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Introducing the Asus VivoMini UN42 – a pint-sized PC, literally



Does anyone know if this device can do bit streaming...i.e. play the high definition audio track from bluray's through the HDMI into a receiver?

HP wag has last laugh at US prez wannabe with carlyfiorina.org snatch


big deal. it was a merger of two huge companies and why would you keep people that have multiplicative roles.

Now after that...the decline of the company...that may be different. But it probably declined similar to other firms like IBM. It takes more that just the pres. of the company to turn it around (or make it tank).

How many people here have even come close to running something as large as HP. And the media thinks that she should have kept everyone. yeah right. The company would have tanked even quicker.

As far as being potentially POTUS. She has some good ideas and some not so good. Folks in the USGOV want to try to run things like a business, and yet still use the same financial tricks as they used when it was merely a government. You can't have both. Maybe some of her policies would work. Probably can't do worse than the current Pres or any of the current folks in the Senate or House. But I don't expect folks in the UK to understand our politics any more than I understand theirs. So a lot of this is probably moot

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


go back to the previous version

Not a fan. The old version was just nice and simple. It was easier to scroll through the headlines and pick the stories that I really wanted to read.

I don't like the big storie at the top center. Why is it there? Is it the newest story? No it isn't because I found it way down on the list. Is it the most popular? No because I would assume that would be over with the top stories. And why isn't the change in web format the top story for like the next week or more? Sheesh, this article was way down on the list.

Also, why are the "top stories" on the side. and how is a top story different than the "Most Read Stories" down below? One would think they would be the same.

Then what's with that article kind of in the middle of the page that breaks up the flow?

Why do some articles have images and other's don't? Also the images are too big, the thumbnails on the old page were smaller and didn't break things up so much --> better flow.

too many sites are all snazzy and dynamic and I try to avoid those. I want a simple interface to find the info I want to consume. If it's too busy with too many adds then I go elsewhere. Even though this version is relatively simple and clean, I just makes it more difficult to read. Did you all change fonts?

If you think 3D printing is just firing blanks, just you wait


too cheeky

Would have been a much better article with out all the crap about rowdy, mustached Americans. My grandfather (on my mum's side), who was a Brit, had a mustache. Whereas in all the photos of my father's side (mostly Americans back to the founding fathers) there isn't a single mustache until you get back to the 1800's. As a gun owner, I do not have a mustache either. The "tea party" comment was the one that made me write this. It confirms your ignorance of the "party" and thus your ignorance on firearms in general. Thus the whole article is a waste of digital space.

'Green' Apple: We've smudged a bit off our carbon footprint


BS Flag

I cry BS. How are the stores, which take power from the grid, powered by renewable resources. They have no control over that. So they are probably buying carbon offsets. BS BS BS.

Big blue Avatar movie spawns THREE SEQUELS


what are you talking about

but those three movies that those other directors directed were so good </sarcasm>

I can't wait for more tree hugging, global warming alarmist crap from Cameron. Maybe he'll bring in Samuel L. Jackson and Susan Serandon to top it off!

Plans for fully 3D-printed gun go online next week


who writes this crap. ahhh, from the san francisco office. Hence the disdain for Fox News. Couldn't keep the article apolitical. How about how accurate the CNN reporters were during the Boston Marathon bombing. Or how most media outlets in the US give the president a pass on another golf trip while the budget is in turmoil.

Suspected Chinese NASA spy smuggled smut not state secrets


The secretes are in the photos

I hope they really looked at those photos. There are simple programs that will take data and hide them in jpegs. Why else would he have a one-way ticket?

Experts doubt Anonymous Mossad spy outing claims are kosher

Paris Hilton


even if they did get that information, it is really irresponsible of them to publish it. That makes them targets. if they are folks in the west bank and gaza, they could be informants that help with locating rocket sites.

Or maybe they are just people they are watching.

They will likely be dragged down the street before they can even get to explain. Really a dumb move that may endanger many countless lives.

- Paris, because even she knows innocent people could die from this.

Ten technology FAILS



I am about to take apart my Samsung Q! and remove the hard drive before i give it to the excessive folks at work. while I haven't used it for years, it was a nice little piece of kit for traveling back when I used it. But then it got bogged down with security software to keep the baddies out.

They were ahead of their times, though. Look what's coming out now. Microsoft touch screen fondleslabs. Not much difference except a couple years to further reduce footprint while increasing processing sped.

Did Mitt Romney really get 117,000 REAL Twitter followers in ONE DAY?


How about Obama

If there's anyone who is en empty suite follow by empty twitter accounts it would be the current Commander in Chief.

Kia Rio 1.1 CRDi EcoDynamics


what the???

<sarcasm> Why is the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car? Is the photo reversed? It will never sell in the states like that </sarcasm>

Eminent iTrio EM7100 HDMI wireless video sender

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no way

total fail if it can't send the digital audio

Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410


HDMI Port version

What version of the HDMI spec is the HDMI port? 1.3, 1.3a, 1.4???

Can it handle 3D content?

Is the HDMI port at least able to do the HDCP handshake?

This info needs to be included in future reviews...thansks.

FCC chair: 'Unleash more wireless spectrum or face doom'

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whose gonna pay

So do we, the folks that watch free broadcast tv, then get cable for free? That 10% he is talking about is mostly likely the older folks and those that cannot afford cable. If it's up to the current administration, they'd probably make some kind of gov't program for those who can't afford it where those who can pay will pay an extra fee. what about those who DON'T want to have 100's of channels. That's where I fall in. I could pay for cable, but I don't watch that much TV.

Google suit halts Microsoft fed contract

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Part of the Problem

This is why it costs so much for the federal government to buy stuff. We have to be o careful when making purchase or we get sued by a company that gets bent out of shape.

Google probably wont win unless the gov't make the requirements too specific. I'm not sorry if they did. the cloud is too open and too easy to break in. the gov has enough problems keeping sensitive data out of the media and out of the bad guys' hands. the requirement is probably to host the data on gov't owned servers and run on software located at the site. Even if the gov can save the data locally, it still requires the web to edit. It's a no go in my estimation.