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Google tablet to tackle Kindle Fire not iPad


Curious as well

About hoe Google's partners will take to Google dropping a sub $200 tablet, especially as they are trying to compete in the same market with $400 and $500 devices, not to mention the iPad.

Don't worry though, Google don't do Evil.

Android malware attacks show perils of Google openness


That would be NYC at night

Bad things can happen at night.

Antennagate Redux: Consumer Reports condemns Verizon iPhone 4

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Oh look, we all love an Apple story

Yeah, Apple is garbage, yeah why ?, coz someone said fanboy, yeah, iturd LOL, isheep LOL, itard LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL... yeah.


Yeah, Android sux, yeah why ?, coz someone said fanbois, yeah, droidtard LOL, sheepdroid LOL, fandroid LOL LOL LOL.

All pathetic.

Like what you like, don't dis others for making a choice you don't agree with coz its not hurting you is it ??. Maybe grow up.

Steve Jobs takes 'medical leave of absence' from Apple


For the guy mainly responsible for

The Apple Mac, at a time when you were fighting DOS commands on a heavyweight IBM keyboard.

Keeping Pixar going.

The iPod and its way that even my technophobic girlfriend at the managed to use it.

The iPhone and introducing the general population to usable (however available) smartphones.

The App Store and all its benefits for users and developers alike.

The iPad for letting us know that sometimes technology can be 'magical'

Love him or Hate him, you cant deny he has delivered massive advances in the way average people use technology.

get well Steve

Google axes Jobsian codec in name of 'open'

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I suppose the rest of the world is Google shaped ???

Use the term Fanboy (Fanbois) et al, in any conversation and you lose all respect, no matter who it is in respect of. If you cant add to the conversation take your narrow mind and exit.

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Cheap Shots

I know its feels like fun to talk smack about Apple and Steve Jobs, but does how does any of this announcement have anything at all to do with them.

Why stoke up a flame war by sticking in a title 'Jobsian Codec' when H264 is a product of VCEG 12 years ago.

This is to do with Google. They can do what they like with their own browser, OS, search or whatever, there ARE alternatives. If you don't like it then switch. Its the same for Apple, or MS or whoever.

Don't ever fool yourself however that any of these multi billion dollar companies are doing it for your own good. They are doing it for THEIR OWN good.

Google stands to gain out of this if the gamble pays off. I assume the gamble is more people using Chrome, more adoption of WebM, making WebM standard on Android more Android phones, more YouTube rates, more advertising cash, blah, blah.

If it looks like people will drop using Chrome because of this you can expect it to be supporting H.264 (we listened to what people had to say) ASAP.

CES wrap: let the battle of the tablets commence

Big Brother

What iPad has that the others don't

Lots are said about what the iPad lacks compared to the super hardware that others can put out, but little about possibly its most USP's compared to its competition, and it mostly has little to do with technology.

1. You can but an iPad right now, today. We see loads of iPad killers, but until one of the guys at work, a friend or a shop has one of these killers it remains very vaporous.

2. iPad 2 will be here before everything shown at CES. I would love to be proved wrong on this.

3. Apple Customer Service and Retail presence. You can play with an iPad all you like, with and around people that know how to use it, as opposed to some youth in PC World who does not know his 3G from his Micro SD.

4. The iPad is in danger of being the 'Hoover' of vacuum cleaners. Like the iPod if the Hoover of MP3 players and iPhones are the Hoovers of Smartphones. This sets a precedent in the minds of everyday (non tech blog readers) buyers.

5. 3rd Party Accessories. Cases, dongles, docks, Airplay Speakers, skins, training books, magazines and more.

All the above gives Apple a massive head start that I'm not so sure others will catch up with. Just two things might help the competition, Price and Availability. Get competitive with both price and availability and you might stand a chance.