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Japanese hotel chain sorry that hackers may have watched guests through bedside robots


Re: I'm staying in a Henn Na Hotel right now ...

Stayed at the Henn-Na Ginza last month and was the same. Also don't trust the Handy at all, it still had the email and details of the previous user on it even though it was supposed to have wiped itself at 1300hrs that day (before I checked in at 1600hrs) - Made sure that was unplugged in an attempt to make it die, and turned it away from the bed!

Perhaps I should have put it in the LG "Styler" and put it on a full 2hr steam cycle...

AMD stands for Another Monetary Decline, while Apple continues to sell enough pricey kit to keep Wall Street happy


It’s no surprise there’s a slow down at the enterprise end, I did a lot of testing with Naples based Epyc parts 6 months ago, and for virtual workloads if wasn’t up to snuff mainly due to scheduler issues in VMware. We are all waiting for Rome now these have been fixed (apparently!)

It's happening, tech contractors: UK.gov is pushing IR35 off-payroll rules to private sector in Finance Bill


Re: "This measure is expected to impact 170,000 individuals" . . .

+1 Not even a hint of irony!

UK privacy watchdog threatens British Airways with 747-sized fine for massive personal data blurt


Re: Unpopular Opinion

You would have a point, if the data was stolen from adequately protected systems. As it was, this is not the case. IMHO running unchecked 3rd party code on your payment pages is completely negligent. Personally I think the fine should be much bigger than this given BA’s unbelievably arrogant stance (“The details weren’t used for fraudulent transactions” - Err, yes they were, plenty of people who only used their card on BA having it cloned within the affected period) and the fact it will obviously be batted down through the process.

NetApp HCI: More converged than hyperconverged?


You heard it folks

NetApp spoke to some of their mates and they all agreed that it's definitely HCI so it's HCI.

HP: OpenStack's networking nightmare Neutron 'was everyone's fault'


Re: What's with all the Xen is obsolete talk I hear?

To be fair, the web client does also have some of functions not available in the J# client, meaning it's a total pain in the balls for anyone administering a VMware environment and using all features. Woe betide the person foolish enough to upgrade their machines to version 10 in 5.5 then find the J# client suddenly becomes useless for any machine changes.

Not to mention the web client pretty much exclusively uses flash meaning it's slow and generally a bit crap.

I'm not really a Linux/*nix/*nix-like guy but I was under the impression that there were other better mechanisms available to achieve most aims of virtualisation for Windows? Partitions? Zones in Solaris? Something like that.

vCenter 6.0 really needs some kind of HTML5 interface

HP busts out new ProLiant rack mount based on Intel's new top o' line server chippery


True innovation!

Putting a button on the DIMM modules to show which DIMM is bad when your press it... Just like the light path diagnostics IBM has been (or rather, was) using on its scale up X series boxes for years! And probably other manufacturers no doubt.

Sigma SD1 Merill 46Mp DSLR


Too niche to survive?

I have extremely fond memories of my SD9, in fact it was my first DSLR, and I got some amazing shots with it, and certainly the clarity could not be beaten, even though the resulting images were "only" 3 and a bit MP in size. I still have some prints blown up to A2 size that look better than 8MP shots from my 20D and 1D

I can't help feeling that the x3 tech would have been better suited to one of the big players who could have positioned it as a niche in their existing product lines, rather than Sigma to go it alone with a very limited range of lenses and virtually nowhere for the line to go. That said, when I moved to Canon, I almost exclusively bought Sigma lenses again, so who knows.

I would love a cheaper Foveon sensor camera but as long as Sigma keep churning them out, I am unlikely to ever switch back.

How can NetApp respond to Tintri?


Re: 800 VMs - no big deal

Except that the bloated lumbering behemoths actually let you run Windows along with countless other OSs which Linux Vserver does not, which is essential for a lot of enterprises, mine included.

I'll take the performance hit (which is not 40% in my experience) on the chin thanks.

So who is the client, Siemens, Alstrom or similar? (this is wild guess). Pint, as well, it's Friday.

Teufel Audio iTeufel Air


Call me crazy

But i'd rather buy an airport express, and a powered monitor combo - Sure it's not compact, but I'm certain the sound would be better, and at less cost. Also if the airport bit fries or the dock goes out of fashion in 5 years it's still actually usable instead of being an expensive paperweight.

Plus the airport express is one of the best bits of networking kit for flexibility I've ever owned. In 3 properties now it has performed really well as a wireless to ethernet bridge for non-wireless kit, whilst also always providing audio streaming to my stereo.

What downturn? Lenovo stuffs pockets with 54% extra profit


Have to agree with the quality

My x201 had a dodgy thinklight after just over a year, and a dodgy wifi switch from day one (but I always leave it to on and turn it off in software) and the batteries (6 and 9 cell) have had a bit of a dodgy fit since day one, and I had to send it back 9 months after purchase as the internal USB header that runs the keyboard and trackpad and nipple died which seems a bit dodgy. I think we see a theme here.

Easy to see where Lenovo made money where IBM couldn't, by supplying kit that isn't as good!

Conversely, the build of my Macs from my iBook to my present day Air via Macbooks and Macbook Pros has only got better, but the price has gotten cheaper and cheaper.

AndyPad Pro low-cost Android tablet now on sale


512MB RAM?

Dunno, you'd better ask iPad owners - only 512MB of RAM in the iPad 2, think that's quite a popular gadget at the moment!

Can't say it's every really bothered me on my iPad, apart from the apparent lack of page caching in Safari, which I suspect is not entirely hindered by RAM.

Oracle revs Sun's VirtualBox hypervisor


Client hypervisors

ElNumbre - Try checking out XenClient from Citrix, it's a type 1 hypervisor designed for exactly that. I tried it on my laptop but it didn't quite tick all the boxes, and the HCL is fairly limited, but I can see it being useful for other people. It's not that slick at the moment but has a basic but useful synchroniser with Xenserver also which could be useful depending on what you want to do with it.

Virtual Computer have the NxTop product which has better hardware support but less toys compared to XenClient, you might want to investigate that too.


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