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Greenland ice sheet not going anywhere in a hurry, say boffins


Re: I didn't bother reading it

Dear NomNomNom, Thanks for the reminder on the recent Watts paper. I remember the fanfare in el Reg, but not the announcement of the withdrawal. Interesting. One thing I note is that these "game-changing" discoveries are rarely significant, and are often wrong. I look forward to the scientific debate on this, although sadly not in this part of the web (yourself excepted, of course).

10m years ago there was less CO2 - but the Earth was warmer


Re: er what about when it was an ice age and there was MORE CO2 ?

www.skepticalscience.com - I think you will find that the models are actually doing quite well. Higher levels of CO2 are not the issue - it is the rate of increase of CO2 with our current climactic conditions.

Of course 1 degree on any one day won't do any harm, but if the average temperature rises, then it will affect thermal and chemical equilibria. One of the issues is whether melting sea ice will lead to a feedback. It seems fairly clear that this is so, although, of course, you never really know until it happens.

You sound a bit like the old supporters of Tobacco - never satisfied with any evidence because it messed with their lifestyle and worldview.


Re: When dinosaurs walked with Man

Hmm - I don't see how you make that connection. In the US, people complaining about the "warmist" position seems to me to link it with "liberal atheist scientists".

Incidentally, science was established in a society that believed in God, and religion has been under scrutiny for a while without fading away, so I am not sure that you point is all that clear. Of course, not all religion can be right, even the "scientific religion" that you appear to be complaining about, so some of your criticism of it is likely right.


Only Factor

I don't think I have ever heard scientists say that CO2 is the only forcing factor at any time. It is, however well-supported that it is the main forcing factor now.

As a result, it is clear that this piece is not clearly thought out.

Massive study concludes: 'Global warming is real'


The earth is warming... What else can we confirm...?

So can we now agree not only that the earth is warming, but that it is following a curve previously accepted by most climate scientists, and used as the basis for study into causes for quite a few years now?

If so, then we can pretty much reject your vague assertions and conclusions...

Yes, there is a CO2 cycle, but this doesn't mean that it is stable or free of trends. We know that we have added CO2 to the atmosphere faster than this has ever happened before. This is well-documented and not subject to debate. It is possible and maybe even likely that processes exist or will develop that will counteract this over time, but in the meantime (at least in our lifetimes and those of our children and grandchildren) the increased levels of CO2 are trapping heat coming into the atmosphere faster than it can leave, and the oceans are acidifying. This is having an effect on weather systems and ecosystems, and sea levels are rising.

So, in response to your questions, yes, yes and yes. Your counter-arguments display a lack of understanding of the processes involved.

Thumb Down

Natural Response Triggers? .

Natural Response Triggers? I don't think this means what you think it means. What DO you think it means? Then provide some evidence that they respond fast enough to counteract the destabilising effect of all the CO2 we have liberated so quickly.

High-frequency traders attract regulator’s interest


What a market is for (by your definition of a market) is irrelevant to this discussion. The issue is regulation of that market. Markets are permitted to exist under the laws of a country and are controlled to benefit the society. The discredited theory of free markets (as distinct from what Adam Smith defined) sya that no regulation will lead to an efficient market that provides the best solution for a society. This needs revisiting.


thirded - System Needs Damping

The system has a problem with oscillations. The solution is damping, whether by a fixed time for settling trades, or by a tax on this kind of trading.

I agree that however responsible the individuals, the system is wrong.

Neil Armstrong: US space program 'embarrassing'


Government Employees

I think people are making too much of the government - capitalist dichotomy. After all, Columbus was funded by government, albeit with a bonus scheme (grab what you can for yourself).

Incidentally, I also think that these eminences grises are putting too much blame on the current government. Fighting unfunded wars and handing out un-budgeted tax reductions has to count for something. Not to mention the general willingness of the public to accept high levels of public and private indebtedness, without a thought for the future.

Stand by for more big, windfarm-driven 'leccy price rises


Quote Mining


Thank you for some clear comment. From the style of article it seemed clear that Lewis is making a bid to be a Fox-style commentator, and your clarification confirmed it.

While it is true that wind power brings its own problems, the alternatives are not too good.

Dubai assassins used email trojan to track Hamas victim



Yes, and then we can ask the hard-line atheists to show us the way. Welcome Kim Jong-Il, Pol Pot and Stalin!

The conflict is driven by "us and them" prejudice that is justified by quasi-religious arguments. The Law and the Prophets (Old Testament) include a lot of requirements to be good to your neighbors and to promote justice, and these are typically ignored by those who claiming the land. It was secular Zionists that started grabbing the land as a result of the indifference of hard-hearted secular countries such as the UK and US when faced with the gross persecution by a homicidal, anti-Christian (and of course anti-semitic) Nazi government... In other words, I think you are being a little over simplistic in your assessment of the source of world ills. I agree with your main point, however!

Badgers! because I am aware that I may be badgering a little... (nothing to do with Web 2.0...)


@John Savard

I in no way support Hamas' violent activities, but I think you may be forgetting the way in which the State of Israel was a bad neighbor by driving or scaring Palestinians out of their homes (see Deir Yassin) in what is now the state of Israel, and illegally blocking the return of any who had fled their homes and properties. At this stage the solution is not clear and cannot be imposed from outside, but to write off Hamas as a terrorist organization is missing at least part of the point.

This kind of retaliation is a clear case of an eye for an eye making the whole world blind (Gandhi).


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