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Spy-happy Condoleezza Rice joins Dropbox board as privacy adviser


Re: A chance for internet democracy ...

Why? That would be like ousting Firefox CEO for his political views... Oh wait...


Next appointment Dick Cheney

As sysadmin for Google.

Gay marriage foes outraged at Mozilla CEO flap, call for boycott


Freedom of speech goes both ways here

He can say what he wants, and so can his employees, customers and shareholders.

If your talent threatens to leave because of CEO and users threaten to boycott the product, then the "freedom of speech" ends with shareholders doing what they think is right for the company. Mozilla surely must have plenty gay people working there, surely they don't want to work for CEO who's actively campaigning against their human rights. Like I would never work for some weirdo creationist donating money to destroy science education in schools.

Samsung slurps up full charge in 30 seconds with bio-battery


It wouldn't be too big though to use it as a backup charging resource. If you're out and about, all you need is 30s to get enough juice for a full charge on the go.

I QUIT: Mozilla's anti-gay-marriage Brendan Eich leaps out of door


Is calling a bigot a bigot, being a bigot?

Surely shareholders wouldn't appreciate product boycotts and talent exodus.

Does my mass look big in this? Roly-poly galaxy El Gordo more porky than first feared


Re: Big Bang

It wasn't an explosion, it is an expansion or inflation (think of it as a balloon rather than a bomb, a word "bang" causes confusion). The rapid expansion had the side effects of forming atoms, then particles, etc.. which resulted later in planets, stars, galaxies, dust, meteors, etc.. Universe in general is still expanding. But in our tiny small fraction, which we call "observable universe" with only trillions of galaxies, the local rules apply, not the global rules of expansion.

Within these local rules, gravity plays much more important role than expansion. Due to gravity,things in space circle around other things in space, which then occasionally cause interference in their paths and galaxies collide. We will collide with Andromeda at some point, but don't fear. Galactic collisions are very slow and the space between objects is so huge, we won't notice anything.

There are also some mega events happening, like supernova explosions - formations of neutron stars and black holes, that alter the gravitational patterns of the objects, hence sometimes bringing them closer together.

Google makes Gmail EVEN NOISIER, or should that be nosier?


Re: Ha

They can but they don't. That's why non-Google vendors are now posting instruction videos and how to's on their site, as they know their emails will be missed by default. Google made a choice for you what you want to read and what you want to skip. Gmail is now de-facto vehicle for Google ad delivery with other vendors blocked. G+ is a personal data scrap vehicle, or trying to become one.



First they moved competitive promos into the separate tab so that users will not see them. So Groupon, LivingSocial and others get fvcked.

Step 2, they made responding to Google Offers straight from the email listing. Well played Google, well played.

Sail HO! Look out Bay Area - it's the Google Galleon

Black Helicopters

Re: Three barges?

Maybe up the Potomac river, around Langley VA?

'Weird' OBJECT, PROPELLED by its OWN JETS, spotted beyond Mars orbit by Hubble


I bet it's something Google

Google Interstellar Time Traveller, or simply GITT?

Horny lovers FOSSILISED in steamy RUMPY-PUMPY session 156m yrs ago


Similar to Ketama Gold

Google patent: THROAT TATTOO with lie-detecting mobe microphone built-in


Is it every day now?

Every day Google in news coming up with something ridiculous. Barges, glassholes, balloons, this thing, pill to live forever,...

Is this some weird PR push or what??

Steve Wozniak: 'I wish to God that Apple and Google were partners'

Big Brother

The evil

That would be some biblical proportion evil happening right there. New World Order?

Google barge erection hypegasm latest - What's in the box?



I'm sure they don't mean 90's style party right? Booze, weed, loud music, snogging,.... It's 2013, so it'll be organic hummus, kombucha and Japanese tea.


You mean like DoD who was paying fuel for private jets of Google's execs? I'd call it not just well mannered but very proper and gentleman-ish too.

Dying HealthCare.gov bagged JUST SIX registrations on first day



Is the new word for government incompetence and over spending. Were it done by even the most expensive tech firm, the cost might be below 100m, and at least one person would test it.

During the commonwealth games in India, many cases of sebelius were reported, but weren't properly investigated due to sebelius that is widespread in Indian government.

Investing in solar energy turned out to be a sebelius for Obama administration.

Can somebody put that into dictionary please?

Do dishwashers really blunt knives


Ceramic knife will break

My wife put it in the dishwasher and and next time I used it it broke. I'm guessing the heat weakened it, possible?

SECRET Google store touts pricey accessories to Glasshole shopaholics



And I use this acronym very rarely.

NSA, UK hacked Yahoo! and Google data center interconnects – report


Re: "They're gathering so much noise and garbage"

>>Even worse, once they have you hacked they can add that little extra to make you look positively criminal.

All great concerns, but I don't frankly give a shit. If they (political factions) want to use it against each other let them use it, and let them mutually annihilate each other. I'll make sure they can't do any harm to me with the data they have. All I need to do is stop using Gmail and Chrome, and 98% problem solved.


I could be pissed easily

But I just don't care any more. This looks like a giant comedy, what the f*** can they do with all that data of mine? They're gathering so much noise and garbage let them swim in it, f****** idiots.

FREEZE, GLASSHOLE! California cops bust Google Glass driver


The worst thing about glassholes

Is the fact that I'll have to see them in press all the time, looks like.

Wozniak: Please, whatever you do, DON'T buy me an iPad Air


Re: Agree with Woz

>> Micro SD is a joke - so you are really going to carry a tablet then a load of 32Gb micro SD cards around.

Maybe some people do. I don't, but if we use to stash CD's, tapes, floppy's and vinyls, then simple SD card is the least of a hassle to have a collection of stuff on them. Why do you assume that if you don't have one, nobody has?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Once, twice, three times - a Very Large Phone™


I'd get one

If it wasn't for the Google data grab that comes with any Android phone. They try to suck you into their walled-garden-social-advertising network on any step possible. Download something from Google Play, you immediately have your G+ page and and email, which they can then use to advertise stuff. Crazy.

Google's latest ad push gives LONE LAWMAKER the creeps


Google ==

Facebook + Microsoft + NSA

Yahoo! To! Switch! On! Webmail! Crypto! By! Default! Next! Year!



I hope they will also make it possible to reply to people. Right now those buttons appear on random basis.

Twitter spills unprofitable guts in $1bn IPO filing


Where did the money go?

No really, where? They have a system with one table database, two columns, max single record of 140 characters. They need a good managed hosting, one developer for their website, one for mobile, and if they want to be fancy a dedicated designer. We're talking about 5 people company + managed hosting with extremely high bandwidth bill. Still, it can't amount to what they burn, not even close.

Apple iOS 7 makes some users literally SICK. As in puking, not upset


Your not looking it right

No really, I found a workaround. Every time you open or close an app, shut your eyes for 750 ms. you won't see any animation this way.

Bill Gates: Yes, Ctrl-Alt-Del salute was a MISTAKE



I have OSX and couple of Linux VM's, never once did I need an alternative to CTRL ALT DEL, and I don't even know what the alternative is, if there is one. I'm talking 4+ years now.

Google's latest PRIVACY MELTDOWN: Web chats sent to WRONG people


Re: Probably too obvious and predictable but...

C'mon man, don't be evil :/

Apple Maps directs drivers INTO path of ONCOMING PLANES


Re: Highway to heaven...

Highway to heaven, pretty close yes. Unless next time Apple takes you onto the Cape Canaveral launch ramp, which would be closer.

Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 3: HOT CURVES – the 'gold grill' of smartphone bling


Curve is the new flat

iOS 7 SPANKS Samsung's Android in user-experience rating


Re: so does that mean

I for one need both posix and Adobe creative suite for my work. So OSX is the best choice.

BlackBerry BLOODBATH! Company warns of nearly $1bn quarterly loss


My final offer to Blackberry

I'm ready to become your CEO, it can't be worse than what you already have, right? I need 7 digit salary for 2 years, and total control, I don't have time for internal politics and such. Rest we'll figure out. If someone from Blackberry sees this, reply to my comment and we'll take it from there. You have 4 days to reply, thanks.

Give us a break: Next Android version to be called 'KitKat'


Re: So Google and teamed up with Nestlé?

Maybe "Don't be live", diabetes will kill you.



Sugar is having pretty bad PR lately. Corn sugar subsidies in US, obesity, toxicity, addiction, diabetes, amputations. I wonder where google is going with this.

Google's Project Glass headman answers most pressing question: 'Why?'


Re: Honey someone's calling you

You can also wipe your arse with it, though there are better devices for that. Apart from art and maybe gaming AR, this thing is useless. Flying cars will be viable on the market before this is.


Re: Honey someone's calling you

No, those questions you quoted are wrong. I didn't write those things. It can be summarised:

"Would you want to wear glasses although you have a perfectly good eyesight, just to be able to make a phone call or browse internet?"

Has nothing to do with travel or space exploration, which I admire. Give me ONE great use case for a healthy human to wear electronic glasses around. Special cases such as sunglasses, 3D virtual reality, HUD's, or military uses don't count.


Honey someone's calling you

Oh sh***, wait till I put my glasses on.

> Can you see what's playing in the movies today?

Yeah, wait till I put my glasses on.

> Let me see the reviews

Here you go, put my glasses on.

> The ratings for XYZ movie are horrible, I'm not watching it

Let me see, give me my glasses back so I can put my glasses on

> Ok, let's watch it, how do we get there?

I'll print the map, it's not allowed to drive with my glasses on

Silicon daddy: Moore's Law about to be repealed, but don't blame physics


Re: Human Brain 1000000x more powerful than a computer

A decently educated human brain carries a software that was made by accumulating knowledge in written form, for well over 6k years (in one way or the other). On top of that you're improving it yourself to fit your needs every day, and you get daily sensory input from some highly capable devices.

Snowden journalist's partner gave Brit spooks passwords to seized files


Blow yourself up on the bus with school kids! Idiot.

British spooks seize tech from Snowden journo's boyfriend at airport


Poor guy

Stealing military intel and/or distributing it around, why on earth would anyone want to 'stop and frisk' this guy? How awful. If anything, he should be paid business class air tickets and 5 star hotels by our tax money.

Snowden, Assange, .... all heroes

Microsoft: That $900m Surface write-down is smarting


Re: Restricted choice


No, not tested CAD. Just general usage and programming, the disgusting metro, switching back and forth, even Skype not working properly although MS owns it, strange new gestures and ridiculous navigation. It's like MS wanted to bring the worst of two worlds together (tablet + workstation). I returned the device, and so did my buddy.


Re: Restricted choice

@mmeier: Why not? Because I've seen it, used it, tried it for a while. Can't see myself using it professionally nowhere in the mid term future.


Re: Restricted choice

@AC: See that's the point, you DON'T install CAD on iPad or Nexus. You install it on the device where you can actually perform some work, hopefully with a 22"+ screen as well. You use iPad or Nexus to entertain yourself, read, view guitar tabs, have it as a juke-box, etc. You don't mix tablets and PC's for doing the same on both.

Spotify and Pandora to FACE THE MUSIC as iRadio inks Sony deal


Re: Bye bye Spotify (I mean Spotiface)

Are you mad? Spotify *requires* FB account and there's no other way to open your account except with FB. Can't use your email. In other words, no FB account no Spotify account. This is not integration, this is called acquisition. Spotify is Zuck's b*tch. Obviously you don't have an account so why are you pulling things out of your arse?


Bye bye Spotify (I mean Spotiface)

The day I see the viable alternative I'll junk this Zuck-balls-lickin' service. Apple or Google, or Samsung, or anyone else, I 'm just not giving my money to anything FB pwned.

Google to put Chrome Frame to pasture in 2014



MS will never embrace it so this might be a nail in the coffin for a wide adoption. Strange as Google has invested or open sourced 100's of millions worth of tech into WebRTC and is now letting MS stop its penetration as they please. Unless they've done a deal already and MS plans to support it, which I highly doubt.

Yahoo! drops! size! limit! on! email! attachments! with aid from Dropbox

Thumb Down

Nice! But!

I still can't select all unread emails at once, just a stupid endless scroll. It seems to be receiving emails much slower than other emails, attracts the most spam somehow, chat bots spawning all the time, and it seems that Yahoo! is sharing everything I do to all my previous contants. PoS IMHO, stopped using it completely.

Facebook prepares to dominate Android


FB is Fox News in reverse

Fox is taking all the BS this world and sticking it aggressively into people's heads. FB is taking all the BS from people's heads and broadcasting it to the world.