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BT at last coughs to 'major outage' after broadband went titsup across UK on Sat

Nick Everitt

Most frustrating thing about the outage was if you looked at BT's status page all it said was that some customaers in a few areas of the country were having issues with their connection when it was very obvious from looking at twitter or downdetetctor that it was very widespread and effecting a lot of people!

I have used BT as an FTTC supplier for a few years now and they have been very reliable, couple of outages that have been short and very quickly rectifified so no real complaints about the odd outage but their status page really should be properly updated so people dont waste time cheking/changing their own stuff when its something BT need to resolve.

Microsoft carves out 'niche' in tablets, says numbers chap

Nick Everitt

Would love to know who has bought these Surface tablets they have sold, still don't know anyone that owns one and have yet to see one in the wild actually being used..... are we sure they aren't collecting dust in a warehouse somewhere.

Saw one in the local John Lewis store, stuck on a table with a load of net-books that it blended into nicely. The Apple desk with lots of iPads on it was very busy with each one being played with, virtually the same for the Samsung table next to it ....... didn't see one person look at the MS Surface, or any of the net-books alongside it for that matter.

Movie review: Oblivion

Nick Everitt

Yes, Cruise has political and religious beliefs that many will disagree with but I also think he is a pretty good actor that doesn't always get the credit he deserves because of his personal life.

Collateral, Valkyrie, Minority Report & Rain Man to name but a few of his roles that showed off how good he is an actor .... and his small part in Tropic Thunder was the highlight of that particular movie!

I think there a lot of "fruit loops" in Hollywood and many of which that don't get half the same bad press that Cruise gets.

Woody Allen for example, who would you rather babysit your kids, Cruise or Woody Allen ?

RAF graduates first class of new groundbased 'pilots'

Nick Everitt

Its a great Google maps image of Creech AFB, you can actually see a drone on the runway (or more precisely just above it) taking off. That's either really lucky, or makes you realise just how many flights they are running!

Living in the middle of a big city? Your broadband may still be crap

Nick Everitt

It's not just big city's where these speed differences exist, its virtually everywhere throughout the UK.

I live on the Warwick Gates estate on the outskirts of Leamington Spa and was struggling along on 3Mbps before BT rolled out FTTC in the area but even after that there are houses less than 100 yards from me on the same estate (but connected to a different street cabinet) that are getting connection speeds of 1 to 3Mbps rather than the 76Mbps that I now enjoy on FTTC..

6 Street cabinets on the estate, all on very long links and in some cases TPONs back to the exchange in Leamington but for whatever reason BT only rolled out FTTC to 4 of the 6 cabinets on the estate leaving 393 homes still on very poor connections.

I waited for FTTC and followed its progress for so long I would have been gutted if we had lived one street over and connected to a cabinet that got missed out on the upgrade so I am sure there are plenty of others in this same position that were less fortunate, not just people that live in city centres.

Vote now for the WORST movie EVER

Nick Everitt

There should be an option in the poll for >

This is the worst example of a list of worst films ever.

Seriously some of the films on that list are very good, critically acclaimed, box office hits and well rated on IMDB and other sites that rate films.

Having completely atrocious films like Legend of the Roller Blade Seven (IMDB 1.7) alongside films like Avatar (IMDB 8.0) Eyes Wide Shut (IMDB 7.2) The Italian Job (IMDB 6.9) or anything else that scores over a 6 just makes a mockery of your list and highlights the fact that it must have been devised from a very a small sample size.

"Ohh 2 people voted for avatar so that definitely gets on the list I guess"

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

Nick Everitt

Ugly duckling

You only realise how nice the iPad design is when you see something as pig ugly as this .... my Lenovo laptop will not be getting a younger sibling!

Why was Duke Nukem Forever s**t?

Nick Everitt

Survey was almost as bad as the game

I guess they bottled out on actually wanting to hear what people thought of the game and instead came up with that rubbish survey that doesn't even allow any comments just radio buttons for selecting responses to their pre formed questions.

I bought this game on steam pre release and will never buy a game like that again because of this game ..... 14 years of waiting means I was going to buy it no matter what the reviews said but I would have happily sold it on to someone else foolish enough to buy it after 14 minutes of game play...... something that unfortunately buying it on steam precludes.

People should be flogged for releasing such a steaming pile of crap and the people responsible for the multi-player element should be stood against a wall and shot.

Harsh yes ..... but completely fair because we all got suckered into parting with our hard earned cash to pay for this 14 year old joke.

Fire safety gaffe knocks out Webfusion data centre

Nick Everitt
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Fairly typical of their service

Its not like its their first and only outage in the last 12 months, I finally gave up on their poor hosting last month and moved to a VPS with Global Gold, zero outages and very noticeably better reponse times from my websites have left me wishing I had done it much much sooner.

They started going down hill when they moved their VPS servers from Holland to the UK, it should have improved things for UK clients but it most certainly didn't, performance dropped noticeably after the move and rock solid performance turned into regular long outages and slow response times.

BT fibre-up-your-exchange poll in 6-way Mugabe style pileup

Nick Everitt

What about all the delayed exchanges ?

I don't understand why you would write an article about BT's infinity rollout and then fail to mention the other big issue at the moment which is that many of the exchanges that were slated to have this product available from 31st December 2010 (Today!) were only two weeks ago pushed back at 31st March 2011 and some to 31st December 2011.

So for months BT has been indicating to customers like myself that we will have access to infinity on the 31st December 2010 and then with just two weeks to go availability dates are suddenly pushed back up to a year..

why ? well no one seems to know and the register doesn't seem to think its worth asking it would seem.


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