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Carbon capture would create fizzy underground oceans


What about the o2 in CO2

What gets me about this whole idea is what do we do when the partial presure of Oxigen in the atmosphere starts going down because the CO2 never gets recycled.

eBay changes anger smaller sellers


Shipping add on.

The fee situation has resuted in many of the sellers I have bought stuff from recently adding "handling" to their shipping. It is hard when one buys something fro US10, to pay US20 for shipping, and note that their is a postal indicta for US 1.97 on the package that arrives.

Supose you can't blane the seller for trying to cover their costs, but I am sure glad I built up my stock of Tubes (Valves in the UK) when i still could.

NASA's Ares V may crush Kennedy crawlerway


but what about the crawler itself?

That thing was built in the Apollo program, and modified for the shuttle. Imagine 20 bulldozers hooked together, geared down to a top speed of 2.0 Kmh painted grey and rusting in the Florida sunshine

Free the airwaves, cries Google


transmiter locations

<<Know ye of any transmitters situated in the valley behind a hill?>>

Ever drive into Scranton PA? The Whole town is at the bottom of a mountain. transmiters would have to be "aimed" to get conerage if they were on the hill.

Also, while I suspect that digital TV will not have a working fringe area (Digital dies instead of just getting a bit snowy) A portable device may not be able to detect a weak signal, and could end up using a channel while the mobile device is between the TV staion and the viewer. The Viewer having installed a "tower" to hold her antenna.

Obama bloats Vista by 11MB


to be fair to Microsoft..

They designed the dictionary so that whole chunks of the database have to be swapped out to change even one word, so the update seems to replace several segments of the database. Too bad the dictionay could not just be regenerated on the fly.

Critics chuck MS 'friendly worm' plan on the compost heap


in the special case of Windows however

the Viruses travel better than any patch

Rogers wraps 'unlimited' mobile browsing in small print


what home server

"implement an IP-over-HTTP tunnel, you may be able to build an IP connection via your home server."

Not if your home internet is Rogers, users are not allowed to run servers in Mr. Rogers Network Neighbourhood.

When poor people pollute - the Tata Nano and eco-crime


ecconomics is not easy as much is counter to intuition

1) Yes, the nano will probaly emit less than the vehicle it replaces.

2) the price of fuel going up and the limits of infrastucture will limit the number of users.

3) expectations from units like the Namo will encourage investments in alternative transit.

4) Shipping stuff by Sea is actually less expensive and therefor likely polutes less than shipping by road, Higher prices fuel will encourage surface shipment as the cost to ship by air becomes a higher percentage of the value of the goods.

5) As folks get more civilised the Birth rate goes way down. This is why Canada is wringing its hands about the dependancy ratio. (How many workers are going to be around to pay my pension) India and china will reduce their population growth as they get richer.

6) technology will offer alternatives like Wind, solar and tidal power which will become more attractive as costs decline and fosil fuels become more expensive.

7) more expensive fuel will make cars like the nao more accetible in what is currently the first world,starting in Europew where the fuel price is already higher than here in North America.

Santa putting children's information at risk, warn experts

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Forgot the URL for Santa's Mailbox.


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information was sent out of the eu by the sender.

We all know that santa's real official address is

Santa Claus

North Pole Canada

H0H 0H0

So his data is covered under Canadian Law, and I am sure that he keeps it well frozen. Since Canada Post has the contract to help him answer the volume of mail I am sure that they are also under sutable obligations.

US car thieves floored by manual gearbox


In the Uk we have this magic thing called Neutral or "Not In Gear"

Yes, but in North America it does not matter. A manual shift car is wired with a switch on the clutch. as Someone mentioned a lot of american Auto Transmission cars need you to push the brake pedal before they will start, and that is with the transmission in "Park".

I belive it is in reaction to folks who used their cars starter as an electric motor to go through a Garage Door.

It is a pain in the winter, as you have to crawl into a cold seat, and push the clutch down to start - then crawl back out to scrape the Ice off the windows while the engine warms up enough for the defroster to work.

So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?


absoutly need .co.uk

To remind one to read the page with a "british" accent, otherwise all the double entenres don't make sense.