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Apple's Ping has fatal pong, says CEO

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Re: "Apple would work more closely with Facebook"

"...thus creating iFace".

And if they subsequently buy Palm they can create iPalm.

That would allow iTards to then iFace-iPalm when appropriate.

How (i)Nice (R).

<== Finally settled on Smiley here, rather than Joke Alert or Troll, but boy! was it a hard decision.

Dell Windows 8 tablet, hybrid details leak

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Re: Did I spy

Oops - should be haven't, of course!

Milo Minderbinder

Did I spy

rounded corners?

Or are they allowed now (hav'nt followed the Apple/Samsung sideshow for some time now).

The seven types of online commenter

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Another missed category

<---- aManfromMars(1).

I don't see him in any of these categories.

Although tbh I have seen one or two posts that were comprehensible (mostly).

Oh, another one just popped up: what about off-topic replies (or replies to clearly very different topics - I always wondered about those)?

Epic net outage in Africa as FOUR undersea cables chopped

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Re: Three weeks without internet?

"...productivity would be through the roof".

Nope - everything would come to a grinding halt. We had a couple of outages at my previous employer (where I did desktop support/server admin/network maintenance and troubleshooting).

When I noticed everyone was sitting around, drinking coffee and playing solitaire, I asked why they were not working (out of curiosity - we had been outsourced to another company, so technically it was none of my business), only to be told that they cannot do anything or communicate with anyone, since the network is down.

So I said "How did we work five years ago, before we had e-mail?"

It just never crossed their minds that they could still call on the phone and send faxes.

Tbh, some people really did not appreciate that.

Microsoft explains bland new Windows logo

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Thumb Up

Re: >"tuning in to the mindset of your customers and helping them connect with the experience."

What a brilliant exposition of ad-speak!

The rest fits in perfectly as well:

"Of the poet’s compassionate soul which contrived through the medium of the verse structure to sublimate this, transcend that and come to terms with the fundamental dichotomies of the other. And one is left with a profound and vivid insight into… err…


Into whatever it was …


…that the poem was about…

Just substitute "poet's" with "adman's" (or should I rather say "adperson's"? I'm not good with pc-speak) and Bob's your uncle.

2016: Death of the wallet as NFC tap-cash arrives at last

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It's already happening

My wife has stopped banking cash a long time ago, as the banks charge her an arm and a leg for handling cash. Creditors are now paid cash as far as possible, whilst sudry expenses are also paid in cash.

I think banks have already cottoned on to the fact that people do not like paying extortion fees, that is why they are pushing other, safer (at least for them, as they are guaranteed an income) methods of payment.

<---- Evil banks/bankers, of course.

Domain name claim teases Sony-MS partnership

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Or maybe even Socroft?

For the "fenced or enclosed area", obviously.


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Shades of Dr. Strangelove?

<----- Director's megaphone, obviously.

So, what's the best sci-fi film never made?

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My cent's worth

More than human by Theodore Sturgeon, closely followed by Sparrow written by Mary Doria Russell.

Naked cemetery man was simply photographing orbs

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déjà vu, jamais vu nor presque vu was elastic enough to cover it. Was it a ghost, then?

Aaaah, the memories!

Time for a re-read, methinks.

(Closest icon to a ghost).