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SimCity 2000

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SIM City 2000 + Sim Copter

I used to cheat to build the biggest city possible then load the city into Sim copter so you could fly around and watch your city burn in true 3d block graphics.

Now if you excuse me, i am off to find my SC2K and Sim Copter discs.

Ever had to register to buy online - and been PELTED with SPAM?



I spent some time over the past 2 weeks going through all my spam and advertising emails and using the Unsubscribe link. Most of them instantly took the hint and claimed that i was removed from the list. A few of the sites did require me to log in to unsubscribe. What got me in this wonderful age of technology is the few sites that informed me that it "May take up to 10 days to process your request". 10 DAYS!!! WTF kind of system are you running if it takes that long to remove an email address from a database?

You can create an account, validate a credit card payment, transfer funds from one financial institution to another and ship an item half way around the world in 5 days, but to remove an email address from a database "may take up to 10 days"

Firm applies for .sucks domain

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first dibbs on


Facebook's Eduardo Saverin: I'm not a tax-dodger


to hell with it all

Screw this, i am just going to give up my green card and move back to the Island of Jersey.

Feds indict poker sites, seize domains


Well done.

Congratulations, you have taken down a website that was outside the US flexing your muscle where you don't really have any right.

So you can shut down gambling sites but you still claim that you cant find and prosecute people distributing child porn?

The only reason you want these sites shut down is because you are not getting your share. poor government. Stop having wars with everyone and you may have a little more money and not have to worry about suing people trying to make their own living.

Yay capitalism

No court order against PlayStation hackers for now


Double standards???

If a person cant root their PS3 to use it for non Sony approved uses, what about the US millatry using the PS3 as super computers? I dont recall that being one of the advertised features of the PS3.

On another note, if you develop hardware, its only natural that people will tear it apart, change the OS, make it do new things. Even going back to my childhood, i added more batteries to a radio controlled car just to make it faster. If i was to publish how i did that, could the makers of that RC car sue me?

Get it up yer Sony.

Mobile operators handed content billing blueprint


What a load of ...

Surely if networks, cellular or wired, are fussing about the amount of bandwidth their customers are using is highlighting one think to me. That is their networks cant handle the demand and rather than crapping on the customer telling them to slow down or wait until next month to email your new baby pictures when your cap has been lifted.

Why don't they actually improve the network capacity. Reading articles like this and hearing from friends who get nastygrams from their ISP telling them to go easy on your net usage makes me feel a little better about moving from Scotland to the US. I pay for an 8Mb Internet service which at worst i have seen drop to 6.5Mb at peak times. You really don't want to know how much data is transferred through my in and out of my network.

Also, i pay an extra $20 per month for unlimited data for the 2 mobile phones and that is UNLIMITED. i would never use a pay per app data plan. that is just complete stupidity. I think the highest data usage i ever had on my mobile came in at 1.1GB for a month. (all because of the amazon mp3 store!)

But pay per app and data caps is utter bull