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Adobe forgets to thank Apple as it hits $1bn per quarter


Thank apple? NO WAY!

Thank Apple? Are you insane?

Apple is trying to destroy Adobe and everyone else that doesn't do things their way.

Apple just released iAd producer, taking aim at Adobe Flash.

Do you people even know why Photoshop CS4 was 64bit on PC and still 32 bit on Mac?

CS4 is not 64bit for OSX because Apple (yes thats right, Apple) dropped 64bit support for Carbon at the last minute.

Adobe and other companies didn't have enough time to have their developers go and learn Coacoa to remake the application so decided to just release the 32bit version for OSX and CS5 will be written in pure Coacoa so it should have 64bit. (Also Snow Leopard 10.6 is supposibly dropping carbon framework all together so there's a possibility photoshop prior to CS5 may not work on it).

Thank Apple? I think NOT!