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Say goodbye to landfill Android: Top 10 cheap 'n' cheerful smartphones

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Where is page 6, on the bottom of page 4 is says 'Samsung Galaxy Ace 3' and pages 1 to 6, click next and you get the Sony and only 5 pages, somethings up with your CMS!

Distro diaspora: Four flavours of Ubuntu unpacked

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Re: Minty

Another Vote for Mint here, switched to it after the whole Unity fiasco, still hate Unity, anyway, never looked back, love the interface, can not wait for the next LTS version of Mint.

JavaScript is everywhere. So are we all OK with that?

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I HATE JavaScript

with a passion!

I hate its chaotic coding style.

I hate its loosely typed Objects.

I regard it as a 'lazy language'.

I just can't my head around, or get on with, it at all.

But since our workplace will be replacing our current front ends with it, I guess I will have to force myself to get used to it.

Oh and not to mention its still totally inaccessible to Screen Readers and alike, but no one cares, so much for WAI a?

Station to station: Ten DAB-Bluetooth combo radios

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I just don't get it.

What is the obsession with making everything look Retro? Have we run out of design ideas?

Bin half-baked Raspberry Pi hubs, says Pimoroni: Try our upper-crust kit

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I hope its better then the NewLink one that was listed as 'compatible' with the pi.

I got one of those as they were touted as the best USB powered hub for the pi.

I am running a 1 wire temp sensor network, Webcam and external SSD, it ran this setup for a month before refusing the power the SSD, I replaced SSD and external caddy, no joy, just refuses to run it now. (power LED flashes continuously on, SSD, Hub and Pi! works fine in pc. I guess 2A isn't enough to power this lot! Lets hope 3A1 is, a PiHUB is now on order.

Another blow for Flash as Unity gaming engine kills support

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I'll not be shedding any tears!

This awful platform has blighted my coding career for that last 3 to 4 years! Never liked it when I was first told to use it, and my opinion hasn't changed, shame our place thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, I was not convinced, far to many bugs, things it should have done, but didn't, simple programming concepts it didn't have, it was frustrating to code in and even worse to debug! Problem is, as we have so many apps coded in it, I'll have to support the dam thing till replacements are made, so it'll be around here for another few years and guess who'll have to be supporting it, oh joy!

Review: Renault Zoe electric car

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Use of Foul Language.

There is no need for this kind of language on a professional web review.

"If in two years’ time global sales of these two are still 'piss' poor then, and only then, will I discuss the “failure” of the e-car."

I am sure the author is mature enough to be able to express their opinions in a more non offensive manor.

Please remove it.

Keyboard, you're not my type

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back then when keyboards where good!

Yep back then when you could hear and feel the keyboard 'click' on a chunky and quality keyboard.

I am a touch typist, and very short sighted (almost blind), thankfully (or not depends on your point of view) I don't have the same problem with random characters appearing in my sentences though (would make for interesting coding!).

Thankfully the computer here at work has a good feel, but as for the laptop, its an awful keyboard, I am constantly making mistakes on it, in fact I plug the PC's keyboard into it to use it, I HATE that laptop's keyboard with a passion, no feedback, no feel, no click, its dreadful!

Now at home, I have a 10+ year old 'Cheery' keyboard, it was white once upon a time, but as you might imagine its a bit grubby now, gives loads of feedback, clicks, very comfortable to use, never misses a click, but my partner, in her wisdom, tried to give me a very thoughtful valentines gift, by replacing it with a pink one, while I loved the colour, oh gosh how could I tell her it was awful, just like the laptop one, no feedback, keys in the wrong places, thankfully it was faulty! so I have my Cheery back till a replacement arrives, but she is determined to get rid of my old keyboard, over my dead body will that ever happen!

Modern Keyboards are cr@p and that is that! They do not make them like they used it.

Ten stars of CES 2013: Who made the biggest splash?

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move along please, nothing to see here

It would seem we've invented everything already, nothing new here it would seem, disappointing indeed, world economic recession really kicking in, maybe finally the reality of the fact that people just do not have the money to buy these toys right now.

Kill that Java plugin now! New 0-day exploit running wild online

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uses a Java plug in to upload pictures, my partner uses it, now how can I explain, in terms they will understand, that they can not longer use this website because it poses a security risk?

Ok we use Linux so the risks are lower, but its still a risk. This is the only site that 'we' use that uses Java, I might just disable it and wait for the shouting to begin.

Toy train company bids for West Coast Mainline

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that is great.

Oh I loved reading that, very clever, I wasn't expecting a reply quite like that, very good and put a smile on my face. We need a bit of fun in our lives, life is far too boring and dull at times, low cost humour, we all could benefit from it. Well done.

Nuisance calls DOUBLE, Ofcom vows to hunt down offenders

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Re: If I get a computer...

on my mobile I can 'block' numbers who text me, so all I do with these is, 'add to block list' delete and gone, I used to get several a day, I'm down to a few a month now, result.

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No it doesn't

"Many people use the Telephone Preference Service to opt out of cold calling, which works well enough "

No it doesn't, I am on the TPS scheme and am constantly being called, I collect the numbers, go to the website and fill out all the details, 8 times a night sometimes.

I get an email back some months later saying nothing could be done.

Toothless, bottle-less job-worths what's the point :(

Micro-computer bakers open Raspberry Pi shop

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Re: ops

Yes it works on my phone, must be works 'poxy' network settings (yes 'mistake' intended !)

Leona A


url http://store.raspberrypi.com/


"It works!

This is the default web page for this server.

The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet."

North Korea's satellite a dud, say US astroboffins

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If the US don't like it,

then why don't they do what they usually do the countries with dictatorships?

Send in the troupes to overthrow their government in the name of peace and democracy.

Oh right, they don't have any oil, that's why.....

Start the clock! Public sector web MUST be disabled-friendly by 2015

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"certain content and services" so about as much use as today's laws then, so many loop holes, its not even worth looking at :( sigh!

Badges for Commentards

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I do not think rewards should be given on number of posts, it should be based on the quality of the posts, maybe the number of Upvotes rather than posts, otherwise you encourage quantity over quality, just my 10p's worth.

Nintendo Wii U Review

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whats the point?

I failed to see the point of this when it was announced and I'm non the wiser now, I have the original Wii and do not see the point to the new one, I thought they would do more with motion control, since they started the whole thing. But we've gone from bouncing around the room, to sitting on one's ass with a tablet, I think its going backwards, sorry, no sale.

Bash Street bytes: Do UK schools really need the Raspberry Pi?

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the only slight flaw in your logic

is that , old LCD monitors are usually VGA which, you can not connect 'cheaply' to a Pi

Ten Linux apps you must install

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Nice article

Good to see some 'day to day' reviews of Linux applications.

Its just a shame that the 'willy wavers' have to dive in to the comments, adds little value, its not big and it doesn't make you look clever, just an idiot.

Sadly the first comment is typical of a male dominated IT environment, It can be intimidating at first until you learn its all testosterone fuelled bragory (yes, made up word), it just shows how insecure and lonely they feel.

I only use the command line if I have to, so to have some GUI applications that use the CLI backend is really useful and allow us to 'have a life', I will certainly give Lucky Backup a look, its just what I was looking for.

Both my partner and I use Linux (well we use the same machine), Ok I work in IT (Web and software development) so I am used to Linux but my partner isn't, and they get on with it just fine, but I would consider us to be 'normal' users, you don't have to be an Uber Geek to use Linux, thankfully.

Brits swallow Google Nexus 4 supply 'in 30 minutes'

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Geez what is it

with everyone trying to buy a product on the day of release? I don't get it, just sit it out a couple of days, or better still, weeks and put your order in then, your phone is not broken now is it? no, well then, be patient and wait.

007 hardware: Gadgetry, spyware and things that make you go Boom

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Re: Invisibility Cloak

no, but there is a browser plug-in for it :)

I saw that Top Gear show too, I was also impressed at how well the experiment worked.

I also liked their take on the submarine car, very cool.

Ten... Apple iPad Mini alternatives

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Re: wrong site

Ok well it is on Reg Hardware as well, now that throw me,

its here


and here


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wrong site

Shouldn't this be on 'Reg Hardware' not 'the register' ? Someone miss filed it?

Dr No, Thunderball, Casino Royale? Vote now for the best Bond film

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That is the one I voted for, for the same reason :)

Though I love all the films and happy to watch any of them, any time.

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I can only choose one! nooooooo! that is so difficult.

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Re: Do you expect me to talk?

No Mr Bond, I expect you to Vote!

WHITE WHALE spent 4 years trying to tell us something, then stopped

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According to the BBC, the whale said...

'Get Out'

which I think was a clear direction :)

Amazing animals, watched a programme on them on the BBC a while back, which shows that far from being afraid of us they actually seek 'us' out now, apparently to learn more about us, they also showed how they formed a group to round up and hunt fish, just amazing, they are more intelligent than they are credited for.

XBMC coders acquire TVonics brand

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All the things I love

A developer taking accessibility seriously and using an Open Source Platform, I almost fell of my seat!

Am I dreaming? quick someone pinch me.

I hope this does make it to the real world as I'll be first in the queue for one.

Sounds like a product I'll actually be able to use independently without a magnifier or assistance,

Go to the top of the class Mr Ellis, you rock.

I currently use a Topfield TF5800 which allows a very high degree of customisation through 'themes' so I can get large fonts and high contrast menus but it doesn't talk to me :(

So a replacement PVR will have to be able to do the same but non of the 'high street' ones seem to have this ability.

LG Vu 5in Android phone-tablet review

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In the specs it says Rated Battery life of 2 months, then the reviewer goes on to say you will only get a day out of it? Something not right there?

ICO tries to justify hefty NHS data breach fines

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The money

should come from their salaries, that would get their attention, bet it would stop then, its because it doesn't affect them, they have a 'get out' clause, that they don't care, make them care, make them pay!

Will you soon be fingering your seven-incher?

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Size Matters!

so nothing less then a 10 inch'er will do! ;)

I've tried my partners 7 inch'er and I just can't see it well enough to use it.

We are talking about tablets right? ;)

I think that's enough s3xual innuendo for one day.

Toshiba AT300 10in Android tablet review

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or for the same money

get teh Archos 101 XS with a Keyboard, BT4 and GPS. Hum decisions decisions....

Archos 101 XS 10.1in Android tablet review

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Re:Leona A @ Lusty

"And yet, for touch typists like me, they work just fine. Perhaps the one on Android is no good, but on screen keyboards are fine."

Ok, try using the on screen keyboard, with your eyes shut, see how you get on then? No guide keys, no feed back, this is what I have to do, well I have no choice, I can't see well enough to use the on screen ones, its why I need a 10 inch tablet, anything smaller is too small for me to use, and even then I have to root it to fiddle with the screen (dpi) to get a size that I can use.

"You are in the tiny minority there."

Yep tell me about it! disabled people usually are in the minority.

The Xperia Pro is the only keyboard (landscape) phone in the UK, but hop across the pond to the US there is 100's of them, its just the UK who fails to make/sell them, I do not understand why, if they sell well enough in the US why not here?

Some of by blind friends tried to us an Iphone for a while with their accessibly feature, but turned to either the Xperia pro or Mini Pro, there is just no substitute for a physical keyboard!

Leona A

'on screen' keyboards do not give any tactile feedback, thus for touch typists like me, they are useless!

I like to have a physical keyboard on both my phone (Xperia Pro) and Tablet, I'll be buying one of these.

I think tactile displays are a long way off from being main stream, that's still Sci-Fi tech at the moment.

Health minister warns ISPs: Block suicide websites or face regulation

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welcome to

the nanny state!

Mio Spirit 695 LM satnav review

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it was all looking good until

I read "TomTom-licensed IQ Routes", I have a TomTom XL IQ routes and its the most frustrating thing we have used.

In fact I had to disable the IQ Routes, because of its odd behaviour, which included taking side and B roads instead of Major A roads and getting us completely confused and stressed.

I have had to submit so many error reports to TomTom that I feel they should be paying me for my time!

I do not drive, but my partner does, and I am responsible for the navigation, I have to check what route the TomTom 'thinks' it should take every time now and each time I find a problem, its not something I can rely on and I worry whenever my partner goes out alone with it, I wonder what nightmare journey it will take her on.

The unit is only a year old, they tell me to update the maps, right at £45 a pop, I don't think so.

So something like this with, maps for life, seems ideal.

But before I part with any cash, I want to test it, I know the routes that will let me know if its worth buying or not.

I'll not be buying another TomTom device, and not keen on devices that use TomTom code, but if the IQ Routes rubbish can be disabled, then it might be worth a look.

Space Jam: stripped bolt bugs spacewalkers

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I guess

its out with the 'tap and die' set then....

Thanks ever so much Java, for that biz-wide rootkit infection

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Re: Lets not just blame java here

Indeed, but if you do not know what you are doing with Windoze you get an account with Admin rights, if you do not know what you are doing in Linux you get a user account which doesn't give you any access to Admin privileges, thus such malware can not run.

This Malware seems to do windozy type things, so it might well be possible to use the same java exploit on a Linux box, but it wouldn't do anything, it would not give the malware access to anything, so it would be plain useless.

The 2 OS's work in totally different ways, windoze leave everything open, Linux makes you open things, in which case you need to know what you are doing first!

This is why Linux seems to have such a high learning curve, because its not all done for you.

I am sure there are viruses for Linux (though in my 10+ years experience, I've never seen one, only read about them being theoretically possible), but the system has to be compromised first to allow them to run.

Asus CEO sounds netbook death knell

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Transformer please place of Eee

So are they going to reduce the price of the Transformer then? (with keyboard dock) otherwise that's a very expensive Eee PC!

There is still a market for Netbooks at the right price, its just companies are greedy and want too much for them, the EeePC 901 and alike would sell all day long at the right price.

O2: no Ice Cream Sandwich for some Sony Xperia owners

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Don't Blame O2

I too have to agree with this statement, reading on the official sony xperia forum, those who have chosen to update have regretted it, or have experienced really poor performance. Things you would think they would get right, like a QWERTY Keyboard for the Pro turned into an Azerty one, just very poor over all.

The update seems to be being done in batches, by the phones SI (sales number) number, and is progressing very slowly.

I have an unlocked Xperia Pro and my SI number still isn't listed.

Thought I think, for the brave, you can head on over to the XDA forums and pickup a ROM easy enough, you will have to unlock your bootloader (instructions for doing so are there), for us Pro users, there is no Pro forum, so look under ARC.

I have not decided whether I want to update the OS yet or not, I means its laggy enough with GB if ICS makes it worse then I'll be unusable, so I think I will stay where I am.

Why Java would still stink even if it weren't security swiss cheese

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Its not that black and white

I think you are aiming your hatred towards applet and Java Front end applications, to which I whole hearted agree, there are better ways to do these things now, they are inaccessible, mostly poorly written and are an admins nightmare, I know, I've been there too many times. The whole this Java app needs version x of java and this app needs version y oh but they need to run on the same clients' PC, oh gosh!

But after all that however I became a Java Programmer, no don't hate me just yet, I write 'back end' data applications that 'users' never really see, the apps just deliver data for clients to consume, for back end heavy lifting work I find it make sense to use Java.

However I would never consider using it for GUI or client facing apps, no we use Flex for that, there therein lies another can of worms!

Awww the joys of working in IT!

Ten netbooks

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Linux Offerings.

When the SCC (Small Cheap Computers) first came out they were Linux offerings, now I see M$ have invaded the market and now they're all bloated expensive computers, such a shame.

Some of those machines which just tip the £200 mark, how much cheaper would they be without the M$ Virus, worm and trojan invested bloatware.

I would like to get a Netbook, but I'm not happy to pay for something I'm not going to use, I would rather buy it OS free and install what I want, if I wanted Windows I'd buy it, I don't want it forced on me.

I have been thinking about what I should get, should I buy a Netbook or a Nexus 7 with a bluetooth keyboard?

Ten apps to install on your Nexus 7 first

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Tunein Radio file size....

Tunein Radio

Reg Rating 85%

Price £0.61

Size 164MB

Really 164MB ? who coded it? Microsoft!?

Buy Smarter: what you need to know about... HDDs

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Hard drives cheap? where? They are still move expensive than they where last year, I got a 500 Seagate drive for £36 last April, still can't match that today 22/06/12 :(

World+Dog goes ape for smartphone cases, add-ons

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or at least I would

if any company actually made any accessories for my Xperia Pro, whereas I'm currently still using the case from my old HTC Tytn2, all for recycling and all that.

Volkswagen Up!

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Looks good.

It looks good, I love the way the sat nav integrates with the stereo and vehicle systems.

But I have to agree with others 50-52 mpg from a 1L petrol engine, that's really poor, should be knocking on the door of at least 60 mpg.

We've just picked up a Fiesta 1.6 TDCi ECOnetic and the first 200 miles we're getting 57mpg!

Sony to bring bog-friendly blowers to Blighty

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Re: HTC Advertisement

FlashBlock solves these issues :)