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NASA trusted 'traditional' Boeing to program its Starliner without close supervision... It failed to dock due to bugs


...the illusion of competitive pricing.

Firefox 78: Protections dashboard, new developer features... and the end of the line for older macOS versions


Re: Refresh firefox...

I used Refresh once, never again ... it threw away far to much.

Maybe recent versions are less destructive.

The internet becomes trademarkable, sort of, with near-unanimous Supreme Court ruling on Booking.com


How can they base a legal decision on a public survey?

The law is an ass.

Dems take a crack at banning Feds from using facial-recog tech. Congress will put it on todo list after 'learn Klingon'


Pinterest with words and without the annoying "you can't see more until you log in."

Windows 10 Insider wondering where Notepad has gone? Fear not, Microsoft found it down the back of Dev Channel


Re: Better alternative, skip MS

I thought "Notepad's main use for many these days is " to download Notepad++.

Maybe I'm just confused.

Here's a headline we never thought we'd write 20 years ago: Microsoft readies antivirus for Linux, Android


Re: Small correction

Clam-AV ?

Russia lifts restrictions on Telegram messenger app after it expresses ‘readiness’ to stop some nasties


Sigh. There is more to this. As I understand it from other reports, Telegram is detecting bad stuff on their network and blocking it. They're not giving access to any governments (officially ... reality may be different). The Ruskies walked back because the could not stop all the workarounds that bypassed the ban.

Windows 10 Fast Ringers – sorry, 'Dev Channel' – tossed Linux GPU support for WSL2 in latest Insider preview build


I take it the wsl --remove-windows command is still undocumented?

Adobe about to pull the plug on Creative Cloud freebie 'at-home' access for students


"while on-campus activities depend on government guidance, which is wholly understandable."

Surely you jest?....

Whose side you on, Nominet? Registry floods .co.uk owners with begging emails to renew unwanted .uk domains


I can't believe the didn't add the optional "search engine registration service" fee as well...

Microsoft disbands three-ring Windows Insider circus and replaces it with 'channels'


aka alpha, beta and gamma.

Dumbed down for management.

Splunk to junk masters and slaves once a committee figures out replacements


Re: Where will this end....



Re: Where will this end....

That's just irrational.

Wow, Microsoft's Windows 10 always runs Edge on startup? What could cause that? So strange, tut-tuts Microsoft


Well at least the instructions were trivial to memorize.

"Open the command prompt from an Admin account – Press the Windows key then type in “cmd” or 'command prompt' into the search. You’ll see a black window open."

Do not be alarmed. Black is not necessarily evil.

25 years of PHP: The personal web tools that ended up everywhere


I write all sorts of programs in PHP, run from the command line.

As a language, it has lots of issues (eg inconsistency of parameter order, or auto type conversion which could trip you up) but the sheer volume of built-in functions means there's almost always already a quick way of doing something. Or a solution on the web.

I used to use Perl for such things but PHP took me over...

Barmy ban on businesses, Brits based in Blighty bearing or buying .eu domains is back: Cut-off date is Jan 1, 2021


"One year after that, on January 1, 2022, any withdrawn domains will be released for general registration, effectively making them available to anyone in the European Union."

In other words, the Brits too, once Brexit is finally cancelled.

Not the Wright stuff: Bitcoin 'inventor' loses bid to sue YouTuber who called him a liar


Re: Judges names

If I remember correctly Zork had a bunch of lawyers called Dewey, Suthem and Howe...

Publishers sue to shut down books-for-all Internet Archive for 'willful digital piracy on an industrial scale'


“IA creates nothing. IA plays no role in the hard work of researching, writing, or publishing the works or, for that matter, in creating or sustaining the overall publishing ecosystem and its distinct partnerships and markets."

Perhaps we can discuss how much academic publishers pay their authors and "peer reviewers" ?.....

After all the excitement of Windows 10 2004, Insider builds go back to square one


Can we please call it 20.04 not 2004 ....

Home Office waves a cool £1bn to outsource handling of British visa, citizenship applications


Re: Keeps at it ...

"profiteering" is far too weak to describe their charges.

Microsoft announces official Windows package manager. 'Not a package manager' users snap back


"Microsoft has reinforced its relatively newfound love for the command line" ... having completely forgotten its first love, MS-DOS...

DNS this week stands for Drowning Needed Services: Design flaw in name server system can be exploited to flood machines offline


"The danger is severe enough that it got the attention of Microsoft." ... I sense a new El Reg unit of severity coming.

Document? Library? A new kind of component? Microsoft had a hard time explaining what its Fluid Framework is


Are there any proof-of-concept viruses yet?

Could it be? Really? The Year of Linux on the Desktop is almost here, and it's... Windows-shaped?



This kinda reminds me of running Linux programs on OS/2 back in the early naughties....

NASA launches guide to Lunar etiquette now that private operators will share the Moon with governments


Will these agreements include "using the metric system" ?


Re: The Artemis program aims to put the first woman and second man

"alleged" thirteenth man....

Source code for seminal adventure game Zork circa-1977 exhumed from MIT tapes, plonked on GitHub


Whatever you do, don't kick the bucket.

QUIC, dig in: Microsoft open-sources MsQuic, its implementation of Google-spawned TCP-killer QUIC


Re: the good thing about standards

Embrace, Extend ...

As Brit cyber-spies drop 'whitelist' and 'blacklist', tech boss says: If you’re thinking about getting in touch saying this is political correctness gone mad, don’t bother



A lot of comments, but none seem to mention that in Blighty the Allow list will obviously be called the "Permanent Leave to Enter" list.

Forget tabs – the new war is commas versus spaces: Web heads urged by browser devs to embrace modern CSS


More than enough

Didn't someone once say "16.7 million colours ought to be more than enough for anyone" ?

Ofcom: Rule change to force UK comms providers to tell you when your contract expires


"customers could save between £100 and £150 by negotiating a new deal with their provider." ... for some version of "negotiating" ... maybe Blighty is different, but we only get the "take it or leave it" variety of "negotiations".

Amid coronavirus epidemic, LG, ZTE hang up on Mobile World Congress, organizers call for 'no-handshake' policy


Re: "The death rate is, according to Beijing's numbers, about two per cent"

That 2% figure is deaths as a percentage of infections, which is completely the wrong way to do it. You can do it that way after the virus has run it's course, and you know the final dead/survive numbers.

Currently the dead:survive ratio is around 34:66.

Everyone loves our new desktop web search design so much – the one with ads that look like links – that we're tweaking it, says Google



Google has far bigger problems that just sneaking in the ads. For a while now, their results have been truly gamed by those high-paid SEO types, and fake sites republishing things like Wikipedia, that Google fails to detect as fake. Often the text presented in the search result has nothing to do with what you get when you go to the site.

I do have some sympathy for Google here, since they are the prime target for SEO, and accept that them only showing me a handful of pages of the alleged 76,234,456 results is part of their attempt to curb the fake sites, but they need to do a better job in distinguishing the difference between the fake sites and the other genuine ones in those 76 million.

Chrome suddenly using Bing after installing Office 365 Pro Plus... Yeah, that might have been us, mumbles Microsoft


Re: Antitrust

For some version of "suggest"... certainly not "nag you to death".

Is it a make-up mirror? Is it a tiny frisbee? No, it's the bonkers Cyrcle Phone, with its TWO headphone jacks


Re: On the plus side...

Only if it has a round lens.

The time PC Tools spared an aerospace techie the blushes


Re: Peter Norton's commercial UNERASE from '82 was probably ...

Dear 4DOS: Live long and prosper.

When is an electrical engineer not an engineer? When Arizona's state regulators decide to play word games


Re: AKA Libertarians

I've never met a poor lawyer.

We've heard of spam filters but this is ridiculous: Pig-monkey chimeras developed in a Chinese laboratory


Oh come on... why monkeys? What's wrong with using a bird? The world is waiting for pigs that fly.

Join us on our new journey, says Wunderlist – as it vanishes down the Microsoft plughole


"new devices and operating systems" .... do tell.....

Why can't you be a nice little computer maker and just GET IN THE TRUNK, Xerox tells HP in hostile takeover alert


A dispassionate observer may assume that HP has things in their books that should not see the light of day....

Internet world despairs as non-profit .org sold for $$$$ to private equity firm, price caps axed


The geeks need to take back control from the suits. Hopefully soon.

Pemex hit by ransomware, US Postal Service gets a copycat and new WhatsApp bugs


Story size

"It's time for another Register security roundup of the week's smaller stories you may have missed." ... can't find the official El Reg units for story size. Please advise.

Microsoft welcomes ancient Project app to the 365 family, meaning bleak future for on-prem


Re: "It makes perfect sense for Microsoft"

Now if only the programmers were part of that recurring income model .... like the music industry.

Google claims web search will be 10% better for English speakers – with the help of AI


Re: Why not ERNIE?

If it starts with E it must be ELIZA


Remember that competition for non-hoodie hacker pics? Here's their best entries


+1 for Saiba Cecuriti

Nothing's certain except death and patches – so that 'final' Windows 10 19H2 build isn't really


Come on people, take the hint. Microsoft wants you all to move to Linux so they don't have to waste money maintaining Windows...

US customers kick up class-action stink over Epson's kyboshing of third-party ink


Re: Another thing they should be chased for

I had one of these ... it developed the "stuck at boot logo on display" problem. The printer still worked and scanned, but you could not control it via the control panel.

Assorted "hints and tips" from the net worked once but not when the problem resurfaced.

I eventually dumped it (reluctantly, since the toners were all still quite full...) and bought a Brother.

The appointed service centre wanted about £50 just to tell me what was wrong ...

Hundreds charged in internet's biggest child-abuse swap-shop site bust: IP addy leak led cops to sys-op's home


I was actually wondering if this story had anything to do with the big money movers suddenly pulling out of Libra.



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