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Honey, the satnav app says you're to leave at 6am... Yup. I'll have that coffee off you

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Hey Galaxy! Wake me...

...50 minutes before my commute. If it automatically figures out traffic, weather, whatever while I sleep, and wakes me accordingly; when then shut up, and take my money!

Remember when SimCity ABSOLUTELY HAD to be online? Not any more – fancy that!


Re: The EA Car Sales System

But seeing, and interacting with other drivers is the most important reason for having a car! Why do you think we invented rush hour, and the traffic jam!

How to kill trolls and influence Apple people: A patent solution


Re: Proof by assertion

The problem with your argument is that innovation then becomes a trade secret. If you have a patent out in the public domain innovators can study it, and improve on it now. That is the whole point of patents. Society enforces your rights to an inventions for a time, and in exchange you explain how your invention works to society.

Alien space rocks EXPLODE in fireball over Japan


Doesn't Do It Justice

I happened to be driving on a dark country road one night a few years back facing in exactly the right direction when one of these fell about 200 km away along the Alberta, Saskatchewan boarder. It was pitch black. Try to imagine it turning from night, to full day light in about 3 seconds. It was literally like the scene were they turn on the sun in "The Trueman Show". My first though was is that what an ICBM going off looks like? My second though was to pull over, call someone, and make sure I wasn't going crazy. Pretty damned amazing sight.

Lenovo considering RIM buyout to boost mobile biz

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Not Going To Happen

Our Canadian government just got grilled about selling an oil company to China. The Minister in charge flat out told China not to expect to be able to buy out any more major Canadian companies anytime soon. And the reciprosity terms mean even if they could, they'd have to sell us a comparable company in China; which will happen when pigs fly.

USB charges up to 100 watts


Great idea!

My power brick is rated at 340 watts. Only four of five USB ports to turn my GFX cards on.

Why so shy on pay-by-wave, Nokia?


If I lose my phone...

... I can lock, and wipe it with Blackberry protect in less time than it would take me to sit on hold with my bank, and credit card companies trying to cancal my cards.


Once again...

My phone, my credit card, and 5 cents worth of duct tape, and I have wireless payment for gas, grocies, and dozens of other things on my phone. Why is this hard to put in a phone? It's about half a cent worth of copper, and plastic.

BlackBerry stumbles to feet, full of apologies


I Still Like The Work Functions

As a proud Canuck, I really hope they pull through. I've tried Android, and iPhone 4; I still like BB for business use. Encrypted automatic back up, BB protect, etc. Please fell free to educate me if I can restore my device from the cloud encrypted with another platform in a few minutes.

Gov to spread mobile masts to remote corners of Blighty



We Canadians have lakes bigger than the entire UK. I can get a signal from coast to coast. Hell, I drove 150 km from the nearest town, with literally nothing but trees in sight, and my cell phone still worked. How hard could it be to get a signal to all of the UK?

Amazon's Silk looks creepily Phorm-ulaic


My postal code has been H0H 0H0 for years when asked. Santa Clause gets a lot of credit card offers... (That is an actual valid, Canadian Postal code.)

Is using your own kit at work a good thing?

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I Work For Myself...

mx18 Alienware's aren't cheap as The Reg recently pointed out, and getting a far inferior system just for work feels like going from a BMW to a Fiesta. (Not to mention would cost precious time, a few seconds at a go adds up over a year.) At some point I will get around to compartmentalizing work/personal, at the moment work PC, and gaming PC are one and the same. I'm just careful to clear all histories before going to a client site, which isn't that often. (Don't want to accidentally click the wrong recently used file, and have it open in the middle of a horror movie or something.)

Now that I think of it having WoW, Bioshock, and Total War icons on my desktop has never been mentioned by a client.

Dell Alienware M18x 18.4in gaming notebook

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I love my mine.

I wanted a movable desktop replacement. I have that. I'm a strong young guy, so the 30lbs. weight doesn't bother me. It isn't something you carry around the house like an iPad; but I can take it to a client site, or on a trip if needed, and still play games in extreme mode. Also, it makes a great space heater during cold Canadian winters. (Though 240 w is a lot less than the 400w + peripherals desktop it replaced.)

Kremlin green lights Siberia-Alaska tunnel

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Well last I checked Alberta had more than 100 bil invested in the oil patch. That link goes straight thru the patch to China. Not sure if tankers or rail would be cheaper but we'd sure love to have more than one failing ex-super power as a customer. Hell run a pipeline directly alongside the rail line.

DIY aerial drone monitors Wi-Fi, GSM networks

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I'd Watch That

If NASCAR can be big imagine the audience for a sport where you KNOW every match is going to end in a feiry explosion!

WikiLeaks' Assange to be indicted for spying 'soon'


International Law 101

In order to extridite him in any kind of legal way, A) the US needs a treaty with the UK or Sweden, and this is key the be B) they can prove that the crime he is accused of is also a crime in the UK/Sweden. So is it a crime to release diplomatic cables from the US in the UK/Sweden espeacially when they where sent to you, and you didn't hack anything? And C) lastly there must be reciprocity. The US would have to hand over US citizens to Sweden under the same cirmustances. So under international law the US is hosed. However I don't think anyone really experts the US to follow international law.


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