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Sony hack reveals password security is even worse than feared

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Re: Biometric

Fingerprint scanners are a big fail. You leave prints all OVER the place, and if you can lift a good copy of a print, you can clone, and gain access to what the lock is trying to keep you out of. A better solution would be retinal scans. I was looking into this a while ago, but at the cost of $30,000 a scanner it was a no-go. I'm sure they have come down in price since then, but the great thing about it is as far as I know, it can not be reproduced (the retina)--fooled maybe. The cool thing about it was it stored 200+ users for one device, and if your office had multiple "readers" they were able to talk to each other and be able to store 200+ different users on each device. --and I have been out of the retina scanning loop for a while. New model from Panasonic BM-ET330 does 1000 local users and cosing $2-3k. Ripping someone's eye from their socket would result in a failed read, however, if you got them drunk enough, or drugged them, i'm sure you would gain access.

For me, I use OTP's (One Time Password)

I type a random word or phrase, encrypt it, and take an excerpt from the encrypted garbage thats displayed. Unless its a "general" site, then I use a garbage password.

Paris because she add's "1" after "password" too.

Steven Moffat fumes over Doctor Who plot leak

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Bad Wolf

I know its written on the wall somewhere. Well, I mean, we DO know the end of the series already. It does kinda suck to have to stop the show before the end credits as to not ruin the next episode you have to wait another 7 days to see.

Paris because well, some spoilers need to be kept out of reach.

Lindsay Lohan ditches her surname

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I dont think....

...that Oprah dropped her last name. I mean, she has her own TV station called the OWN

Kingston coughs to security flaw in 'Secure' flash drive

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Into the fire they go

I have 5 of the 2 gig models. Into the fireplace they go--after the data has been encrypted and stored else where.

BOFH: Building changes

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Number 30

Ep 30 can be emailed to you after you buy something at the reg. =)

it was a hidden message in ep 31. If you look at every 30th letter you'll see the hidden message.

Substitute teacher's conviction for porn popups set aside

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Only In America

Only here can that happen (America), *sigh*, Our justice system kinda sucks that way.

--But at least our "unlimited" bandwidth is unlimited.