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Climate change alarmism is a religious belief – it's official


To Roscomac

I went to have a look what you were calling plain wrong Roscomac with this search string 'The University of Washington 2002 ATMS 211 notes'. This is just simple first year Physics which you seem to not understand in the slightest. If you have studied physics then it seems you have failed academia.

No wonder there are so many Green House Effect deniers.

'Forgive them father as they know not what they do.' JC


20 years on: The satirist's satirist Peter Cook remembered


We humans are driven by art, music and philosophy to think about our current condition. Satire is part of this. The absurdity of our existence is reflected in the musings of Derek and Clive.

The only thing that really works is science. Not much inherent humour there though just hard work.

I find any organised religion a pathetic cop out to our real job i.e. to understand ourselves and the rest of the Universe.

We are all groping in the dark for understanding and meaning to our lives. Peter Cook was one of many beacons that shone some light in my youth.

Life is a sexually transmitted terminal disease or a journey to be enjoyed not endured. Remember it is NOT the destination. We all know what that is! Bert

Eat FATTY FOODS to stay THIN. They might even help your heart


Sugar not fat is the culprit!

Dr Robert Lustig has worked it out.



This is real science folks. Bert

100 IT workers face the axe at CSIRO


Barbarians acting like chimps

It is sad it has come to this. A once premier research organisation crippled by morons. When they come for you, you too will understand! Bert

Telstra 'snot boxes' challenge Turnbull's FTTN plan


Sad day for the plebs!

I do not know why all you lefties complain. Just live in a 'nice' suburb and all your internet speed needs will be catered for. I live in Eltham near Melbourne and have the privilege of having both Optus and Telstra cable passing my house. My connection is 30Mbits/sec. We 'nice' people deserve all this and far more! All you plebs can wait!. Here is my speed.



Climate change will 'cause huge increase in murder, robbery and rape'


What a bunch of ignorant commentards

Give up your pathetic protestations Lewis. The scientific evidence is overwhelming. This evidence will not change the minds of the ignorati or denialati. They revel in their ignorance!

I really fear for humanities future when supposedly smart people spout absolute rubbish on this topic.

This includes nearly all the comments from the retardati here!. Bert

NBN to be built even if cost-benefit analysis shows no ROI



Turnbull when asked 'what is the advantage of fttn over ftth'. His reply was 'as a top lawyer I stick to the letter of the law!' It is simple 'n' is a bit shorter that 't' but at least they do not be needed to be dotted. As Frankie Doyle said his smile then gives him away. It is as if his anus was entered by a sea urchin! Bert

Imprisoned Norwegian mass murderer says PlayStation 2 is 'KILLING HIM'


Spoiled Brat

This person is at best delusional and at worst a psychopath. He killed many others because he was not 'getting his own way', just like a two year old brat. We must always not ever lower ourselves to his level of selfish violent acts of retribution. Otherwise we become just like him!

Let the unbiased rule of law take care of his future as it should. Bert

'Climate change' event dishes up sous vide supercomputers


It is more than 42C!

It is illegal to use the reticulated water supply as cooling for permanent equipment in Australia. They must have had a recirculating chilled water system. If that was the case then calculating heat loads in the conventional sense flies out the window. For four 40+ C days in Melbourne you need to calculate your heat load against an ambient of 50C at least to account for the drop in efficiency of your heat pumps due to the exterior temperatures reaching about 50C or more where you hope to dump the heat, due to this heat. A rough rule of thumb is, measure your real heat load and then double it to cope with these extremes. Bert

Boffins find MEXICAN WAVE pattern in random climate wobbles

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Sergey Brin's 'test-tube burger' cooked, eaten, declared meat-like


It is not that simple

We have evolved to eat other animals. We expect their meat to be red apart from chicken and lots of other delicious animals such as oysters and lobsters. Pure protein is quite white! It is the contaminants of other molecules that colour it! In an psychopathic ideal world your best meal is one of your own species. A fully balanced diet! Insects and many other species have no such qualms they eat their young and each other even while having sex with gay abandon. I welcome this first step to circumvent billions of years of evolution. Meanwhile I will stick to my primitive blood lust of eating things that bleed when you kill them.

My job back in the 1950's as a young boy was to kill chickens and other animals for the family to eat. We raised these animals and it was hard for me to even do what I did. It was survival not abject cruelty. It was swift and clean, I hope. Bert

Do you really want tech companies to pay more tax?


Re: "How ready are you to give up cheap books and cloud"

I have a very satisfactory government pension. I started by working for a pittance while studying at night school four days a week after an eight hour day in 1968. I live in a modest home in Melbourne Australia worth about $600k Aus. This house was paid for more than once after a couple of divorces. My forty years in scientific research was poorly paid but very rewarding. How dare you think that your generation of spoilt brats who have not produced anything of substance is ready to inherit the world! You are typical of non performers blaming others for you perceived lack of recognition.

It was my generation building on all the previous generations that invented the world of technology you take for granted as a birthright! Can you show me what gen X and Y have done apart from complain that we got here first.

Paying tax by all is what gives us a complex society. Any entity that shirks this responsibility has no rights to trade in a society they do not materially support. Bert

British LulzSec hackers hear jail doors slam shut for years



My father told me one should always practice 'anarchic self-amusement' in private! Otherwise there will be consequences.


Turnbull 'flat out' seeking NBN killer blow



Turnbulls job was to destroy the NBN. His alternative plan will do just this. It is crap and he knows it. If he does not understand, he is not fit for use as a Minister for Communications. Abbott is a know nothing luddite that mouths three word slogans based on words designed to engender fear amongst the the really ignorant voters.

It has always been a ploy of the right to get uninformed ordinary people to vote against their own best interests by just plain lying.

As I sit here in my private jet that is a tax deduction, sipping Chateau $1000 a bottle that is a legitimate business expense I really worry about all these other tax payers that are being ripped off by the Labor Government by giving them the NBN for free! We will define the speed your net access has and you will be grateful by paying what the market sets. To bad if you live in the sticks where fast broadband could be quite useful. We will not build it!


How I nearly sold rocket windows to the crazy North Koreans



My does not work. Hold on it works. rrrr



He is almost as stupid as Geoge W

He is almost as stupid as Geoge W and all the other idiots that did not need to face the bullets and shrapnell.

All the wars the US started went really well, not! Do you really want me to name them all. A very good job was also done in South America for 'freedom' against socialism.

This is a simple sideshow to scare people into thinking that their leaders have their best interests in mind.

I cannot see any difference between this moron and collectively Bush, Blair and Howard.


Ice sheets may stabilise for centuries, regardless of warming


It is obvious

For many years we Aussies thought that the ice in our eskies melted due to heat getting in when we opened the lid! It seems this was wrong as there should be a hiatus if we left the lid closed. This too was wrong as having an esky full of beer and ice if not disturbed did warm up to our summer temperatures of 40C plus. We would like to find out this new method of keeping beer cold in times of rising temperatures. We especially like the idea that our tinnies will remain cold for centuries. My mates and I can then cross the Simpson Desert with one very large esky full of beer and not have to worry how long we take! Bert

McIntyre: Climate policy crippled by pointless feel-good gestures


Oh really!

Could someone point me to Steve McIntyre's refereed scientific papers in reputable journals. I am afraid that hearsay on blogs just does not cut it! Could the scientifically illiterate commenters who laud his expertise please explain why they cannot! Thanks.


'Ex climate sceptic' Muller's latest BEST stuff is the worst so far


I find it very amusing to see people arguing about non peer reviewed publications by mere amateurs. One who has finally sort of caught up with the science and one who has not got a clue! Bert

Climate scientists see 'tipping point' ahead



I have never seen so many hand waving 'experts' in the one place! May your lack of mathematical and physics knowledge only be exceeded by your ignorance. I have never read more pathetically thought through arguments than this lot including the original article. Sorry, wrong, it is every time this sort of nonsense is pushed by the idiots who will not look at the evidence that I wonder how smart humans really are?! Bert

Boffins smash 3Gbps speed barrier with 542GHz T-Rays


Bert FE

Please folks this is all farting around at the edges. The only answer is FTTH and then use you wifi tech of choice. A single optical fibre can currently transmit the 300,000 times the bandwidth of ALL the radio spectrum. Bert

Champagne at CSIRO after WiFi patent settlement


This is the farce that the patent system has become. CSIRO has spent tens of millions to defend their patent and have fortunately won. What chance would a lone patent holder have against these rapacious corporations. The same corporations that will screw you in the courts to defend their 'patents' for such brilliant innovations as single click vs. double click and other dubious 'patents'. Bert

Medieval warming was global – new science contradicts IPCC


So let me get this correct. One proxy temperature measurement has confirmed the Medieval Warming Period. This confirms that we are not to blame for the many other proxy measurements that measure past temperatures but they are absolutely correct!

Why then is the real Global temperature increasing as compared to all the proxy measurements that you now place so much faith in?

From what I have read here, most of you have been conned by the denier industry. So many of you show an absolute level of idiocy when it comes to rational thought and knowledge of science. The hand waving ignorance is palpable. I feel very sorry for you all. Bert

Wireless breakthrough: one frequency, multiple signals


Unless the signals are orthogonal they will interfere with each other. It still will not take away the fact that one fibre can currently carry 300,000 times the bandwidth of ALL the radio frequencies. Hit a bandwidth limit then run another fibre. Have another go folks. Bert

Rock star physicist Cox: Neutrinos won't help us cheat time


You comentards have as much knowledge of subatomic physics as you have on global warming. None! Bert

CERN: 'Climate models will need to be substantially revised'


Sad but true!

So let me get this correct. We can produce precursors to nucleating centres that are not big enough to produce clouds. This effect can be enhanced by NH3 at 100 parts per trillion, but still not produce more cloud. So cosmic rays have no effect! Bert

DIDO: snake oil or wireless salvation?


Complexity solving simplicity

In order to overcome mathematical limitations we will now throw huge computational resources to produce the equivalent of a dynamic 3D hologram so everyone has their own view of the picture.

It only takes lots of radio sources controlled by us. If you wish to partake you will need a fast connexion to get back to us! Obviously you do not have our computing power or algorithms.

Where I come from this is called broadcasting. Bert

Famous 'Silhouette' Flash illusion unravelled


Perceptual Rivalry

For the full explanation see here




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