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Microsoft: What's that? A patch for make-me-admin vuln? Sorry – can't hear you. Have a new jumper instead

Paris Hilton

Re: All OSes suck.

Icon very much related

Yamaha unleashes motorcycling robot


Re: 5 points?

May as well have no points at this point. Only Lorenzo leaving the track is going to help him now.

Feeling sweary? Don't tell Google Docs


Re: "or the Austrian village "Fuck"."

There's. Fingrinhoe in Essex. Go figure.....

Camera-carrying DOLPHIN SPY caught off Gaza


Re: Whatever next?


Flying Spaghetti Monster spotted off Angolan coast


Re: Heretics!

Swimming? Surely floating,so we can keep the FSM abbreviation?

Keep your stupid drones away from piloted aircraft, rages CAA


Re: Have they still not.....

Reading that made me think of trainspotting.

I chose not to choose drones, I chose something else.

Download Festival face scan: You’re right to be annoyed, said UK surveillance commish


It's all in the context then, the way I see it, they could just be using the software to automatically track targets through all the footage, where I work, we have about 30 cameras and tracking someone through them all is a pain. If I could highlight a person as they walk in, and then just have the software track them automatically, it would save me an incredible amount of time.

Imagine doing the same, in a crowd of thousands, with hundreds of cameras,over a huge area?

If they are just recognizing, recording and storing..... To what end? What is the purpose? I literally can't think of anything negative, I'm not defending the police, maybe I've succumbed to the brainwashing, but I really don't see the big deal?


So, at the risk of many downvotes..... I don't get what the problem is?

Facial recognition software? So? Its not a new thing.... We just used to sit meat bags in front of screens before this. Ya know, to recognize people?

Saves money if you let a computer do the scanning, rather than a bunch of people. I'm all for it.

Now.... Where's my mask?

Google Maps adds all UK public transport timetables



What the f guys? I have no idea what your on about....

'I like big butts and I cannot lie, hackers take Pinterest on a joyride'


My significant other is obsessed with pinterest at the min. Whats the big deal? Funny cat pictures? There can't be that many to warrant spending so much time trawling through. Same with Twitter! There just can't be that much interesting stuff on there!

Cops bang up 'drunk, naked' Virginian


Re: Limerick competition -scansion

I liked matys.... it wasn't the best but far from worst. Helped the second time round when you read her name as foo-sell

Fandroids get their very own PERVY SMUT browser


More likely the dev doesn't want to buy a licence to post this on the app store..... and it would also likely fall foul of the guidelines, what with it being predominantly for 'male pleasure'

As a bit of a lone protester he's done quite well, reach a massive audience for little to no cost. Hell, he's even made el Reg headlines.....

Eurocops want to build remote car-stopper, shared sensor network


Re: Integration

Boltar, please let me direct you to the jackass scene where a load of bees are dumped into a limo and the doors are locked. You will see kicking out a window just isn't that easy!

Also, cars without powersteering are fine to drive.

Cars with powersteering that all of a sudden loose that ability are ridiculously hard to drive. Try it. You'll pull a muscle trying to do a u turn...... those hydraulics are not your friend with no power assistance!

Noisy qubits destroy data in order to save it


Im literally sat reading this like 'huh!?' (im going to blame the lack if coffee so far)

I hope I'm not the only one.....

Sony's new PlayStation 4: Early faults ENRAGE some buyers


Re: Silly squabling

Vociferous, id rather use something specifically designed for the sole purpose of playing games than a kb that I'm only using because its on the desk already..... A gaming keyboard still retains the basic idea that its a device used for typing, the clue is that all the buttons have these things on called letters. Try typing with a dual shock......

I'm waiting for something new to come along In the way if UID, kb just doesn't cut it. A mouse was designed initially to make selections on a screen right? A keyboard was designed with typing in mind right? Not natural fluid movement within a 3d game space.

Kb and mouse works in some instances, eg rts, but not fps no matter what anyone says...


Re: Silly squabling

Pc gaming and console gaming are 2 different worlds, stop comparing them, they serve different purposes for different demographics.

Try playing party games with your family on a pc, see how far you get....

Try playing an mmo on a console, see how far you get.....

I personally find battlefield on ps3 a far more immersive experience than on pc, primarily due to the superior control system. Downvote me all you like but for me a controller wins hands down.

Apple CEO Tim Cook v Microsoft's Ballmer: Seconds out, round two!


Re: "Who remembers netbooks?"

You know what, I could happily put up with a 2 hour battery life, just something so I could move from plug to plug or look after me in a power outage. I mostly have mine plugged in anyway.


Re: "Who remembers netbooks?"

I have an eee pc 901 (linux variant, naturally) and would love to see something in this form factor with a little more umph.

i5, 8gb ram, 128gb ssd and a 9inch screen. No fancy graphics, just a portable workhorse.

Few usb 3 ports, an SD slot and hdmi out(and in?)

Oh, and not stupidly expensive!

Police probe IDIOTIC Twitter bomb threats slung at journalists


Nothing stopping you from entering false info on there.....


I wonder how hard it would be to set up a service for people who don't want to be anon online. Like Twitters verified accounts. So people could block messages from people who haven't proved who they are. Certain websites could block people from using their services unless the user was legit etc.

Instead of forcing this upon everyone which obviously wouldn't fly, let people opt in. Nothing stopping people using anon accounts to sign up for pr0n and other such things but online shopping etc, all your details could be automatically grabbed from the verify service. Id sign up...

Submarine cable capacity doubled with flick of switch


Re: Meanwhile in the UK

give it 3 centurys and bt might get this stuff to the cabinet.....

Just need some advice from people in the know


Just need some advice from people in the know


Thinking about doing this course to get into IT, I know there are a lot of people bashing in another thread here but hey, if I did want to start a career in IT, is this a good starting point?

Plan was to start from school but life got in the way and ive found my self turning 25 and still working dead end jobs. I need an out, moneys not really the issue, ive seen the 'not so glamours as they were' salarys on the job sites, im fine with that. Im pretty smart (i know that sounds big headed but hey). Im the classic hobbyist nerd and other than becoming a pilot (far to tall) this is the only realistic choice of career i have other than climbing the slow ladder of retail to an unhappy grave.

thanks for reading, and any adivce is appreciated. That course thats linked seems out of date so im going to go look around the CompITA website and see what i can find.


Mali to give away .ML domains for free


Re: Some potential there


I quite like for a pr0n site.

Touch screens and greasy mitts: All you need is glove


pocket wipe

I just leave mine in my pocket when I'm not using it,me moving about seems to keep it clean enough. When I used to use a case things were different!

How to destroy a brand-new Samsung laptop: Boot Linux on it


Re: @peter storm

French cars are terrible, I'm sure there rally department is very good but wether(sp?) or not all that r+d is making it through to the production cars is another matter.

anyone defending French cars has never been in one for a reasonable period of time.

Chinese boffins crack cloaking tech for camouflage



Or it didn't happen.

Canadians nab syrup rustlers after massive maple sap heist


Re: Best application is drenched over three slices of Canadian bacon

Hey hey hey, less of that! You don't get deep fried mars bars in the UK, you get them in scotland. There's a difference!

they are also very nice, but couldn't eat a whole one.

Look out, world! Are you ready for John McAfee: THE MOVIE?


So assuming this movie does appear..... Can we watch it free for 30 days?

GPU-stuffed monster cracks Windows passwords in minutes


Re: @AC 23:03

Petty retort + American = Downvote

(not the original ac, and yes... This reply is equally if not more petty than the last.....

RIP heroic SPB playmonaut


Having spoken to a coastguard.... He reckons if it did float it would very likely wash up... But the tide is strong in the channel and it could be out there for quite some time.

So I guess there's still hope, albeit very little :(

Iran's Photoshop FAIL: 'New drone' actually Japanese university bird


Re: Those pesky Japanese STEALING from Iran AGAIN!

Im not even sure if Charles is trolling in some way or if he just didn't get the joke here....

Boffins baffled: HUGE EYEBALL washes up on Florida beach


Its pretty big... If they cooked it up to eat it would probably see them through the rest of the week....

And whatever poor creature it came from has probably seen better days!

Thankyou, thankyou, I'm here all week.

Warner Music daddy chucks €130m at Spotify rival Deezer


The only swappable worth using. It's pretty good but a few artists are missing (i can live with that, its free for me) and it doesn't work on my girlfriends BlackBerry.

Good for plugging my x one into my car for some decent tunes, sick of ads on the radio!

China Mobile to roll-out 16GB MEGA-cloud platform


Re: if your data is that important...

Ive had various success with CDs, I've got some ancient cake box of these yellow things that seem very good, I've literally had them years and still work fine, I've had others that haven't survived the burn, and others where like you say, they work a few times and then they are coasters.

Very hit and miss, tbh anything media wise is on a spare HDD stored in a box in the wardrobe, gets synched every now and again when I can be botherd. There are very few 'cannot lose this' files on my home pc anyway.


if your data is that important...

Dont stick it in the cloud, get it on another hard drive/cd/tape backup (preferebly all three) and have it stored in a weather/fireproof box buried at the bottom of the garden....

Very few files of my own files are likely to outlive the life of the HDD they are on, the ones that are important are emailed to my self, the really important ones are on multiple cd's. Anything media wise is to big to upload to the net anyway.... Or its already available for streaming somewhere.

NASA picks the target for Curiosity's first road trip


Re: lazy reporting

Think your missing the point here....

Acer dishing out 16,400 cheap OLYMPIC laptops to schools


Re: seems a fair price

@danny 14

If that's how its getting taught these days then that's fantastic, and fair play to you. I got 5 years of how to use word, how to take screen shots and that's about it.

We got a lesson in programming once, in DT. Can't remember the chip we used but we were making these little LCD displays scroll words across. Once, for an hou

Oh, and for HTML, it wasnt HTML, it was again just how-to use FrontPage. I'm glad its moved on.

We got taught how to use certain software, not the skills to learn how to use others if that makes sense. Hope that's changed.


Re: seems a fair price

Im not saying I know everything, I'm saying that at the time I went to college the most advanced course was a shambles. For instance one of my 'teachers' was doing a powerpoint presentation, clicking the mouse again and again to get the next screen but all he was getting was the right click menu. This guy kept clicking away all over the screen for a solid minute before any of the jaws could be picked off the floor and someone pointed out his mistake.

Maybe it wasn't the course, maybe it was the teacher's, whatever it was, it sucked.

Also, don't knock the spelling etc, I'm on my phone and I'm not proof reading something for a comments section...


seems a fair price

They could just stick em on ebay and probably get a lot more than 200 a pop. If its to much of a headache for the IT guys they should find another job tbh.

Schools need more IT at all stages, all I got was the standard 'how to use office' in secondary, then my double A level 'avce' in college was basically how to install a printer in windows, how to put a pc together, some basic html, som VERY basic VB. The only challenge for me was using MS Access (sp?). Other than database design id covered all this stuff in my own time a couple of years before leaving school!

Funny thing us I still don't have a job in IT, so if anyone's offerin let me know!

Deadly pussies kill more often than owners think


Re: i hate cats...

I would never kill a cat, unless is was the best thing to do, but on the other hand I don't go mouthing off about people's kids.

Be cool man, chill out!


i hate cats...

Ours brings back all sorts, mostly mice, some dead some not. Small birds are a favourite, as are pidgeons,rabbits and anything else it finds...

It wouldn't be so bad but its pretty much every night and I'd say 50% of the time the unfortunate creature isn't dead.

If that's only 23% then our cat is responsible for mass kidnap/genocide.

Hacker-smasher: White hats join forces to build bot-beating weapon


Re: So what you are saying is the white hats need to

Im not proud of knowing this, but I belive its invention, not mission. You probably already knew this and are deliberately pretending not to know so you can preserve some credibility.... Or you would be if not for being an ac!

YouTube app wrenched from next Apple iPhones, iPads


an handful?

Really? I almost think that was placed there to lure me to comment. (check what I replied to with my last post)

As a sheffielder ill admit to speaking it that way but not writing! Cmon guys....

British radio telescope genius Sir Bernard Lovell dies


Re: Mitchigan?

No one really cares about America, we got what he meant......

Scrunched Street View spymobile spied in India


Re: Not if you're posh?

You heard it from a idiot then. Alan is correct here....

Go on Nazis.... Take the bait!

McDonalds staff 'rough up' prof with home-made techno-spectacles


hang on....

No where did I read WHY he was assaulted, you tellin me they just took a disliking to him because he was from Toronto? And why are they trying to remove his spy specs?

Amazon buys 4-person 3D mapping startup, claims report



It happened at precisely 10.04am on 4th July 2012...... When you just did :)

Chrome hits iPhone and iPad, storms to top of download chart


Why would anyone downvote this? It's a perfectly reasanoble statement...

Are the fanbois THAT touchy?

Ten... active camcorders


Re: No GoPro?

Was also thinking this..... Seems like the obvious choice for action. The fish eye isn't for everyone I guess.

Office printers spew reams of garbage as 2-year-old Trojan runs wild



Just maybe... The malware writers have shares in paper company's around the globe.....