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Nokia's reboot of the 5310 is a blissfully dumb phone that will lug some mp3s about just fine


Does it manage and play podcasts I wonder?

Oi, Elon: You Musk sort out your Autopilot! Tesla loyalists tell of code crashes, near-misses


Re: Hmmmm....

Electric cars are not 'zero emission' as I guess you actually know. They just cause their substantial emissions and pollution away from the street upon which they are being driven.


Re: Whisper it…

Not in today's market. Lamborghini is now owned by VW with AUDI sharing the platform of the R8. Independent car production or proper cars is very rare: Aston Matin remains an example though Ford owned it for 10 years and now MB own 5% and are providing engines, Tec, etc for new models, Subaru, Mitsubishi and Isuzu (sort of) and some very bad Chinese cars. The platforms and R&D have to be shared widely. Tesla cannot prevail without cooperation. The sums don't start-up and they are one big issue away from market implosion. Their parts are vastly over priced, service is overpriced, and the vehicles residual values fearsome.

European Union divided over tax on digital tech giants as some member states refuse free money


That which is out of date is 'the state'.

The world of commerce is moving on and yet the dated idea of government is still trying to apply old taxation gathering paradigms to the today's borderless/distributed/digital free-market.

What needs to be updated is the belief in the legitimacy and the utility of 'the state'. Belief in the morality of coercive taxation is out of date and so is the entire cult belief in 'the state'.

'Plane Hacker' Roberts: I put a network sniffer on my truck to see what it was sharing. Holy crap!


Flight 38

Could it be possible to shut-down the computers/fuel-pumps/engines of a Boeing 777-200ER with a suitable transmission targeted at the aircraft? I am thinking British Airways Flight 38 from Beijing, China to London that crash-landed at Heathrow on January 17, 2008. I have always considered the official explanation to be too improbable.


Re: Insurance Black Boxes

My son has driven with a black box for 4 years plus. The speed and time of day are the only metrics they use and his insurance has consistently been more competitive with this insurance co than any other quote. His driving style and braking reports are impossible to have a good report from, I have attempted to drive round the town like a tortoise and the subsequent report is absolutely not representative. The firm will not discuss the matter in meaningful terms but it matters not. My 21 year old is insured for £453.65 on a VW Fox this year with 4 years no claims. Hastings Direct. Smart Miles

Uber robo-ride's deadly crash: Self-driving car had emergency braking switched off by design



You can view this street on Google street view and it appears to have plenty of street lights. The video is no as reactive as the human virus to various light conditions - you can look into darker areas and the iris opens, the camera if fixed on the illuminated area and if it allowed for the darker areas the better lit areas would be burn-out.

Fatal driverless crash: Radar-maker says Uber disabled safety systems


Freedom & Individualism - the strongest mechanism of all

I wonder if there is a correlation between advocates of automatous motor vehicles and socialists? Both believe there is an achievable 'scientific' way of a mechanism fulfilling a task of incalculable complexity better than the plethora of humanity working individually and cooperatively towards forming a self-regulating system which if allowed can solve every imponderable efficiently and flexibly. I am not a socialist and am not a believer in a scientific elite being any better than a wet weekend.


A few points

If the driver was in full ongoing control of the vehicle - driving it - and there was no autonomous system involved, the evidence of the driver video would be explanation enough of where fault lay. The driver was not looking at the road. That the pedestrian was apparently not looking too would be secondary.

The video of the road cannot be sufficient to say the pedestrian was not possible to see in the light conditions. The video camera will adjust the aperture for optimum video - if it was recording the darker areas the fully lit areas would be totally overexposed. So the video does no show what a human eye would see if looking into the apparent areas of darkness.

The autonomous system should have been able to detect to pedestrian regardless of lighting conditions. It is technically possible. My AUDI would have flashed a 'pre-sence' warning in this situation - day or night.

It looks like the pedestrian made a very bad decision. Let us say she did, lets even presume she was in some way compromised (distraught, drunk/stoned, nuts). If you are driving on a highway out of town it is true that you are moving faster that you would be able to react if the 'unexpected' occurs. That is what happens when you hit a deer or a drunk on the freeway on a bike at night with no lights.

If you are driving in an urban environment you have to drive in a much more cautious manner. Never drive faster than you can see. The reason is that there are people about, in the dark, in the rain, children running, making mistakes, distracted people crossing a wide road in the dark - even at a point where they should not be. A good driver is watching-out for this type of event when driving in town, all the time, and modifying their driving moment by moment to be safe.

This is called predicting and I do not believe artificial intelligence is close to being 'intuitive' in this way. More than safety too. We predict what other cars are doing to help the traffic flow and contribute to everyone getting home on time and safe. In experiments, junctions where there are no stop lines or traffic controls flow better and with less incidents that their former configuration. Humans are very good at forming cooperative self-organising systems.

I took the trouble to visit the location and area when this UBER accident occurred via Google street view. So I know the location of street lights, they are sufficient, there is a warning sign advising pedestrians not to cross when this person did and more. What I noted, which I would have noted as a driver, is this looks like an area where there may be remote people late at night, in the darkness. There is the river-side park areas, there are large covered areas under the freeways, there is a park with covered shelters for barbecues.

If I knew the town I would know the nature of the area, the risks. If I did not know the area I would be cautious because I would be conscious I did not know the area. That is what good human drivers do. They do not just deal with GPS and the rules of the road.

I believe that we are a very long way from having automatous driving systems that are more safe than good human drivers in these sort of situations. I do think it is strange this vehicle appears to have failed to 'see' the pedestrian, it should have been possible in this simple enough circumstance. I think the human 'driver' failed, obviously, but this is the weakness of a early driver assist system - a human's attention will not remain sufficiently to avoid such occurrences. A human is not a robust enough backstop.

New UK laws address driverless cars insurance and liability


Re: @AC[s]: We are living through the end of private motoring ...

The UN Agenda is to move people out of rural locations and into urban conglomerations - private cars and country living will be for the very rich and a few bumpkins in smocks playing folk songs and brewing ale to make the place feel authentic



By the time a fully automated car is available very few people will have the desire to actually bother owning one just for their own use - too expensive, not much fun and rather unnecessary. You may own one, as an income generator, and sub-let it like a cross between letting your flat on AirBnB and being an Uber driver - with the knowledge you always have a set of wheels available to get you home not matter what. Otherwise you just pre-book your known usage long in advance and manage your auto-cab account via smart-phone applications. That is the model I foresee.

'Hey, Homeland Security. Don't you dare demand Twitter, Facebook passwords at the border'


Boot on the Right Foot

If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear. Say it with me children. And when you all are chanting these such mantras enthusiastically, unquestioningly, your world can then be changed, snap, to one far less free than that from which you came.

Civil liberties stand as a defence from whatever future holds. To assure an enduringly free society the balance must always be; government must trust people and not demand legislation that requires the people to trust government.

Trump's cartoon comedy approach to running a country: 'One in, two out' rule for regulations


The most dangerous superstition

A more pragmatic solution still will be to end the belief in the legitimacy and necessity of the cult of government, the cult belief in the state, itself.

Deadly Tesla smash probe: No recall needed, says Uncle Sam


Hidden in the hubbub is the meaning

Statistics. 40% reduction of what, of what exactly. Serious accidents causing injury and death? Elderly folk making a fender bender? I do not know. When I am on cruse control I am hovering over that brake, the car may be on cruse but I am still in control. If you look at the political hysterics pitched at VW fiddling emission results and the converse political fervour for the autonomous electric car you have got to know one thing: here lays an agenda and it is driven by the supply of energy.

CIA re-orgs to build cyber-snooping into all investigations


Re: Let me spell it out to you: T A X A T I O N

Hop back in bed, pull the duvet up over your head and go back to sleep.


Let me spell it out to you: T A X A T I O N

There is only one crime for which everybody is under suspicion of committing. The means for ever deepening subjugation is growing in potential. Will the state walk away from the opportunity? Take cash out of society, make every transaction accountable and SLAM you can tax every last drop from everybody. Do you really think that opportunity will be allowed to slip by. Do you really think all this is just about a few dissenters?

Scotland to get National ID system 'by the backdoor', campaigners mull challenge


Re: Why the fuss?

Civil liberties stand as a defence from whatever future holds. To assure an enduringly free society the balance must always be; government must trust people and not demand legislation that requires the people to trust government.

Snowden's Big Brother isn't as Orwellian as you'd think


Assuring Freedom in a Statist Society

Civil liberties stand as a defence from whatever future holds. To assure an enduringly free society the balance must always be; government must trust people and not demand legislation that requires the people to trust government.

YouView: You're delayed - Sugar


I am confused. How technically difficult is the YouView objective to achieve? Not so very me thinks.

I think there be a sub-plot behind the endless delays that tis more about not being accused of launching a platform that is so easy, agreeable to the public and focal of free content that it all but corners and stifles the market. Pay to view and cable content providers can see the monster on the horizon. A platform that works, that is stuffed with free content and provides an open pathway to each and every independent provider (including you and me) will kill 9/10th of their lucrative captive market.

YouView is the BBC: disguised in the outfits of its slowly dying terrestrial broadcast mates. Sky have begrudgingly appeared to the table late on but until the News International Murdoch 'phone hacking' debacle reaches its termination and the wooden stake is finally hammered home, they will not risk a launch; for fear it will all end-up in court where the international media power players may well then rule the day.

Between times they will stall even at the apparent cost of market share: if only because by allowing the market to commence and develop they cannot stand accused of monopolising it from the outset.

Heathrow to get new facial recognition scanners


First they came for .....

If you read my comment correctly you would note that I am not saying a 'police state' is here now. I use the term by way of shorthand, for we will not know how it manifests or its name until until it manifests and is recognised.

My point is that tool of authoritarianism have be put in place over the last ten to twenty years and that the best means of defence against the occurrence of authoritarianism is to refuse to accept such changes. But they get sold to a gullible public as necessary in a 'trustworthy' state under a supposed series of threats.

And to think a future authoritarian state will look or act in the same way as the old soviet states is rather unimaginative. However I think if you were poor and black living in a poverty-struck region of the USA you would find the police very Nazi like in their character even today.

No. The new Nazis will not be marching about in silly boots. More likely they will be living in a country where the government imprison without trial, arrest without charges, tolerate or conduct torture, wage war on a tissue of lies and such.


‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’

When revolution happens it will not be fires in the street and mobs screaming. That is old hat and changes nothing. It will happen as a random effect of a sufficient number of people drawing their own conclusion that 'they are not going to take it any more'. There is only one purpose of the state and that is to funnel money (or what money represents) away from the people and into the hands and pockets of others. All the schools, roads, hospital and such stuff is modern 'bread and circuses' (panem et circenses) to make the people think the edifice is for the benefit people. It blatantly is not.

There is only one place to hit the state and that is right smack-bang in the financial gonzoolers. Tax protest. Nobody wants to go to jail and nobody wants their property taken away but a great deal is possible within the law too. OK PAYE folk have some limited scope but the time will arise when employers will find the best staff demand a flexible approach - self-employed contracts and such.

As more and more people break from their absorption in the paradigm, as I have over the last 10 years, and start to see this conclusion it will progressively unwind. But as it starts to unwind so the authoritarian mechanisms of the state will attempt to encircle liberated people using their new (and old) force and control mechanisms. That is a good reason to make efforts now to protest these developments.

As it happens often those responsible for the implementation of this stuff are not think they are implementing authoritarian controls and will listen to sound reasoning.


Revolution NOW! (or after lunch anyway)

If you submit to everything an authoritarian police state would pragmatically require, because you believe your country is not a police state, then what is there to stop a police state being formed once all the mechanisms are in place?

What assures us the formation of an authoritarian police state can be resisted is when none of the mechanisms it would require are allowed to be put in place. That is the real reason for freedom and privacy.

We can be sure these images will be stored and will be used to roll-out the system in other situations, such a railway stations, roadside cameras, protest meetings. Starting to understand?

Will the tax-man knock at your door and ask why you travel to the City of London so frequently. After making a supposedly 'full' statement of income, a friend had the tax-man ask him where he had got the money to recently buy a new canal-boat - information the tax-man took from public records.

These systems, purportedly to defend against crime and terrrrrorism, will be turned inwards. And taxation is the tough nut to crack. If tax was 3% so many people would pay it it would hardly need enforcement. At 30% it gets tougher, 60% many will wriggle. There is a equation, a tipping point, between level of tax and ability to enforce collection. Tax will only rise proportionally to the effectiveness of the system of collection and prevention of evasion.

Since our governments are digging US ALL deeper and deeper into a dark hole of debt and public expense so vast the majority will not see it repaid in our lives don't you think it is likely the government would like to tax at the absolute maximum economically and technically possible? At the moment all they can think of doing is to keep digging: harder, faster, deeper.

Civil liberties stand as a defence from whatever future holds. To assure an enduringly free society the balance must always be; government must trust people and not demand legislation that requires the people to trust government.

Say NO to the mechanisms of the police state. Say NO to the state that can only perpetuate itself through force. Say NO to the repayment of loans from the few international bankers who own and control more than half the worlds capital.

EU bottoms up committee slates body scanners


Airport body scanners deliver radiation dose 20 times higher than thought

I reckon the best action if made to get a dose of radiation from one of these scanners is to throw yourself onto the floor screaming as if in terrible pain.

Your government is experimenting on you. The long-term/side effects of the Millimetre Wave are as yet unknown. The risk of the x-ray based machines is considered 'low' - I do not want a 'low' risk of my child being given cancer.

This is just more Pavlov training for the people. To learn who are slave-masters are. To teach obedience. To demoralise the people to another level. Resist!

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty. said Benjamin Franklin

FAA to pilots: Expect 'unreliable or unavailable' GPS signals


The EU is a step on the road to a single worldwide governing authority

The apparent uselessness of the UK and other EU member state's governments are (I can only assume) designed to be so corrupt and feeble that people are left feeling much as you do: wanting to get rid of them.

This is in fact action upon a covert message, I understand, briefed to those up-and-coming future leaders, throughout society, who are groomed by the organisation 'Common Purpose' on their high-flyer training courses. They suggest to candidates that they should be deliberately building-in ineptness and failure, to their current organisations, so (as the EU progressively takes over further control) immediate, apparent and valuable improvements can be readily made.

If one thinks this has been brought about for the good of mankind and the world, covertly by necessity so as not to frighten the stupid peasantry who, being tribal by nature, would reject the aim, you need to get with the curve. There is nothing egalitarian to be found. This is the endgame of the takeover of the world's states by the supremely rich and powerful. They care not one jot for the human heard. Indeed once we are firmly in their grip, the grip of a technological police state, the aim to to rapidly reduce the global population (and that does not just mean by means of reducing birthrates).

'Porn lock' heralds death of WikiLeaks, internet, democracy, universe


TrickiLeaks or WikiBollocks.

If WikiLeaks were truly agents of change; exposing state crimes, openly publishing secret information, an independent platform for whistle-blowers, would there not be some tangible evidence of this in the material they release? Instead, it is clear no lasting damage has been done.

For those who work a little harder assembling the raw material, opinions and facts, from which they draw their own reasoned conclusions, other than just entirely drawing a ready made paradigm from a compliant 'mainstream media', WikiLeaks is being broadly decried as nothing less than a sham. A propaganda operation with a clear agenda.

There are not two but three conclusions to draw of WikiLeaks; 1. they damage 'western' security and interests, 2. they are providing an important 'check and balance' - exposing misdeeds, or 3. they have been deliberately feed information and the process of (so called) 'redaction' is a further control in the process to manage the effect of the release for optimum political effect.

The key rafts of independent 'truth' opinion, available almost exclusively via the internet, study and consider apparent falsehoods behind; the attacks of 9/11 including subsequent events, man-made climate change and, steaming from both of these, the recognition of a drive toward an authoritarian neo-socialist global governance. WikiLeaks is no ally to these campaigns to expose these truths.

WikiLeaks has made statements which clearly attempt to deny the veracity of such truth movements and has not ever been first to release any documents which assist either movement's case. Indeed it is now becoming evident WikiLeaks has been and continues to be fostered by some of the very elite considered to be the forces serving and behind the agendas these truth campaigns have set-out to expose.

Aside from the immediate political agenda actually being served, by the managed release of these selected and censored documents, the wider danger is the resultant demand for a new series of international legal mechanisms to police the content of the internet.