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US govt pays AT&T to let cops search Americans' phone records – 'usually' without a warrant

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How much better would the Internet function

if there was not all this snooping by so many different entities, cluttering up the Internet by snooping on so many people just going about their normal lives.

Yeah I know this is AT&T, but they make heavy use of the Internet for their phone call traffic and their own snooping also.

Remembering the time Windows accidentally sent Poland to the bottom of the sea

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Never happen. That makes too much sense and is easy to understand.

Robot mistakes man for box of peppers, kills him

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Re: You think it was just another isolated incident....?

Depends on the printer. Most office printers can be intimidated by waving a little green Xcelite screwdriver at them. You know, the kind with the pocket clip.

Very useful for many things, way beyond their small size.

Mozilla calls cars from 25 automakers 'data privacy nightmares on wheels'

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Re: It just keeps getting better

When they start installing a microchip, powered by a moisture activated battery on your protection.

Biden to bolster boondocks broadband with a billion bonus bucks (barely)

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Re: WTF?

Probably went for pay raises, or bonuses for the upper echelon

OpenAI's ChatGPT has a left wing bias – at times

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Re: a politically neutral 'truth'

More evidence that today's conservatives are operating outside reality. Even the AI doesn't recognize much that far to the right side.

Florida Man and associates indicted for conspiracy to steal data, software

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Re: Election Integrity

In the United States, lies, innuendo, propaganda and even outright slander are considered proper campaign strategies.

Good, honest people are buried under so much of the lies, innuendo, propaganda and even outright slander, they never run again.

Aliens crash landed on Earth – and Uncle Sam is covering it up, this guy tells Congress

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Re: Not impossible, just ludicrously unlikely

Why should they want to destroy us, when we are doing a pretty good job of doing that for them?

NASA mistakenly severs communication to Voyager 2

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Re: Auto-correcting antenna aiming! Amazing!

"Eternal kudos to the chaps behind the Voyager missions, their work is truly exemplary."

And doing it with both ends being moving targets, 20 plus light hours and growing, away from each other.

FCC boss says 25Mbps isn't cutting it, Americans deserve 100Mbps now, gigabit later

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Re: In Brazil, of all places, I got 100 mpbs up and down already.

Basically, big corporation have bought our government. Too many of our congress critters are on the take. The average person can't have nice thing because those are reserved for the wealthy. That it in a nutz shell.

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Re: Dinner bell has been rung!

Most of them can, but it would infringe on the CEO's and stock holder's life style.

First of Tesla's 'bulletproof' Cybertrucks clunks off production line

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Re: Are people seriously buying these?

That is why tests till destruction are sometimes a good thing.

One year after Roe v Wade overturned and 'uterus surveillance' looks grim

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As is the air you breathe, coming from outside your state, totally ignoring political lines.

Feds, you'll need a warrant for that cellphone border search

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Re: Just a minor point from the Canadian point of view

How can our Border Patrol presume to be able to operate in Canada?

I would think the Canadian government would be a might upset.

Microsoft to let Internet Explorer 11 haunt Windows some more

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Re: Oh FFS

Finally got it working from the last update. That;s why not. /s

Europe wants more cities to use datacenter waste heating. How's that going?

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When the Arctic ice cap is sufficiently melted

The Gulf Stream will stop flowing. Europe will then freeze. Check a world map.

Then this waste heat will become a high value commodity.

NYPD blues: Cops ignored 93 percent of surveillance law rules

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Apparently the real life New York Police Department is nothing like what the CBS show "Blue Bloods" version of the NYPD police department is depicted as being.

Germany clocks that ripping out Huawei, ZTE network kit won't be cheap or easy

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Re: Not just about spying

Don't you mean THREE dictatorships? Is not the United States doing exactly what the other two are suspected/supposed to be doing?

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Re: Footing The Bill

Have to protect the profits of the company/corporation/bonuses, so of course the costs will be passed on.

'Major' news: Microsoft slips Bing chatbot shortcut into Windows 11

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Re: But the only question ever asked of Bing on Edge

Or Linux? When was the last time Microsoft ask their users what they wanted? Or listened to them?

Chipmakers, you can have these billions – but Uncle Sam wants a cut of your profits

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How much of these loans will be forgiven and why? You know this will happen.

Ford seeks patent for cars that ditch you if payments missed

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Re: Shrieked

Worse, when it is setting in the garage, with the door closed and it drives off.

Microsoft pushed 'inaccurate' Windows 11 upgrade to unsupported devices

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Re: They are NOT softening requirements for hardware.

There is an out here. Some version of Linux (free), or even Apple (kinda expensive up front).

Most people only do the basics, web, e-mail and maybe some word processing anyway.

The major problem is people only know Microsoft and think anything else would be too hard to learn, or having to learn a different/better way to do things on another operating system. Never mind the constant reshuffling in Windows.

Sick of smudges on your car's enormo touchscreen? GM patents potential cure

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Those back-up cameras make backing up much safer. So there is that. As for most of the rest of it, I agree, knobs are better.

If you have a fan, and want this company to stay in business, bring it to IT now

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Re: humidity air CON

Too many people have no idea that humidity has an affect on comfort. It's cool outside, so they open windows in their air conditioned space. Never mind 95% humidity and the fog outside.

Eventually, the ground sourced heat pump gives up because the circulating fluid is the same temperature going into the ground, as coming out. Winter did not remedy the problem, as the A/C didn't last through the spring.

It happened in an office I worked at. Manglement and their unair-conditioned lake cottages was the basic cause..

Amazon convinces FCC it can avoid space junk chaos

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Keep this up and there will be enough stuff/junk in orbit to block enough sun to stop global warming.

See, it ain't all bad, even if it is all for profit. /s

Eager young tearaway almost ruined Christmas with printer paper

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A Microsoft fan boy that down votes anything not complementary of anything Microsoft.

California toys with digital vehicle titles on private DMV blockchain

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We have human records painted on cave walls, carved on rocks, clay tablets, various kinds and types of paper, going back many 10's of thousands of years. Writings from 2 to 3 thousands of years ago, compared to what we see today, but are told were written thousands of years ago, that don't agree with the original records. It is fairly easy to figure out sumtom ain't right here. Reliance on magnetic polarization, not so much, without access to the proper computers, hardware and software decades after they have been replaced.

Yet we have already lost valuable information because there are no computers left in existence that can read the data bases. Computers built, used and discarded well within our lifetimes. (Or at least mine)

Upgrade the computers, and/or lose the electricity and poof, our ancestors can never recover that information decades later. There can be said good things about file cabinets for long term storage for critical information.

Too heavy a reliance on computers will bring about the downfall of civilization, when things go pear shaped, as all civilizations have encountered so far.

User was told three times 'Do Not Reboot This PC' – then unplugged it anyway

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Re: Foolproof

NASA built and used a manned space capsule using well tested switches. Luckily all survived.

If your Start menu or apps are freezing up on Windows, Microsoft has a suggestion

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Microsoft seems to prefer that you would only use Microsoft apps. 3rd party apps might work too well compared to similar Microsoft software, so they have to fix that problem somehow. /s

NASA, DARPA to go nuclear in hopes of putting boots on Mars

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While the idea of nuclear engines are great, I think we must figure out on how to survive on the moon, with minimal help first. Mars is a bit too far away for any reasonable help to arrive in time.

You want boots on Mars, fine, but with people wearing them, not so fine. So far we have not had a long term isolated, working habitat right here on the ground on this planet. The ISS is regularly supplied, and with personal changes, so it doesn't count.

Microsoft is checking everyone's bags for unsupported Office installs

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Re: Not something I need to worry about.

Best move I have done was from Windows 7 to linux.

Microsoft could learn some lessons here. But where's the money on that?

Artificial pancreas successful in type 2 diabetes tests

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Metformin is been known to damage the kidneys in many people.

Native Americans urge Apache Software Foundation to ditch name

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What of all the towns and cities named after Native American tribes?

To say nothing about rivers, bodies of water, streets, and everything else in the United States. Then there is Canada... It would take years to fix google map

First Patch Tuesday of the year explodes with in-the-wild exploit fix

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Just because... It works much better

I'm 78 and made the switch from Microsoft to Linux a year ago. I'm not going back.

Peace of mind is well worth it.

Here's how to remotely take over a Ferrari...account, that is

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How much of the software in the newer vehicles is "Because We Can" and not because it is needed, or even actually useful in the real world?

Who actually benefits for the mandatory two way connectivity in todays cars? I can understand some of this in fleet vehicles, but how useful is the same stuff it in a private, paid for vehicle?

I understand much of this connectivity cannot be opt out of without disabling the vehicle.

90+ groups warn US Senate of 'damaging consequences' from Kids Online Safety Act

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Big Brother

Re: But... But.... *think* of the children

"And WTF did having an internet connection absolve parents of any responsability. Y'know actual parenting"

Simple, parents aren't parenting the way certain authoritarians think they should be parenting. Keep the children ignorant of certain subjects because children ask questions that are sometime embarrassing for many adults.

What's that, Lassie? Boston Dynamics is suing its robot dog tech rival?

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Like some robot company developed a robot the could imitate a human gait, then sued the human race for walking like their robot? There is often one best, efficient way to do something. Maybe both these robot makers found out the same thing independently?

Microsoft tests 'upsells' of its products in Windows 11 sign-out menu

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"Microsoft: Please, for the love of all that's holy: SPLIT YOUR SECURITY UPDATES OUT FROM YOUR FEATURE DEPLOYMENTS."

Can't do that because then no one would install the Feature Deployments.

Microsoft hits the switch on password-free smartphone authentication

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A pin code for a ByOD? Isn't a pin code another name for a password?

No, I will not pay the bill. Why? Because we pay you to fix things, not break them

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That's because our standard of education has fallen so far in the U.S., compared to other countries. Starving public education, which once was the best in the world, to having private, corporate... err... charter schools skimming the cream of the crop students from public schools, starving the public schools even more money. That plus not coming within a mile of teaching critical thinking anymore. That is by design. Those of us that were taught critical thinking are dying off of old age.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Patch Tuesday update crashes OneDrive

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That woman in the graphic

Needs to check other operating systems. Microsoft has too much trouble fixing the fixes for far too long.

Chip shortages still plague carmakers despite weaker semiconductor demand

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Maybe the auto makers should rethink making everything computer controlled

There needs to be a limit to what is automated and even removed from the drivers control. Do we even need a touch screen to set the temperature, or roll down the windows? A simple knob, or mechanical button often works better.

The driver messing with what is packed in a touch screen with menus, is better than using a smart phone, how?

Often it seems too much is not enough, because we can. Somewhere in there is, or should be, a optimal level of computer control. Leave the rest to the driver.

As Russia wages disinfo war, Ukraine's cyber chief calls for global anti-fake news fight

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Why is it...

When Russia invades a country, it is an "illegal" invasion? But when the United States makes a hobby of invading countries, toppling governments it determines are too free and democratic it somehow is given a pass?

Hypocrisy is looming big in the Ukraine, as the U.S. is again backing Right-wing fanatics. Only this time using someone else troops.

Microsoft makes another round of jobs cuts amid slowing economy

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Slowing economy

Or people finding other, often less aggravating ways to get the job done.

Probably both, as they have less money to spend because corporations over charging for almost everything.

Collapsed Arecibo telescope to be replaced by school

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We've got plenty of money to spend on the military destroying stuff all over the world, but when it come to education and new knowledge, where's enough profit in that to make it worthwhile?

Our priorities are all screwed up.

Scanning phones to detect child abuse evidence is harmful, 'magical' thinking

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"Anderson argues that this taxonomy of harms reflects the interests of criminal investigators rather than welfare of children."

One solution is a deep look into the private lives of these people that want to pass these laws that allow <u>them</u> to look into the private lives of the rest of us.

Block this: Using satellites to plaster ads over our skies could work, say boffins

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Oh goodie

More light pollution and junk in the sky.

With so many advertisements now, does anybody pay any attention to what is being advertised?

More than 4 in 10 PCs still can't upgrade to Windows 11

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40% can't run Windows 11...

Now is the time for a major ad campaign, touting the advantages of other operating systems, that unlike Microsoft, just work... For far less money, updates and all.

Knock MS market share down a couple of pegs, or more. Yeah, I know complacency is hard to overcome, but for each conversion, makes the next a bit easier.

No, working in IT does not mean you can fix anything with a soldering iron

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Re: Party Smalltalk

So you do not work for Microsoft then?