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Faking reviews? You should fret about more than illegality

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D'you wanna see astroturfing in the wild?

Obviously it'd be libelous of me to suggest that all of the positive reviews of RED Driving School at http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews184354.html are fake, so I shan't do that. It is kinda funny how all of the positive reviews follow the same template and use much of the same wording though, don't you think?

Total Recall rehash – exit Martians, enter Jessica Biel

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Speaking on behalf of myself as well as all 15 year old boys everywhere, as long as the chick with three boobs is in it again, I'm happy.

Google slips open source JPEG killer into Gmail, Picasa

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Lossy, ick

Is it not about time we moved on from this miserly pursuit of making things as small and as bad as we can get away with, and moved towards luxurious lossless compressions? JPG and its ilk were fine back in the day, but these days, with our 50mbit connections (or just 8mbit via my mobile) and 2TB harddrives, I don't really see the point in skimping like that.

Researchers find irreparable flaw in popular CAPTCHAs

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Cool. Now, let's abolish TextCaptcha, and shoot whoever it was that invented it.

"Is it a \, or just a squinted I? Oh, I'll give it a try... arses. Now, this one, is it a t, or an l with a one of those little sideways dashes in a bad place? ...oh, ffs."

This page has been left intentionally blank

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Paris Hilton


They're actually airbrushed /out/ of the few photos of her visible to guests on her website. There is good reason for this, and you may find it out for yourself if you use Google Image Search. You won't want to eat dinner afterwards, mind.

Paris, to cleanse my mind's eye.

End of the tether: Google plays nice with carriers

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Well, Wireless Tether is the first result that comes up when I search for it via MarketPlace. Perhaps this is a US-only thing. Or a minor blip in service.

'Real' JavaScript benchmark topped by...Microsoft

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@Lewis Mettler

Quick suggestion: Next time you're going to post something, give it a quick proof read over first, and ask yourself, "Do I sound like a raving maniac for writing this?". This will help you to avoid doing silly things like calling Microsoft a rapist in a public forum and stuff.

Two councils hit with big fines for laptop blunder

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Seems kinda pointless...

"Hello, public? Yeah. You appear to have had your personal data stolen. This is going to put you in danger of ID theft and various potential ills, so watch out, and keep an eye on your credit reports for any loan applications taken out in your name. Please accept our apologies. Now listen, there's a fine payable for this, so if you'll just bare with us for two moments, we'll work out your share and arrange for you to pay us via your next council tax bill".

Personally, I say bring back hanging.

Microsoft eases Windows Phone 7 restrictions (a bit)

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@ Simon B

Likewise. That, disabling the ability to mount the phone as a USB mass storage device, and a few other things are why this devout WinMo user (of some 8 years, iirc) will probably never buy a Winmo7 device.

Silly buggers.

This year's DSLR stars

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End this madness

It's FSLR for a film SLR, and just SLR for the digital variants. Who uses film cameras these days? Three, four people? Give them the ugly superflous prefix, we'll have the slender TLA now.

Seagate takes a terabyte of the storage apple

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Anyone taking bets yet on what the crippling design problem in this line of Seagate drives will be? I'll put a fiver on click death, occuring within six months. Should be easy money on the company's recent form, I reckons.