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China's 'stealth fighter' flies – brown trouser time, or not?


minor update per quality

The Chevy Equinox uses an engine built in China, ummm two years ago, three now.


American industry gets major fail here ->points to Delphi. I mean really, wtf? (Amazing what organized labor could do for China, bring production costs up to par so we could compete again. But then China is already a worker's paradise so might be a challenge lol)


Full Stop

Making proclamations about what China has in mind for the future and only considering economics as a factor is pretty damn stupid. They will be under tremendous pressure due to their one child madness. Madness because Asian culture values males over females and because of that, their male/female ratio is horrible - read somewhere it will reach 10-1 shortly. So what do you do with all those swinging dicks out there? Send 'em to war, get some stuff back, get some extra stuff. Cut your male population down and get new stuff. Win Win.

Hell, the Number One reason to go to war is ego. My balls are bigger than yours.

In any case, shit happens and anything else is a best guess.

(I have a sneaking suspicion that China will be fighting the Middle Eastern Islamic countries one day. Close to each other and they don't exchange Christmas cards either - not much love lost)

Mum arrested for seducing teen on Xbox Live


@Cosmo... WAIT!

What does Steve Jobs have to do with this and what exactly is an Apple iCorer?



The trench coat with my little wife's kindle in the pocket...... (naw, she'd kill me...)

Amazon: 'iPad LCD tablets no threat to Kindle'


Preaching to the choir

I/we have a total of seven kids - six boys, one girl - three already moved out and we're considering one more. I really, seriously, know of what you speak.

However, you MUST take the time for yourself. Period. No negotiation. Every Day. If not for yourself, do it for the kids, they need someone who won't snap their heads off during the mundane 'don't touch him!' episodes that occur. (not saying you do, but it happens sometimes)

I learned the hard way and almost lost everything because I_did_not_know(!) how much that little bit of time really meant and running myself into the ground. Stop and smell the roses, life is too screwed up not to take advantage of the small perks it sometimes provides.

Off topic: Are there any soapboxes left in Hyde Park? Somebody left one here on a visit or something lol.



Howto: Unclutter your life

Disconnect for a few hours - I promise it will not kill you. Done.

Your snag: 2500 books on a wifi edition. If you get bored with that, the above cannot help you. Sorry.

Sociopath Boss: The_laptop_is+right_over_there_if_needed.

Unfamiliar Words: Built-in Dictionary/Thesaurus

Single Tasking: A choice, your mileage will vary lol.



My purchase was made because it pained me to see my wife read a book on her BB Storm2 or on her laptop. The BB is too small for realistic reading and the laptop is/was heavy with the attending eyestrain. I did look at the Nook, Sony's ebook reader, and some off-brand tablets - not impressed due to cost/useability factors... and the fact the little wife has already downloaded 250+ books to her BB from Amazon.

Plus it uses illustrations from your book selection for a screensaver-type-thing that is just cool. We tend to collect real old hardbound books and it's nice to read them without the wear and tear that ordinarily occurs from handling them. Hehe, my downloaded books backup my hardcopies.

Conspiracy: Amazon is positioning the Kindle to compete somehow in the tablet market, thus the 3g version. No reason for 3g if you think about the fact it's really hard not to have a nearby wifi ap and the 2500+/- books it can carry. The Kindle will become more multifunctioning tablet-like thing in the future, I betcha.

As it is, I have a Kindle jealousy thing going on over her Christmas present. She won't let me mess with it.




Purchased a Kindle wifi from Amazon online at 1838hrs December 23rd - wait for it - it was delivered at1035hrs December 24th by UPS!

I missed what I thought was the deadline the Sunday before Christmas and had been reduced to searching local places. Had given up when I checked Amazon for grins and the damn thing (going to have to seriously consider the implications of) displayed a timer with an hour left, claiming to be the deadline for shipping. Click go! ok, figure $40-$50 shipping overnight. Full Stop. $4. Sure wrap that puppy for $5 more! Still don't believe it, been here before I_have_the_Microsoft_Internet Explorer_3_Midnight_Madness_t-shirt, ain't gonna happen. Lies, all lies.

And then it showed up less than 18 hours later. Mind you, it would take longer than that for me to drive to where it came from.

$4 delivered on Christmas Eve.

Little wife loves her present.


Vulture falls asleep in front of Christmas TV


Merry Christmas, folks!

All the best from mine to yours from Tennessee!


(and a happy Frostfell for those who know)

Worthless iPhone 'Wikileaks App' removed from Apple Store


Imagination Land....IMAGINATION land.....SouthPark was correct.

Why is it every time that there is an investigation of anything, The American press and their single-source-news-morons attach a 'Gate" to it?

The original Watergate I can see, after all it started at the Watergate Hotel in DC, but evidently anyone in journalism class to taught to label gov investigations a 'gate'.


Pedantic BS, but damn.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm


Never liked WoW

It was just too easy to level and lacked the depth of Everquest when I tried WoW a few years ago. Didn't like EQ2 either because it was so WoW-like, sure better graphics but the... how do I say this... the 'texture' and game play just felt wrong.

So now I'm back playing EQ with the little wife (yup, tweaking the moderatrix lol) after a three year hiatus (over 500 zones now!) - just forgot how fun it was and with life getting pretty damn serious, it is good for the mind to have a break.

Yes, I played D&D

Yes, I played Battletech


Yes, I still have my lead and pewter by-my-own-hand-painted Omni-mechs. (Wolf Clan all the way, baby!)


Good Times.

btw" dinged lvl70 with my SK last night hehe

FBI 'planted backdoor' in OpenBSD


The Kettle is Black

Generalizing Americans as 'the most ignorant folk on the face of the earth' is in what way more intelligent than what (I admit) most Americans think of the rest of the world?

I don't agree with quite a bit of what the government does in my and my country's name but unless there is a major civil upheaval, only incremental change will occur. I vote in every election for the best person for the job, party doesn't matter, and usually it's an exercise in choosing the lesser evil.


And by the way - Obama and his people charmed a bunch of you folks out of your pants too - same old, same old. No true surprise at all.

Your post was good until the last part and as Dick Cheney, the Walmart Greeter said, "Go Fuck Yourself"


Air Force blocks access to sites that covered WikiLeaks


Flat Earthers

<dripping sarcasm>

No matter from what angle you look at it, the Earth is flat.

Big Round Flat Platter in fact.

</dripping sarcasm>

The horse is freaking GONE! It's too damn late to close the damn gate.



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