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World may be short 70 MILLION disk drives


eggs and baskets

@AC 'serves the manufacturers right'. Tech industries call it clustering, think about the pool of talent all in one place (no flood pun intended). Silicon valley is of course one of the better known cases of clustering.....and it sits on the Hayward fault. Earthquake city.

Talking about eggs in one basket....try London, as this is also on a FLOOD PLAIN http://maps.environment-agency.gov.uk/wiyby/wiybyController?x=531500.0&y=181500.0&topic=floodmap&ep=map&scale=3&location=London,%20City%20of%20London&lang=_e&layerGroups=default&textonly=off#x=536064&y=178206&lg=1,&scale=7


No it is NOT a no brainer...

If I had a penny for every time I see people writing 'SSD will replace HDD', I couple probably buy a new SSD fab for my own personal supply. In the next 10 years THAT WONT HAPPEN. SSD enterprise is where the money is and where the SSD manufacturers are investing. SSD wont be the mass market adoption every man and his dogs thinks it will be. Production capacity is an issue and the big players will not want their technology commoditized for low profit margins.

HDDs will be with us for a very very long time. Applications will be served by the right type of memory, cheap 1TB SSDs will not be here any time soon.

Inside WD's flooded Thai factory


37000 WD people

37000 people from this plant alone, many of them with homes underwater, all of them out of work for the foreseeable future. Stop making ill informed cracks about floodplains.

Apple shouldn't bother with TV...



in the Uk OFCOM will zoom into action and put a halt to any Apple tv shenanigans. The walled garden will be seen as 'not in the best interests of the users'.

WD: Thai flooding should speed EU decision on Hitachi


3 players if all gets approved

how can you have a duopoly with seagate wd and toshiba?

Seagate beats Street, but outlook's bleak


anyones guess?

in the case of journalling filesystems you really do benefit from the drive responding with a definite 'YES! th edata is on the media!', this is done with 'forced unit access' and 'flush' commands. essentially you do have a degree of control, but you need redundancy in the filesystem and a rewind point.



battery reserve? You only need enough time for the drive to commit the data in write cache to the media.


when will ppl learn?

SSDs will not replace HDDs within the next TEN years - FACT!

The world wide capacity for creating storage on platters DWARFS solid state - FACT!

Solid state fabs are way too expensive to build, in the vain hope any driving down GB/$ - FACT!

Stop whinging about HDDs, buy an SDD (SLC if you can afford it) and dont keep data on it without a copy on your HDD and even better on a RAID based service somewhere.

Self-erasing flash drives destroy court evidence


when did hdds die????

Who is saying drive tech will be dead anytime soon?

Pink Floyd guitarist pays McKinnon's health bills



Meanwhile, back in the real world this government is hell bent on sacrificing EVERYTHING to say 'we got the nations finances in order'.

Dont blame Gilmour or 'private individuals' for their altruism making a mess of things, blame the Tories for their half arsed attempt to save a few bob. They will of course also set their Tory capitalist sights on privatising the NHS by pulling funding and asking GPs to go look for sservices on the free market.

Dave Gilmour is a legend.

Dave Cameron is a twat.

Seagate tells flash bigots to get real


price per gb will continue to fall on hdd

@ Goat Jam

"They can only do that for so long of course."

Actually incorrect, the price will continue to drop 'per GB' or in the future 'per TB'. The base cost will stay much the same but you will continue to get more storage for your money, and it will always be available in large qtys as the HDD mfg capability is vast.

SSD's however will suffer price hits due to market forces as supply is outstripped by demand. Everyone is saying SSDs will become cheaper, I think they will eventually hit a price barrier and probably rise!


China doesnt have magic production lines

"As fas as manufacturing capacity, it's probably a non-issue. If there's a market for it, China will find a way to do it. Cheap."

If you were talking about something simple to manufacture I would agree, but the fabs are prohibitively expensive, on this point I agree with Seagate.



The camera analogy is wrong. ssd will not replace hdd and isnt necessarily better tech.


Fragmentation and cheap mlc v expensive slc

320GB on a laptop drive is fine and dandy but as data is spread across the drive it gets pretty clunky when you start to fill it past 250GB or so. Thus I suggest even more capacity is required, I cant wait for 500GB per platter.

On the business v home user front, I am a road warrior myself and I use loads of storage for business files as well as movies/tunes/pics for when I'm away from home. Granted, the IT dept are a stingy lot and they don't want to pay for large drives, but actual users want it. I read somewhere that it was becoming common for people to use there own tech at work (work would subsidise it) as consumer tech was becoming savvy enough for business use, and IT depts dont have to service it!)

On the SSD side, if you want all the benefits you really need SLC = expensive, and even less mfg capacty than Seagate suggested. MLC just doesnt cut the mustard and degrades in performance over time and usage.


Obsolescence never meant the end of anything—it's just the beginning.

@Robert Harvey

Are you saying that the HDD is becoming obsolete? Is it the king is dead long live the king?

HDD are not becoming obsolete, in fact they are becoming ever more advanced, it truly is amazing the tech involved. CPUs talk about nm, HDDs deal in Angstroms (a simplification I know but its true). Just because it is an electromechanical device, it is definitly not cruising into the Mallard era.

SSD in laptops will be niche and stay so for a very long time, (hopefully not too long for the wear levelling to cripple the available capacity:))

Flash is not that reliable




Just because your maxtor has reported reallocations, it doesnt mean there arent any defects on the drive! I bet offline scan is not enabled.


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