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US gov boffins achieve speeds faster than light


Asprin please.

Q1) If you can receive the information before it's sent, what happens if you receive it but then don't send it?

Q2) How long until I can can get FTLTTC instead of just FTTC?

How politicians could end droughts forever But they don't want to


Maybe I'm a cynic.

Why don't we build the desal plants next to the nice new shiney nuclear power stations that we started building 10 years ago to replace the nasty old dirty CO2 emitting fossil fuel stations that will soon be at their end-of-life status....

Sorry, what did you just say? ....

What do you mean, "We don't have the new nukes."

So basically what you're telling me is that we had a bunch of complete fuckwits running the country for years who couldn't even play "Civilisation"?

But then can you get a C&G or NVQ in actually running a country and not just an election campaign?

Oh well, no point in fitting the electric shower, no power to not heat the no water. :(

RuggedCom will block industrial control backdoor



Study finds water cycle accelerating with warming


Not a global effect...

This research applies to everywhere except the UK...

'cos it doesn't allow for droughts, hosepipe bans, and flood warnings in the same week.;)

GPS jamming rife, could PARALYSE Blighty, say usual suspects


Re: France

Not What but Where TF.

I've noticed that whenever I go to St Ishmaels SA62 Pembs., my HTC phone GPS suddenly decides that SW Wales has moved to northern France, but my TomTom is ok. If you do go to France you just use the excuse to the police that you were following SatNav directions from St Ishmaels to Milford Haven - perfectly believable, 'cos no-one ever doubts the GPS voice!

MPAA threat sparks White House petition for bribery probe

Big Brother

To all our colonial brethren...

Please sign this petition, as being a resident of Airstrip One I'm not eligible, even though "my" Government has bent over backwards to subject me to the rule of American Laws & Courts.

Toads predict earthquakes: Official



Will 2 giant aspirin applied to a tectonic fault prevent an earthquake?

Voyager 2 finally agrees to a long hard thrust


Artists impression or Impressionist art ?

Unfortunately for us, the cameras have been powered down. However at the range they are at now, the resolution probably won't be much better than an old 640x480 slow-scan image. Now if only NASA could work out how to mix Hubble optics with Voyager reliability & Vasimir engineering we might get that image in our lifetimes.

Community Linux support for Penguin phones floated


Not only phones...

Phones may be upgraded every couple of years, but how often do you upgrade the 42" HDTV with Internet connectivity, or the various cable/satellite/pvr boxes?

If the manufacturers can have a bit of common ground and stability to work with then if an issue is identified in their version of Linux, it would hopefully be rectified across many more products & manufacturers. After all, would you like to find out that your Wi-Fi'd fridge is actually a backdoor into your home network?

DARPA drops another HTV-2


Smokescreen story...

They did manage to open a hyperspace window successfully, but don't know where it came out.

BOFH: Drunken Time Lord


Obligaty H2G quote

Time is relative, lunchtime doubly so.

Banana-bender beer boffins drop drops for science


logistics ?

So how many stubbies can you fit in a Falcon 9 & who's going to empty the recycle bin?

Attack hijacks sensitive data using newer Windows features


Problem solved

So if you put up a notice that states "No Crap allowed on the network" everything will be ok?

Ruskie Java coder lifts inaugural Facebook Hacker Cup


and that's


Giant 5-year-mission aerial wing-ship to fly in 2011


should be read as a voice-over

These are the voyages of the strato-plane Enterprise, it's 5 year mission -

To covertly soar where no other UAV has gone before.

To seek out new forms of surveillance, and to spy on those below.

All hail the Rise of the Machines.

Watson? Commercial – not super – computer



How long will it take to evaluate "42" ?

BT accidentally chokes bandwidth to 'superfast' customers


May I recommend Vivaciti.net

I've got an LLU (MurphX) service with "All-you-can-eat" bandwidth. No silly added extras that I don't need or want, just a nice dumb pipe. Only had to call them once during activation a year ago, due to typo on my login details at their end. They answered promptly at about 9pm on a Saturday, and solved the issue immediately. No call-center drones, but a really helpful honest human being! They even had the courtesy to contact me a few days later to check if everything was Ok, as their stats showed my router kept re-synching, but that was just me using DMT to tweak the line.

Now BT keep mailing me with their latest deals as a new FTTC box has just gone up 100yds from home, but at least they finally got the message to stop calling me until someone is in the dock over Phorm.



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