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European MPs push for right to repair rules


Re: Why Just Smartphones....???

With toothbrushes the case is that they need to be 100% waterproof at all times, without the risk of a seal breaking or gradually wearing away. Given this is something you shove in your mouth, they need the 100% guarantee that they're going to remain sealed.

But yes, replaceable batteries would be nice if they could sort this issue...

Dear Microsoft – a sysadmin's wishlist


Auto-installed Crap

> Nor is installing apps without user permission. Please stop.

Oh dear God, please stop this. I'm not sure why anyone would think installing Candy Crush automatically on business machines is a good idea. Also resetting the language to English-US after each major update. This is so teeth-grindingly annoying!

Windows 10 needs proper privacy portal, says EFF


So much crapware, even on Pro version!

If they just stopped trying to install all the crapware (Candy Crush, Asphalt Extreme, Farmville, etc...) then I'd be a bit more tolerant of it. Now I've got half of my users asking why their work machine is full of games.... and the other half probably playing them!

LUST for APPLE WATCH drove me to crime, says alleged meth dealer


Re: Import goods?

Yes, but "Assembled in California" as Apple seem to proudly declare.

Euro Parliament VOTES to BREAK UP GOOGLE. Er, OK then


Re: yeah..

Well, don't use their OS then if you don't want Google search. Seems a fairly simple choice to me...

I don't see people complaining about the lack of alternative browsers in iOS, probably for exactly this reason.

Just don't blame Bono! Apple iTunes music sales PLUMMET


Re: Rumor has it...

Remember that you can import up to 20,000 songs into your Android music library, even from iTunes (source: https://android.com/switch/ ).

Apple 'Genius': iPhone 6? We've had NO COMPLAINTS about our BENDY iThing


> There is a test called a Visual Mechanical Inspection that the device will have to pass

In other words, the sycophant looks at it?

What HAS BEEN SEEN? OMG it's a thing that looks like an iWatch


Re: The NEW Apple iSomething

Complain about it all you like, and even play the iVictim, but you know it to be true. If Apple were to release a (patented!) device for toasting bread that cost £250 and had an Apple logo on the side of it, you know damn fine fanbois the world over would be queueing to buy it on launch day.

'F-CK YOU GOOGLE+' ukelele missy scoops BIG WAD of $$ - for Google


Re: Hey you don't like it.....

> Its all about targeting ads at you and being able to tell the advertisers, "We sent x ads for fan heaters to Big Ted, and here is email, phone number, address".

I very much doubt they're passing your phone number and address (or any details) on to Dyson just because you showed an interest in one of their products. What they will do is change the ads that appear at the side of the screen (unless you're blocking them, and not pop-ups) to show Dyson Warm Cold Blowers. Given that you're going to see adverts anyway (the YouTube service does incur costs which will need to be paid), the only difference is that they'll be relevant. If you don't want to buy the Dyson product after all, or are going to buy it via your own methods, it's just another ad to ignore.

I'm aware that a lot of people have something against targeted ads, and some seem to think all services should be ad-free and paid for by magical fairies - that's not my point here. Drumming up paranoia in an effort to convince people to agree with your opinion though isn't really a valid tactic.

Google seeks to calm facial recognition furor with app block for Glass


> record the people around them upload them in real time online

What sort of data plans and connections do you people have?!? I sometimes struggle just to load webpages at a decent speed and get stuck with a 500MB 'fair use' limit per month. I certainly can't see hundreds/thousands/millions of people all being able to simultaneously upload every single second of every single day in real time.

BBC blueprint to make EVERY programme on TV a repeat revealed


Re: I wonder

This is the first thing I thought of while reading this article as well. Currently I use iPlayer to (perfectly legally) watch the very occasional programme such as Doctor Who or Top gear, but that's it. I neither own nor want a television, and prefer to watch these programmes when I want to, not when the BBC decides they should be broadcast. The fact that it is legal to do so without a licence sometimes makes me wonder why people still rush home to watch a specific programme because "it starts in 5 minutes!!"

I have no interest in breaking the law - in fact, I actually look forward to the day when one of the licence enforcement monkeys turns up at my door so I can tell them to piss off. If programmes are shown on iPlayer before being broadcast though, then I fear this may result in a change in the law. No way am I buying a licence just to watch Doctor Who and Top Gear, so I may have to either change my habits, or stop watching entirely to remain legal. Not that it bothers me considering I'm not paying for it of course...

I suspect this post will be met with disapproval from most licence-fee payers - before downvoting me though, bear in mind that I'm not breaking any laws or doing anything unethical here, and if the law were to change, so too would my viewing habits.

Tennessee bloke quits job over satanic wage slip


Re: But he got this number supposedly randomly, twice?

If he got the number twice, I suspect it would be because if you were to list all the employees, he'd be 666th on the list. Basically, even if he does get a different employee number, he's still the 666th.

The same applies to anyone who has an irrational fear of the number 13. If you've ever stayed on the 14th floor of a hotel, you're really on the 13th floor.

Valve chief confirms Steam-centric console-killing PC


Re: Console name

Not very original, but surely it should be the Companion Cube.

...in direct competition with the Xbox

Slideshow: A History of Horror in 20 Scary Games


Realms of the Haunting

While it's certainly an old game, I remember when I first played Realms of the Haunting - scared the crap out of me at the time!

Admittedly nowadays it's a bit tame in comparison to more modern games, but so is everything that old.

Google Nexus 4 flips finger at Sandy, appears on YouTube


Re: 8GB?

Indeed there is a 16GB version available... I imagine more people will end up going for this version over the 8GB one...


Not bad for £279 - they do mention a release date of 13th November, but like the poster above me I'm guessing that's a US release date.


Slash for cash: boozers' bladders primed for Olympic pee game


> players can upload their 100ml Dash scores using a smartphone...

As long as this doesn't involve a load of pissed guys standing at urinals holding their phone in one hand and themselves in the other trying to film their latest high score.

In fact, is there any situation where you can take a smartphone out in a toilet without looking creepy?


Re: And be prepared to smell of urine,...

...and then there's the guy standing next to you frantically waving himself from left to right in order to get a high score.

BSkyB boss: 'I don't work for Rupert Murdoch, remember'


Re: Mr Darroch

And you're unable to distinguish between "you're" and "your".

Sorry, I know it's very pedantic, but it just annoys me more than it really should :-) Almost decided to use the troll icon for this post...

New Google tool lets you PROBE YOURSELF


Re: A grab for your telephone number?

Given that they send a verification code to the number you provide (which you need to sign in on an un-authorised device), I hardly think putting an incorrect number in will help.

And no, they don't phone you or send marketing messages. As a user of two-step verification for some time now, I can confirm that the sole purpose is to send verification codes via SMS.

Apple applies to patent a SIM you can't remove


> Call me an idealist, but I always thought the future would be about signing in to a different phone and my number and stuff would be waiting for me, rather than fucking around with ever smaller bits of plastic

You mean like a Skype account?

(or Google Talk, or whatever messaging service floats your boat)

Voda in 3G blackhole probe by ASA


Not much better in Edinburgh either...

see title... Icon's relevance is that it's a better form of communication than Vodafone

Apple changed shape of Galaxy Tab in court filing


Re: The 90's called?

Someone's an xkcd reader then? :-)


Surely a stick-figure icon is required next?

Many parents are only on Facebook to stalk their kids



No it doesn't. If it's parents 'stalking' their kids, then chances are they already live with them, or at the very least have done for some significant period of time.

Mac OS X 10.6.8 hails from Paleolithic era


Rabid Fanboys

I fail to see how it's the author's fault for not having enough free HD space. While it may certainly be the cause of the problem, surely the software update application should return an error message stating that there isn't enough space. Returning random negative numbers every time something goes wrong is NOT helpful. How many people on this forum have encountered "Error -1806" (or similar) messages with no idea of what the problem actually is until resorting to Google?

As stated above by another poster, the problem is with Apple's Software Update app. While I'm not exactly a fan of Microsoft either, at least their service pack installers tell you if you don't have enough free disk space.

Want to keep Android apps from spying on you?


Not Exactly an Android App...

While this certainly does look like a very nice program, it's not exactly an app - it replaces the entire OS on the handset! It would be nice to see these features introduced into Android, but for now I'll stick with the genuine (albeit flawed) OS...

Mozilla takes on web data miners with privacy icon release


<insert witty title here>

...or if you don't own your own domain but instead have an address like myname@generic-isp.com then you can add a plus sign and the site name after your own name so it becomes myname+facebook@generic-isp.com, myname+register@generic-isp.com, etc...

Used this method myself quite a lot with my gmail account...