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4G networks can screw up cable TV



They could have easily solved the airflow problem and maintained a reasonable RF shield by the use of some metal mesh or grills... as long as the gaps are less than the wavelength of the 4G signal (IIRC), then you have win!

I admit this probably does add to cost/complexity somewhat but its not rocket surgery.

The New Linux: OpenStack aims for the heavens



I'm sure this is a wind up.... but i don't think you understand what openstack does, will do, or is designed for... Little joe bloggs will probably never directly touch or use openstack, It's is geared towards people who need to manage/provision MILLIONS of (virtual) servers...

PHP apps plagued by Mark of the Beast bug


Re: Testing times

Surely you would hire a PHP developer if you need some PHP written? And of course, you are smart enough to recognise the difference between the language PHP and C that it's engine and other gubbinz are written in, aren't you? Although that would mean you wouldn't recruit any C developers as surely they are tainted by association. And as C developers rule the world (sorry Java/Perl :-) ) that kinda narrows down the talent pool.

On a side note i suspect this bug hasn't been noticed because anyone using PHP for serious maths heavy work uses a combination of 64bit (where the bug doesn't seem to exist), and BC math or GNU Multiple Precision extensions which i suspect don't touch the bug causing code

(I suspect i may have just fed the troll but oh well)


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