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Microsoft has made SQL Server for Linux. Repeat, Microsoft has made SQL Server 2016 for Linux

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Re: Wow

Well, Hell might be a half-degree cooler, but until Hell reaches a cold-death state, no way will MSSQL be on any servers I run.

Also, +9000 for the flying pig ref. You sir, are now OVER 9000!!! You win 1 Internet.

Patent Troll Unit set up by Virginia government to slay lawsuits

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Re: New TV series

Think this might be better for the Law and Order: Criminal Intent format...

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Re: Why don't they save time

Can a process be patented? If so, someone could patent the troll process, then troll the trolls.

Server retired after 18 years and ten months – beat that, readers!

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Re: I find this one a bit difficult to believe

I might be wrong, but I think the -5 was used only for the RS-232 signaling on serial ports.

Using leather in 'leccy cars is 'unTesla', rages vegan shareholder

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Steam Power

...yeah, laugh. It's been around what, 400 years, it's a perfected technology. It's possible to make them small enough to fit under the hood of a Spitfire, and fire them off kerosene or used veggie oil.

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Coal fired steam power. That's the wave of the future for cars.

Microsoft WINDOWS 10: Seven ATE Nine. Or Eight did really

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Maybe they're gonna pull an Apple...

Microsoft can't be dummer than Apple. It only took Apple 9 tries to realize that a *nix based system was the way to go and hence OS X.

I mean, they're already steali...I mean copyin...err...Innovating all the features of a *nix DE anyhow...

Zuckerberg blew $1bn on Instagram 'without telling Facebook board'

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Zuck's arse got hammered on the couch...

and I hope he enjoyed it.

However, he in turn "hammered" the collective arses of the lawyers and other parasites that usually flock like vultures around these deals so I say good on him for that.

As for "Shareholders Suits" etc, ummm..no. FB is private still, sorry.

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Not his face. His arse. Which they "hammered out on the sofa." Hope the enjoyment was mutual.

Best Buy shuttering 50 stores, laying off staff in $800m cost slash

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Mute point?

I didn't know moot points were mute as well...

Eolas falls at first hurdle in bid to tax browser apps

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Not if Adobe et al all go after Eolas for their legal fees....I'm sure that they'd be happy to relieve Eolas of their ill-gotten gains.

Obama says his birthplace is 'in Asia'

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Oh yeah, whip out the racist card...

...whenever anyone disagrees with a black man. Is that how it works?

But he's half white, too. Funny how both sides gloss that part over.

I don't say the election was rigged, in the sense of stuffed ballot boxes and the like. But the media sure did their best (and it was good enough) to rig the vote, simply by waving the "You're a racist if you don't vote for the Articulate Black Guy" flag all over the place.

I think he sucks, not for his race, but because he policies are uninformed, badly executed, and just as full of concessions to the special interests on his side as any other politician. All that Hope and Change was gone when he picked Biden as his VP, and any fool that thinks otherwise is truly a fool.

Oh, one more thing, the statute of limitations for blaming President Obama's incompetent attempts to correct the US economy on President Bush's mismanagement (under a democratic Congress, but let's just forget that too, ok) has passed. Please move on, nothing more to see there.

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Uh, it'll take more than the Right half of the republicrat party

I believe an amendment to change the Natural Born requirement in the Constitution would require ratification by the states. I'm not positive of the numbers, but I believe it's a super-majority needed to pass an amendment.

Microsoft gives Phone 7 Mango jailbreak its blessing

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Yeah...still not buying one.

It's the same as back in the Dark Ages, MS surrounds and consumes it's opponents. I'd rather have a bit more control over my phone than WP7 will ever provide.

Japan develops powered armour suit for nuke workers

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To the everlasting glory of the infantry...

Shines the name of Rodger Young.

Yeah, Rico would approve. So would Zim.

Insulin pump maker ignores diabetic's hack warnings

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Pump not inside...

@Paul Crawford: The pumps in question are not inside a person's body, they are outside.

Google sued over – yes – Android location tracking

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Haters gonna hate

Sorry, but assuming that Google is telling the truth and that this is opt-in, and nothing is sent unless you opt-in, the only "evil" here is the pressure put on companies to only use google's location service.

Nothing to see here, move along.

US woman sues again over XP 'downgrade', seeks class action

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GPL doesn't prohibit selling

...you are allowed to charge whatever you like for the program, or give it away free of charge. You may only charge a nominal fee for supplying a fee of the source, ie: $1 for the DVD/CD, maybe $5 for copying and a reasonable shipping method.

I personally never charge for Linux, but I do charge for the time to wipe/backup/install and configure the system.

Microsoft's 2009 Uniloc patent victory overturned on appeal

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So it's not so much accidental

as it is "Plausible Denialbility" then.

I'm sure other companies do the same, but that just seems smelly to me.