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Eurozone crisis: We're all dooomed! Here's why


Tough times ahead

It is the right way to do it, however the debt in some instances is unmanageable. Perhaps the central funds could be used to clear debts rather than adding to them.

As for the people we are all the unfortunate losers in this situation. Is there any other way out of this but to cut spending to within sustainable limits? It is a galling proposition especially when considering the political / financial leaders at the time of the crash come out smelling of roses.

What are the alternatives?

IT Angle

Run to the hills

The news this morning had a report stating that everything was really bad and we (the UK) may or may not be liable for some of the debt and we should very afraid etc.. I feel that there is a lot of fear mongering and obfuscation around this issue.

The media should stick to the facts and stop causing unnecessary anxiety.

As for the problem it is an infinite loop

While (debt > 0)


Move the debt from pillar to post;


The solution is to break the cycle and pay off the debt--

While (debt > 0)




Win 8 haters are just scared of change, say MS bosses


Change, change, change

I think this comment on the Building Windows 8 blog sums things up perfectly


11 Oct 2011 2:10 PM


I'm blown away by this post. Haven't read it yet, but "it certainly looks like a lot of words".

Microsoft releases IE9 for chip happy Windows world


MS make the wrong choice again.

Too much spinning not enough winning.

Anonymous turns attack drones against fax machines


Wax on Fax off

Faxes are still used for signed documents. You sign it you fax it, simple as that. Mostly used by legal / finance bods so they will probably charging overtime.


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