHL View order tracking

Dispatch date: 10th July 2008

'Legit' website compromises reach epidemic proportions



The Enermax.com.tw website was compromised the last time I checked it out..

check out http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=script46.com for more! ...

Me? No script saved my ass :D fantastic program, probably helps I dont use windows though.

Tiscali subscribers to be sold to Vodafone tomorrow: report


errr O2 ?

Doesnt O2 own Be?

"Buying Tiscali would leapfrog Vodafone into fourth in the overall broadband market, and first among mobile operators that offer fixed line internet access."

Btw, I work for Vodafone, don't ask for a timescale on fix - we wont give you one and if we do we are lying because we haven't been given one. On the flip side of this deal however Vodafone do offer the full HSDPA b/w where O2 have only been providing it to their 'preffered' clients on business accounts... maybe big changes are a foot for broadband users? I left Tipex after pipex bought out F2S, best thing I ever did ... R.I.P the real F2S. http://www.adsl24.co.uk/ is who I'm with now and I've had pretty shit hot service tbh... I feel unclean now :( (more so than usual) I have an O2 contract for a 3 year old XDAII.

It's weird, I wouldnt even get a staff contract with Vodafone -- yet my experience with O2 customer service has not exactly been fantastic either. 3 have moved all their customer service overseas, T-mobile suck, Virgin and ASDA run off VF infrastructure .. and in some parts of the UK VF is the only company that offers half decent reception. Vodafone has the best brand recognition overseas -- wtf does it suck so much over here?

Cometh the hour, cometh the iPhone SDK

Jobs Horns

'Bandwidth hog'

Notice that part on what you cant have on the itunes store?

What does that mean exactly? And why should apple care if you are using your own wifi network? Shit why should AT&T care if they charge by the megabyte?

The size of the app on the store?

*cough* bittorrent *cough*?

God damn I need to replace my aging O2 XDAII ... where the feck is HSDPA?

No HSDPA? ... Then no 24 month contract for an already wayyyyyyyy over inflated phone.

And THAT is from an apple fan. :(

Quake rocks Britain


stupid people

I dont know what's worse... The English reporting on an English story ... or all you yanks and Aussies going on about how 'that's nothing' etc...

Who cares either way?

Now terrorism on the other hand... An American just needs to fart and its reported in the news as terrorism..

so STFU about your pansy comments and just keep in mind this is/was a British site

Mac lambs line up for slaughter



The problem with Windows right up until Vista was that it let any program run with admin rights.. sure you could run in 'limited' user mode but that essentially retarded the box.

Unix, BSD, Linux, OSX **ALL** have required a user to type in a password to allow software to modify system files.

THAT is why Windows is/was less secure. Vista is different however but compatibility has been raped because lazy programmers/techniques have allowed their programs to require direct access to system files (hence the bad compatibility in XP SP2 also)

Sadly however because this program supposedly fixed system files it would likely have required people to use their admin password to install and/or use.

It would be so simple to use this code to run on BSD/Linux systems all it would take is one stupid/less informed user with an admin password.

Giant hydrogen cloud menaces Milky Way



Maybe by then hydrogen will be a viable alternative fuel source :D

MP3sparks.com downed by links to Russian cybercrime gang



http://www.surfplate.info/ if you're not having any luck... I'm blocked but this got me round it... otoh, I still aint gonna shop there!

Now I am however pissed off that my isp f2s... err no Pipex errr no Tiscalli errr no TipeX wont let me access that site. (although I realise this is more a backbone than an ISP issue)

I have a question for anyone that buys from this site, WHY? use bit torrent! Chances are it's 'illegal' in your country so whats the difference between getting humped buying a few tracks from here or getting humped torrenting a few tracks?

Microsoft set to milk mobile Messenger mavens?



Go on Microsoft, just give me another reason to buy an iPhone, I dare yah!

OTOH, Apple is doing a well enough job removing all the reasons that I want to replace my ageing hacked XDAII so maybe it will balance out

CES moots move from expensive Las Vegas


its not that... its simply greed

Look at the prices jump when the olympics are in town... or the F1 or indycar sessions...

The resorts know they can ripp people off and try harder every year since those in central locations will ALWAYS sell out..

I say screw them, let CES move and let the hoteliers feel the pain at the next convention.

Some would argue its just supply and demand but this is the perfect example of that model not working! S&D goes too far and suddenly you have no demand to supply? who wants that?

Netgear extends next-gen Wi-Fi into 5GHz band



FUD aside, its nice to see Netgear roll out new products...

Now all they need to do is roll out one with this tech, gigabit lan and a fricking ADSL modem and I'll upgrade!

Dutch gov blows open standards raspberry at Microsoft


How is Linux harder to use/train?

can someone tell me where all these new support calls are going to come from?

scenario: Windows

1. Employees opening mail attachments and getting infected...

2. Employees surfing the web hitting the monkey or whatever and getting infected

3. Employess installing unsanctioned applications and getting infected...

scenario: Linux

1. Employees open a exe mail attachment and nothing happens...

2 Employees surf the web in reasonable safety and skive all they like

3. Employees already have the apps installed by admins and dont need to be

installing the spyware weatherbar

4. Employee tries to install weatherbar but admins wont tell them the root password..

Scenario of employee working in windows:

click click type type click click click <crash> click type type type...

Scenario of employee working in Linux:

click click type type click click click click type type type click type...

So whats the problem? I see substantial savings in security, privacy and productivity but I dont see any negatives (other than teaching your employees to use a computer rather than windows (and yes I chose those words for a reason)

Tiscali loses IPTV punters



I was one of the Pipex/F2s subscribers.... and I'm shortly to move to adsl24 (like so many people I know)

Sod using TiPex, Pipex has a bad enough reputation than to suffer more with Tiscalli.

Nintendo creates online catwalk for Wii Miis


Not actually a bad thing...

its pretty good really... allows you access to using more varied wii's than you might also have too (if you're too lazy to create your own)


oh and FYi

It's called the Wii Contest Channel....

I don't mind spin but blatant lies and misinformation? I thought I was reading about bush on digg for a minute.

Ballmer nails Founder to Windows mast


Trades Description Act

I have to agree.... the reg is beginning to sound more like the Sun every day :( except without the t*ts

I shall only read the Inq if such disappointment recurs!

Publishers track down news lifters



"The Reg is doomed!!!!! "

"If it weren't for the unsuitable apostrophe's, grammer and spelling dodgy."

Anyone else think there might be a link between these quotes?

"...That, in about a years time, most news aggregator sites will have embraced the same grammar and spelling in vogue amongst Viagra spammers."

ISP blows the whistle on router chip 'fault'


...I notice that the Netgear DG834G is on the list. I have the rev 1.x

...I notice that the Netgear DG834G is on the list. I have the rev 1.x and it has worked fine with the very occasional disconnect. I'd be quite concerned if I suddenly start getting more (coincidence I had a net outage this morning after months without?)

I'm not a big fan of linksys (cisco home?) but my extended experience of belkin is abysmal. I've installed 3 - 4 belkin routers for people and had multiple problems with their slow ass software and wireless networking faults. I recommended one guy paid a little more and replaced his belk with a new rev netgear and all his troubles disappeared, snap to setup also.

I'm with f2s, a tipex subsidiary ... I'm hoping to go to adsl24 soon just to get away from TIscalli and piPEX :-|

Red Arrows Olympic 'ban' causes online furore

Gates Horns


its been a while since I readup on the typhoons but if I do remember correctly they would fly like bricks if it wasn't for the fly-by-wire computer technology keeping them stable....

I'm not sure what I'd be willing to trust in a warzone nevermind an aerobatics display... just pray it aint running windows :D


Malaga? sun?

"Fucking hell Ian from Scotland, do you piss on babies as well? Cheer the fuck up! Have a week in Malaga and get some sun it'll do you good."

Sun? that still exists? sorry I'm having a rather morose day... but you shouldn't worry :) I'm always taking the piss out of someone.. who can you laugh at if you cant laugh at yourself ? :)

... I only piss on babies on a saturday, leave them to soak and stoke the bbq for the weekend.


Hey coward! (atleast I have the balls to post non AC)

"You can start with this guy:

"stupid damn eurocratic politically correct bureaucratic pansy bastards the lot of them!"

who, even after being told that it's completely made up, still thinks it proves something about the organisers. Think you'd probably better give that one a lobotomy too."

Would it *REALLY* surprise you if they actually did ban the red arrows considering they've already outlawed centuries old nursery rhymes?

I have no concern about race or colour... but there is certainly a cultural divide forming in the UK and THAT is what's brewing the racial hatred. It has very little to do with the pigment of a persons skin.

But you know what they say.... "When in Rome, ..... do as the British do?"

JIMHO if your not willing to live here in a UK culture then you've no right to come here and pervert ours to your own. If you think that's racist, try taking your wife to the arse end of India with short sleeves on.


"We're not bad at everything, think we're still topping the European Teen Pregnancy rates! Go Britain! We should be so proud of these fertile throwbacks."

Both are the same issue. The majority of the 'educated' are not willing to procreate due to lack of economic stability.... so the stupid are encouraged to fsck like bunnies so they can bring a dying population up to pay for the massive increase in O.A.Ps... sadly as mentioned, they are the least likely to work in the first place and therefore least likely to put any money back into the economy. (and no it should have been obvious before Idiocracy came out) My x girlfriend went to put her name in for a flat once and was flat out told officially that she should get up the duff to secure a roof.

This is where immigration comes in, again to build up the dying UK citizenship. I love the Pols (they are Scottish apparently? after all!) but due to their own economic downturn they are more likely encouraged to come here and work for 5 years or so then return to Poland and live like kings and again not doing that much use for the economy (kinda like the ban on taking currency back from Prague)

The sad reality of it all is that the majority of foreign workers do avoid paying taxes, are here for an easy life and are as patriotic about their own culture as we are to our beer and fish n chips. (believe me I've worked with lots of nice natured varied immigrants and asylum seekers in my time but I'd say that 80% of them were economic migrants... not political victims.

Question, if your country was being invaded and you needed shelter... why would you travel through 3 - 4 peaceful countries just to get to the UK?

So I've stated the issues... the very real issues, from quite a number of positions... real question is... what do you do about them? :-|

stop giving hand outs to bun in the oven 12 year olds? and spend years afterwards putting up with 'uninformed' sprogged down teens that are homeless and increasing petty none drug related crime? (and reducing your population)

slow down immigration so that the EU can sue you for being racist while inciting protests in the white minority areas of the Uk? (also reducing your population)

stop educating women so that they have to stay at home and tend sprog while their well off man is out earning the big bucks? (possibly giving the economy a boost, the educated population a boost and starting womens equal rights riots all across the country?)

Euthanase everyone over 70 so that money can be spent fostering future population growth, services and education while inciting ageism groups to pick up their walking frames and picket Westminster? (death threats and denture cream bombs not considered)

stop pretending that the unemployed are actually in 'education' ... provide realistic stats and then conscript all those 6 months really unemployed off to Iraq?

OR, you know! how about fixing the economy... lower house prices for those just starting out... kill off the tax breaks for millionaires that can afford to buy up 30 properties and lease them out, stop the supermarkets from screwing the MANUFACTURERS (the public have never had prices this cheap but god does the quality suffer)

I would hate to be the person choosing from that list... and I'm not even going to suggest that I agree with any or all of the above.... (and yes I do realise I'm cherry picking extremes) I hate the sun as much as the next man here (although not as much as I hate the daily star) but our country has some very serious issues that WE should sort out before we start meddling with anothers.


hahahahahahahaha !

Well I signed it on sight so add yourself to the 'blame' el reg :)

Sorry... I'm a pissed off scot that has never and will never see anything come of the millennium dome, the London eye or anything else for that matter thats had the tax sink hole pointed at it from afar. Whole bloody thing is a waste of resources at a time when the UK couldn't plan a piss up in a brewery neverimind an international event.

I guess you could take exception to the Scottish 'parish council' but even that's a pathetic embarrassing waste of money, cover-ups and scam. And yeah, Scotland really needs the commonwealth games about as much as Uganda needs sand, at least the Olympics *might* make a profit. Stop the viewing tower in Glasgow from sinking and THEN maybe I wont laugh at you at the thought of the Olympics.

IF planned right, the London games should bring in massive amounts of commerce and interest from the international community but what's the chance of that happening? The goatse emblem is about as useful as the current one and shit they've not even started yet!!

If you're in Britain shouldn't you expect ... you know... British stuff? The Red Arrows are second to none in a time when Britain is almost last in EVERY other industry, sport and science. Why do they not just go the full hog and sing baa baa rainbow sheep at the opening ceremony while they are fscking at it?

stupid damn eurocratic politically correct bureaucratic pansy bastards the lot of them!



...people who read tabloids deserve to be lied to.

As much as I do agree with you ....

would the thought surprise you?

Giants carve up broadband punters

Dead Vulture

RE: are any of them any good?

I've had personal experience with the following and they all stink too

Virgin Media, Carphone Warehouse, Tiscali

I'm moving from Tipex (Tiscali/pipex) to adsl24 asap


from what I hear they are like what freedom2surf (now owned by tipex) used to be a few years ago

Yahoo!'s insanity over Zimbra and Google's plan to rule open source code


very interesting listen... didnt fall asleep once :)

I've been listening to the TWIT podcasts (windows weekly, macbreak, T.W.I.T FLOSS etc) for a while now and I was pleasantly surprised to find one on el reg. I then found you on Itunes and subscribed so lets hope you get some sponsoring eventually :)

Only thing I'd say I disagreed with was your take on the EU. The less incentives for the likes of Dell to choose just windows over another operating system the better... I don't think the average customer can make an educated decision based on how much 'sponsored' software is pre-installed (AOL, Norton trial etc) especially 3 years later when the same expired trial is running alongside another A/V product.

If Microsoft hadn't started all this shit we wouldn't have win-modems and other cretonistic 'value added' products and the customer would be able to choose on the hardware and not have to worry if their OEM OS license travels over to their upgraded system. I always say that 'software should be written for the hardware, not the other way around.'

I believe that the EU has partially corrected this even as far as to say the suggestion of making bundling the OS illegal would ALSO be a bonus for customers. I agree the decision has came 10 years too late... nobody would consider an OS without a browser these days and although Microsoft raised the stakes in the short term I think ultimately its the 3rd party ecosystem that suffers in the long term.

I admit I say this as a linux/mac fan -- OSX wouldn't come into this rule because apple provides the platform as a service and provides the 'whole apple' experience. I would more than welcome Microsoft bringing their own branded PC hardware to Europe from India and providing the same 'Microsoft experience' that apple has done so far.

At the end of the day I couldn't give a monkeys what OS you, your children or your granny uses to collect their mail.. but I do strongly believe they should make that decision based on the merits of the software and not on the back handers of the PC manufacturers. People generally dont care or update their OS between computers as long as they 'work' and I think Microsoft have been taking advantage of that fact to dominate the market rather than because their systems are better. It reduces the choices of the people that do care and stifles innovation in the long term.

Czech Olympic Committee annihilates English language


RE: Oh, the irony

And here was me thinking you were talking about El Regs infallible accuracy of the English language.

"We don't know quite what is going on down at the Czech Olympic Committee"

Maddy: TV torture for the ADD generation


There is a sequel

Just ask OJ Simpson ..

Zombies flood broadband networks


maybe ISPs should be looking to this than kicking p2p users

You'd think it would make sense eh?

but naw, p2p users are easier targets than grannies with a bot infested winblows.

Mozilla creates start-up to recruit email developers


Google has no interest in dumping thunderbird......

HAHAHA yes they do...

I'd put money on it that google 'suggested' Mozilla should dump thunderbird or 'accidents' might happen...

Come on, we all know Google is Mozillas biggest contributer, isnt one of them even on the board?

Still could be a good thing I guess but I'm rather suspicious about the decision

Microsoft vs European Commission: the verdict


Why not Apple?

"Apple bundling the amount of software they do? They also include a proprietory media player and browser as well as loads of other crap. Where is the lawsuit against them?"

Apple does not bundle software (ilife- itunes and iwork) with their OS.... they bundle it with their hardware like Dell (not that I'm suggesting AOL and works is useful!)

The basic stuff like a browser and media player being included all started because of microsoft.... if Apple had not retaliated then they would no longer exist like BeOS and all the other operating systems MS put out of business

Microsoft sets spinners on court verdict


the commission's policies unchecked may turn the EU into the litigation capital of the world

"Rather than supporting Europe as the innovation capital of the world, the commission's policies unchecked may turn the EU into the litigation capital of the world"

Hahaha ... like Microsoft has never considered suing anyone before.

""In a just-published article, Microsoft has publicly acknowledged that it has 235 patents that read on open source technology," a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement e-mailed to internetnews.com."

O2 takes it to the EDGE


who cares for 3G? I DO !!

no money from me...

no 3G or above (HSDPA) no GPS... no installable apps?

fookin nazi's I aint paying that kinda money for a £200 phone.

Blind Judo master floors tobacco stealing skinhead


Bevyn Quiding

I must ask

Are you typing this using firefox with ubuntu too?

I have this strange issue on digg (yes embarassing in the least)

that almost all my comments get double spaced after a new line...

Microsoft dispels rumors of stealth Windows updates



I think... and I don't remember exactly... but you signed that right away in SP2 EULA when MS essentially said that they could enter your computer at their whim.

I realise that what a company demands is overridden by what a country demands (at the moment) but I think that's where the change in Microsofts policy first appeared, there was a kickup about it then too.

DVD Forum gives three-layer, 51GB HD DVD the thumbs up


wake me up...

When the rewritable ones come out... :)

ISPs turn blind eye to million-machine malware monster


I find it funny...

That companies like Tipex and Comcast actively try to disrupt bit torrent traffic for the sake of their precious oversold bandwidth and yet do not bother mindless fools with malware infested computers.

You'd think they'd be able to traffic shape people who send over x amounts of e-mails a day.

Coming Tuesday: 5 Microsoft patches


"Webster Phreaky" Bill, is that you?

I'm not sure why your trolling webster, nobody has mentioned Apple yet...

I have 2 macs and a bunch of PCs, Can't say I've ever had a problem with Apple updates apart from that WGA problem a week or so back - oh wait, Apple doesnt have WGA

Newp *shrugs* no apple update problems here, intel or PPC... but then I dont have an iphone, ipod or any of the other crap thats not OSX related

Racist Reg hacks slammed for 'vitriolic hatred'


WTF? Welsh? Sheep ?

I'd hate to think that the El Reg were singling out Mr D Bevans fellow country men as the ONLY lovers of our fluffy little sexy friends? Have you no respect for the Scots? Aberdonians would like to disagree with you!

I found the manner, tone and contents of your article offensive and I suspect in breach of the Uk race relations act.

"Under the Race Relations Act, it is unlawful to discriminate against anyone on grounds of race, colour, nationality (including citizenship), or ethnic or national origin. All racial groups are protected from discrimination."

I fear that Mr D Bevans could be right, not only were the Welsh singled out for being sheep lovers... but they discriminated against the Scots by NOT including them in the article!

Bevans, take your political correct bullsh!t and stick it up your hairy @rse! It's people like you that are ruining this fine country. We'll, you and accountants, not that I'm singling them out or anything... fook it, add lawyers to the list too.

If you cant laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? (well, the English, but thats another story)

no guesses where I'm from :P

Siphoning MySpace tunes using Safari


question really is... who cares?

Its quicker and easier getting them from good old fashioned p2p :P

BioShockers delivered from DRM hell


RE:will wait for warez version

I'd have said that too once.... But now the games aren't even worth downloading nevermind finding a clean copy.

The games of today are just the same old same old shite like they were in the late 80's before the VG industry collapsed.

Can't wait for the next big one... I feel it coming :P and I hope EA is the first to go LOL.

Bit like football in the UK, too big for their own boots and the supporters are only willing to pay so much while they same teams win over and over again. (and dont start me on the SPL :P )

Apple puts refurbished iPhones on sale


rev 2 just around the corner? ....

I dont mind apples products at all... but if you dont get them when they are hot (just out the door) you'll get stung by a new revision.

Maybe this is a sign the Euro 3G version is on its way?

I say this as a very sceptical euro user... America has used bricks for years when it comes down to mobiles and have not really came close to the models across the pond, in the far east etc...

Jobs wont be able to launch a turd with a silver hat in the UK unless they have some hard power behind it.

Gentoo cuts key parts of itself from net for its own good



Not sure about Gentoo ...

but the packages in Ubuntu are all key signed so that if it had been altered the user gets a warning saying as much.

UK gov rejects Cliff Richard's copyright extension


oldies music.

"Why shouldn't they reap what they have sown?

If you created a piece of original work, and someone is using it many years later - would you not expect to be paid for the use? Just because they have made a lot of money over the years, why should that preclude them from continuing to do so? Is there a finite amount that they should make before being told "no more"?"

Like Disney did with steam boat willie ?

Steamboat willie was the source of mickey Mouse.... Disney extended copyrights recently just as steamboat willie was to go into the public domain. You COULD argue that mickey mouse was still an active brand in modern day and then give Mickey Mouse's current form a new copyright.

But did you know that Steamboat willie was a spin-off by another artist of the same time? Disney was happy enough to take from the public domain but not give back, how fair is that? If they had done that today they would be in court quick time.

How about shakespear, his plays were ALSO spin-offs of popular stories etc at the same time... how would a shakespear do today in our current society?

I believe that ARTISTS should reap what they have sown, but its not the artists that have the problem, its the PUBLISHING industry that does not want to give the power back to the artist. Give the artist no matter what media 10 -20 years of copyright and then break it up for the public domain, maybe we'd see some more innovation in our industry and less bitching over who owns what.

down with old style publishing, I think that would solve all our worries (including the artists)